Day three of Historical Beijing

Day 3 in Beijing.
The weather was really unpredictable. It was 6 degree when we were in our hotel room but it decreased to 3 degree when we were having our breakfast! Gosh! I mentioned that the breakfast in the hotel was horrible. Guess what. My cousins and I had cup noodles. Guess that it was the only thing that can fill us up early in the morning. Lol. 

Our first stop was Jade Shop. Another shopping stop. My mum, gugu and cousins’ god mother got themselves one jade necklaces. It comes with a certificate as well. But heard a lot of people saying that they are fake. But sigh, we already got it. And Mum seems to like it and I got it for her. Thank god that I bought my USD with me. Don’t really want to use my credit card there. (If you know what I mean). Haha!

Here is the jade necklace that I got for her. Luckily it wasn’t that expensive. Haha! It was about 480RMB. 

After that, we headed to Great Wall of China (Juyonguang). It is one of the three most famous mountain passes of the Great Wall of China. The other two are Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan.

The steps were so wide, making it more difficulties to climb up. =(
And the steps just get wider and wider as we climbed. Just imagine how we came down. Terrifying. Then we realized that we went to the wrong one, we should be going to the other side instead. There weren't even much people at our side. Obviously we went to the wrong one. HAHA! It was so hard to climb down. If you missed a step, you will most probably rolled down and die. So freaking dangerous! Can you imagine I am doing all these with my heel boots! GOSH!

Mum decided to stop climbing halfway because her knees are not in a good conditions. So together with my other relatives, they decided to loiter around there instead of climbing. And together with my cousins, their god parents and their mum (which is my shenshen), we decided to go ahead…

The road was not easy at all. Some of the steps were wide and bumpy, making more difficult to go ahead each time.
Specially when the railing on the side were way too low. And I have to hold the railing in order to climb up because I am so worried that I might miss a step and fell. All because of my damn boots. Lol.

We have every 5 – 10 minutes break each time we reached a stopping station. Phew! Trust me, it was damn freaking tiring! Even with the cold weather, you will start to sweat and my cousins were taking off their jackets one by one. Lol.

Ling took this for us, using her camera. Isn't it scary? Now you understand the meanwhile of "once you missed a stepped, you will roll down and die"?

The sceneries around…
Just in case, you don’t know. The Great Wall served many purposes such as 1. to keep their enemies away. (Quite true lah! The enemies have to keep climbing, guess they also will also forget about fighting. Climb until too tired to fight by then.) 2. To serve as lookout post, able to observe the enemies from far and to provide the earliest warning. (Their eye sight must be fabulous!) Those people who built the great wall are the greatest men of all. Many sacrificed while building them. Really kudos.

We stopped at one of the shops up there for a break + drink. We were reaching the top real soon!

Finally…we have reached! Here is the video that I have took.

The scenery is so beauitful!

Some funny shots from us…

Some jumping shots...

Okay. Enough for that. Let’s all be “normal” Lol.
Now we have reached the top. BUT, we still have to walk down those stairs again. KILL US PLEASE! Why don’t they build a flying fox. *TIRED*

There is a saying that goes like this "He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man" (不到长城非好汉) In this case, 我们全部都好汉啦! Hehe!
Group photo with our guide behind. I would say our guide is pretty a fun person. Thank god that we did not meet "older" tour guide that we thought we might have. He is not a tour guide actually, his position is a tour manager, but due to shortage of manpower, he might need to be out to lead tour. So we are quite lucky to meet him too?

After a good lunch, we headed to Bao Shu Tang (宝树堂), another shopping stop that the guide will bring you to. Heard that it is quite famous. But we did not get anything from there. My gugu and shenshen did buy the cream and medical oil though. If you have noticed, for the rest of my picture on that day, there was something sticking onto my neck area. I was having severe sore throat. After visiting Bao Shu Tang (宝树堂), they did give us some sample plasters for us to paste on painful area such as muscle pain or even sore throat. HAHA! And I used that to relieve my sore throat. It did help a little though. =P

After that, we visited Shichahai Bar Street (什刹海酒吧街) . If you are a running man fans, you will realized that this is one of the place that they came during the Beijing mission.

Shichahai Bar Street (什刹海酒吧街) reminds me of Singapore, Clarke Quey. It is a newly developed old town of nightlight, full of interesting small bars and pubs.

Huge candy floss!

If you look carefully, they are selling fried scorpions! WTF!

This is very interesting! An old man showing off his Chinese calligraphy! His writing is so nice!

Next, we visit Beihai Park (北海公园). Beihai Park (北海公园) is an imperial garden. It is one of the largest Chinese garden which contains numerous historically important structures, palaces and temple.
That was our guide behind Lina and Wally. He was too lazy to hold his tour guide flag. He gained more attention from the passers-by just by doing this. There were even tourists who came forward to take a picture of him and his 芭蕉扇.

Actually, we came there just to see the Nine-Dragon wall. It was built in 1402 and is one of three walls of its kind in China. It is made of glazed bricks of seven-colours. Nine complete dragons playing in the clouds decorate both sides of the walls.

My mum looks quite cute here uh? Lol.

Don’t he look like PSY?!

After that, we headed for our dinner which was at our guide’s uncle place. We paid additional optional tour for that. His uncle’s place was near Deng Xiao Ping house and that’s why we dropped right infront of Deng Xiao Ping’s place before hopping onto our trishaw.

Here we go. I felt quite bad because the trishaw uncle is so old.

It was about 10 minutes of ride to his uncle’s 四合院. And we reached!

His uncle is really a marvelous chef. All thanks to him, we really had a great dinner that day! It was like the best dinner of all. Here were what his uncle had prepared for us =)
Simple yet delicious!

Before we ended our Day 3 of tour, we headed to Wangfujing Street (王府井) as well as Donghuamen Night Market(东华门夜市).

Wangfujing Street (王府井) is similar to Singapore's Paragon I would say. It is more like a department store instead. As for Donghuamen Night Market (东华门) It is a night market located near Wangfujing. We did not have any snacks from there because to be honest, I really know how to appreciate the food. It is said to have lots of unusual food stall such as fried crickets, centipedes, silk worms, scorpions and lizard (WTF! WHY WOULD PEOPLE EAT LIZARD!) Luckily, I did not have the chance to see those things! The thought of eating fried lizard has already made me feel so disgusted. Max gross!

After shopping at both Wangfujing Street (王府井) and Donghuamen Night Market(东华门夜市) (Not really shopping. Lol), we left for our hotel and it ended our day three in  Beijing! Dry lips, dry skin, dry throat, flu were what we or I got after the day. ='(

Stay tuned for the rest of the day!

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