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We headed to Phuket on his birthday (9th May). It was one of my present to him. Time for some relax even though I just returned from Beijing last year. Hehe! I mean he should relax since it is his birthday right? Hehe.

Breakfast at KFC.

Picture of us before we boarded the plane.

It was just 2 hours of less flight to Phuket. Woke up, dozed off, woke up and dozed off again. HAHA! Some pictures taken when I am awake =X

We got our transfer from Phuket Taxi Meter. If you are interested, you can email Prasat at They are reliable and cheap. 650Baht per way from Airport to Patong Hotel. The drive came a little late due to traffic jam, but we were fine. Just that we were surrounded by people asking us if we would like to take their transport instead. LOL. It was a comfortable ride to Patong. Not a normal taxi that we took, more like his private car instead.

Finally arrived at Sawaddi Patong Resort. We will be staying there throughout our 3 Days. We were pleased to realise that they actually upgraded our room. Thank you Sawaddi Patong Resort.

We were greeted by their welcome drinks as well as cold towels for us to wash up.
I forgot what the lady name is but she seems to be one of the supervisors there, she is extremely friendly and she speaks good English as well. I wanted to write her a compliment letter but I failed to see her around the next few days.

The surrounding of the hotel

Our room.

Lastly, thank Sawaddi Patong Resort for the birthday cake they have arranged for fiance. The cake was so huge that we couldn’t finish at all. End up; we went around distributing the cakes to the staffs. Haha!

We were stopped at one of the hotel near the beach. People who know me should know that I don’t drink Tom Yum Soup. I just dislike the smell of it. However, fiance ordered one chicken tom yum soup. And I decided to try. After trying, I totally fell in love with it. HAHA! And I drank most of them. Hehe! 人的口味会变的!Super yummy Tom Yum Soup!

Food that we have ordered.

Basically we just loitered around Patong area. We did not take up any island hopping as we have already went before. All the adventure rides we took it before. So it was kind of unnecessary to do it over again. We just wasted our time there and relax all the day. Hehe!

And we went back to the regular shop for our massage – Refresh Massage. For traditional massage, it was only 250baht (about $10.50) for one hour. It came perfect specially when we only had a few hours of sleep. Hehe! Refresh Massage actually expanded their business. Worth to go if you are looking for traditional and “clean” massage. They have free wifi as well!

After that, we were so tired of walking and decided to head back to hotel. And because of the good weather, fiance wanted to go for suntan and swimming. Being a good wife-to-be, I went ahead but with lots of sun block applied. HAHAHAHA! I don’t really know how to swim, so swimming alone will most probably drowned me. So I just sat there instead.

Heading out for dinner plus night activities.

Delicious Mango Sticky Rice!


Havind our dinner at McDonalds because we were craving for their Pork Burger! Damn nice!

Guess what? After that we went back to Refresh Massage for Foot scrubbing! HAHAHA! And it was his first time getting his food scrubbed. It cost only 300baht ($12+) to get our foot scrubbed!
Our foot were like baby skin after the scrub! So nice~

After that, we decided to go for a drink at one of the pub with live band. While making our way to the pub along the bangala road, we were stopped by these two bapoks. He insisted us to take a picture with him. And no choice, I took out my phone to take picture instead. Then he asked another HIM to take picture with us. After all, each of them actually asked 100baht for us! Almost fainted. And we gave them instead. Fiance said “Just give him lor, you see he so old already still dressed until like that.” LOL

Then along the same road, we stopped by another little girl who suddenly hung over fiance’s flowers and asked him for 100baht when we tried to take it out. And she made all sort of funny faces. In the end, fiance also gave in and gave him 100baht. We were so afraid that all the kids might chiong to him after he gave this little girl 100 baht. But thank god, they have their own target. And we left the flowers at somewhere because I am quite disturbed by it. *PARANOID*

Little drink before we ended our day.

The next day: Breakfast in Hotel!
Hotel breakfast is great! Simply enjoy the breakfast. Taking our own sweet time cause we have the whole world time to do that. Life’s great! =P

After that, we headed out for another round of relaxation. But ended up with food exploring instead.
Headed to Jungceylon and we decided to have Swensen instead. And we just had our breakfast for less than 2 hours! Gosh!

Guess what we ordered?
Super crazy. We ended up having earthquake! It cost only 388 baht ($16+). And the scariest thing was that we managed to finish it! The 5 kg that I have lost went into the drain already!

We managed to explore and got some decoration things for our solemnization. Mad cheap. HAHA! We ended our day of exploring in Jungceylon with our happy buys and happy stomach.

SO CUTE! Love them!

After walking, guess what? He said that he had craving for fried chicken. In the end, we headed to the KFC near bangala road and started our eating again! OH.MY.GOD

Non stop eating! HAHA! We ended up super full and decided to walk around to shop a little before I went for my manicure and pedicure while he went for foot massage. Hehe!

Hi, my pretty nails! Both manicure and pedicure cost only 450 baht ($19).

After foot massage, we managed to find pancake pushcart and we….
Two different pancakes from two different stall. LOL. That is why I always grumble that I will get fat because of it. You can’t imagine the amount of food he can eat. Woah! Sometimes I am shocked too!

Watching sunset while having our pancake. Hehe!

After two pancakes, we walked around patong again. We were so familiar with the place in just two days. Haha! Mainly because there weren't much changes since we last came here. After that, we went to one of the favourite street store near our hotel.

WE ATE AGAIN! This store was introduced by my cousin the last trip we came. It costs 60 baht! The portion is quite small. I think he can eat 10 bowls.
And this ended our night! SO SINFUL!

The last day in Phuket...
Before we left for our hotel, we went to have our lunch at No. 6 Restaurant. One of our favourite restaurant in Phuket with so many raving about it.

 Favourite drink before we leave phuket!

Our dinner at airpot. HAHA!

Goodbye Phuket, we will be here again for sure :) A 3D2N trip like this is good enough to refresh your mind and body. Let's work hard again! Next trip will be Bali in June :)

With love

Anonymous –   – (June 26, 2013 at 11:55 AM)  

Why are u always going overseas? sponsored or?

Jayle –   – (June 27, 2013 at 12:51 PM)  

Saw your IG. Looking forward for the bali post!

K A T T Y  – (July 3, 2013 at 12:01 PM)  

Hi Anonymous, it is not a sponsored trip :)

Hi Jayle, Yup. Trying to draft them out now. Stay tuned!

Anonymous –   – (July 8, 2013 at 11:40 PM)  

May here. Is Sawadi Hotel near the beach area?

K A T T Y  – (July 9, 2013 at 3:16 PM)  

Hi May, I wouldn't say it is near the beach. Probably have to walk about 10-15 minutes to reach. Just one straight road down the hotel :)

Anonymous –   – (July 11, 2013 at 3:49 PM)  

May here. Thank you! I booked the hotel that you stayed. Can’t wait for my trip too!

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