SHOW 2013 World Live Tour – Over the limit!

Backdated post on March 2013.
Show Luo, 罗志祥 Concert.
It was my Valentine’s Day present for him. Because he once said that he would like to see either Show Luo Concert or Jay Chou Concert. So in the end, I managed to get the tickets last minute. So last minute that we can only managed to take the last few rows. Lol. Anyway, it was my second concert with him. The first one was the Westlife that he brought me there. See here for the post.

SHOW 2013 World Live Tour – Over the limit! It was one of the best concert that I have ever attended. This is my first time to his concert and I am sure I will continue going to his concert because it is just so fabulous! I wouldn’t say that it is a perfect one because of the hiccup of the sound system. But his quick wit really impressed me and made it a perfect one in the end. After all, his years of experience in TV program host 不是白当的!Haha! Let’s get started with all the pictures now!

Before it started…

The opening of the concert was rather impressive. It started off with the fast songs (of course, cause he is a the dancing king)

A series of fast songs until the sound system cocked up. Boyfriend noticed it actually. We didn’t think that it was from the sound system.Then we realized the sound system wasn’t getting alright. The cracking sound was getting more frequent and louder till it totally broke down. Totally shocked but I’m sure 罗志祥 too! So he sang until halfway and the music was stopped. He joked away saying that because we were too passionate and thus the sound system broke down. Haha! And so he started his opening speech which was not even planned. It got held up for a few minutes. Thank god of his quick wit. He managed to carry it quite well. He even got his assistant to rub oil on his arms – to show off his muscles that he recently got them trained. Lol.

After that, he continued his songs. But who knows? The sound system cocked up again! Boyfriend and I were so nervous for him and prayed that the sound system will go smoothly. Eventually the cracking sound appeared again when he was singing Twinkle. This time, he asked for a stop instead. We could really feel that he was quite annoyed at that time. To make things better, he called for a song dedication. Made a few joke and he sang “要拼才会赢” (Hokkien Song) which was not even planned as well. Dedicated to those are working and studying.

After that, the sound system seems to be not ready yet. He was so apologetic towards us that he actually bows in 90 degree to apologies. Thank god, it went smoothly afterwards. Phew! 真的为他捏一把冷汗!
Next, 愛不单行. This is my favourite song of mine. So happy that he sang this song. Almost teared! It reminds me of the海派甜心 show. Haha!

After that, he spoke to us a little before proceeding to the next song – 搞笑.

Next, 我不会唱歌 which he wanted everyone to sing for the first chorus. And here is the video.

I am totally so engrossed that I started to sing along. Sorry for that. Opps!

The second chorus that he started to sing instead.

Apparently, I only recorded the slow songs. Not because the fast songs were screwed up. No no no. How to record fast songs when you were so engrossed with his dancing? Haha.

It was an 2 hours slightly more concert because of the technical problem. But thank god, it was really a wonderful show. He is really a 实力派 singer. A singer that is 不断的努力. Really admire him. I am sure I will be back for his concert again. Never regretted coming but only regretted that we didn’t have a better seat. And because of that, we witnessed a couple’s fighting right in front us. Super awkward. But whatever it is, it was a very successful concert by 罗志祥!

With love

Carol –   – (June 3, 2013 at 12:55 PM)  

Planning to go to Jay concert as well?

Anonymous –   – (June 4, 2013 at 12:48 PM)  

Agreed! Fanastic performance by him. I was there as well!

K A T T Y  – (June 6, 2013 at 10:32 AM)  

Hi Carol: Yup. Will be going to his concert today (06 June)

Hi Anonymous: Really? Yup. The show was great!

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