Happy Birthday to our Dearest mum!

Happy Birthday to our dearest mum!

Besides her birthday present which was the Beijing trip that I had given for her, all of us treated her for a sumptuous dinner at Ubin First Stop Restaurant

Initially Ubin First Stop Restaurant was located at Palau Ubin itself. But currently it has moved to just beside the Changi Jetty, making it more convenience for the seafood lovers.

And these are what we have ordered:

Of all the dishes that we have ordered, Chilli Crab is quite disappointing I would say. We think that our mum can cook better. HAHA! Perhaps it is not what we expected. Haha! But for the steam fish, it is very fresh I would say. And also expensive too.

For the food wise, they are indeed fresh. But for the services, totally cannot make it. 8 of out 10 are from china and they cannot understand simple Chinese. For example, we ordered one pot of tea. Note: one pot. In the end, she poured them onto 8 teacups but there wasn't any pot. I mean if we ordered one pot of tea, it should come with a pot and we can add on water anytime we like right? Isn't it supposed to be? Anyway, when we asked her, she said this is one pot of tea. Where is the pot you tell me. In the end, we have to ask another supervisor to order and to communicate with. Sigh.

Lastly, a mini birthday cake for my mum. She refused to have any cake but we insisted to get her one though. Hehe! How can a birthday without a birthday cake?!

With the kids! Realised their smiles are all the same. Lol.

Happy Birthday to our dearest mum. Thank you for all the things you have done for the past XX years! Haha! And all the awesome food that you have made. (She can be a chef seriously!!) Hehe!

Total meal for this: Close to $300
Location: 57 Lorong Bekukong, Singapore 499173
Telephone: 6546 5905
Opening Hour: 1130am - 1100pm
Visit their website here

With love

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