Gathering at Pagi Sore

Was scrolling my handphone and realized that I forgot to blog about the gathering with my ex colleague on 20 March 2013. So, shall back post a little. Hehe!

Suhui recommended us to this Indonesian restaurant at Telok Ayer Street – Pagi Sore. I walked all the way from my office to there. I almost got lost. Kept walking and walking as I couldn’t find the place at all. HAHA!

It was a rather successful gathering as most of them were able to turn up. Thank you to Rain and Suhui again for the gathering =D

The food in Pagi Sore are good. But if you cannot take spicy food, perhaps this is not a place for you. Opps. As for the menu wise, it goes according to set meal.

Group photo before sam left to settle some urgent works.

After that, we decided to go somewhere for chilling because “the night is still young”. Haha
We visited Once Upon A Bar which is nearby.

Thank Alex for the treat.

A great night with them! Reminiscing all the good times and bad times that we have in our ex company. Apparently most of us have left there. Happy to hear that all of them are doing well. Looking forward for the next gathering with them =D

Restaurant: Pagi Store
Address: 88-90 Telok Ayer Street Far East Square Singapore 048470
Telephone: 6225 6002
Each person spending: $25 - $30

With love

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