Day one and two of Historical Beijing

Back from my Beijing trip with my mum. It was her birthday + Mother’s Day gift. Haha! The last trip that I’ve brought her to was Taiwan. You can see the post here. She has been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand. So perhaps, I thought it will be ideal to bring her to China instead. I don’t really fancy going to China in the first place, but I thought Beijing might be better since it is the capital of china. I heard lots of stories about the "cleanliness" in China and to be honest, I am quite freaked out. But I assumed that Beijing will be much cleaner than other cities or provinces. Shall see.

It supposed to be just a two of us trip, in the end, we have a total of 12 people (with my other relatives). The more the merrier isn’t it? Haha! And so, we got our package from Ace Tours and Travel. They were having this land package promotion for only $38nett. After all the optional tours and air tickets (Fly via Singapore Airlines), our package is only $610nett. I thought it was quite cheap then. After I have booked, I received lots of comments about the low cost land tour and how horrible the food and accommodation will be. So, how is our tour in the end? Read on and I will comment it.

Before we flew off, we have a slight disagreement with the Tour Manager, Hanson. I thought he was nice enough as he has always tried to accommodate all our requests. Two days before our departure date when I am trying to do my online check-in, I realised he did not help us to allocate our seating arrangement for our flights at all. As a result, all our seats were scattered around. Worst still, I realized that he did not even key in our passport details and I have to do in one by one for the 12 of us. Damn it. After I told him off, he still did not want to help (For the seating arrangement) but shove us off by saying: "that was the kind of standard for the amount of price that we paid" He said we have booked a sale fare and that was the reason of the seating arrangement. For goodness sake, we are flying off by Singapore Airlines. Since when Singapore Airlines classified us based on what kind of fare we paid for? I mean, as a consumer, I don’t even know what class he has booked for us. Does that mean that I have to check with all the travel agency if they have booked FIT, group, sale fare for us so that I can arrange seating arrangement by myself?! What kind of bullshit is that. I am in travel trade as well, though I am not an expert in all these (I belong to the backend kind.), but at least I have simple knowledge too! I led tours for the past few years not for nothing. *MAD*

In the end, my colleague managed to help me with the seating arrangements and we managed to get to sit together. I know it is not a big deal, you might think. It is just seating arrangement. But come to think of it, among the 12 people in our group, there are only 4 "youngsters". How can we let our mums, aunties and uncles all separated in a flight. I mean, if we are a group of 12 youngsters, we will be perfectly fine. But we are not. And they are not frequent travelers. Isn’t it worrying if you have to let your mum sitting alone in a 6 hours plus flight? Totally brainless. And what if there are children in our group, does that mean that she/he has to sit alone too!? And to think that Hanson, a Tour Manager from Ace Tours and Travel wanted me to settle all by myself and ended off everything with a SQ hotline. Just imagine I am not from travel trade and I have no travel colleagues to help me to settle this issue. Totally wtf.

Okay. Enough of all the rantings. We took the 4:50pm flight to Beijing. Here we are before we say goodbye to Singapore! 

Dear Beijing, please be good.
Left: My mum. Right: My cousin, Lina

I love Meal on Board. I tend to finish all them up while I am watching the movie. Shiok! Hehe!

After 6 hours plus of flight (11pm), we finally reached Beijing. I was walking in front (Tour Leader 职业病!) when we were trying to look for our guide.  After we have found our tour guide, he came to shake hand with me thinking that I am the tour leader of the group. WTF? I was shocked. DO I REALLY LOOK LIKE TOUR LEADER? And if there is a tour leader, he himself should know what. And there are only 12 of us, why will there be a tour leader in a first place. O.O And Oh, our guide does look like PSY! LOL!

It was about one hour plus of journey to our hotel. We were staying at Bao Lin Xuan Hotel, it was stated as 5 Stars Hotel, perhaps local 5 Stars but international only 3 Stars? But thank god, the hotel wasn’t that worst as we thought. Phew! The room was quite big and acceptable to us. Accommodation Passed!

Start the Day 2 of our tour.
Woke up pretty early for our breakfast in hotel. The breakfast were really horrible! There were not much varieties at all. Food was tasteless and there was no refill at all. And I only managed to get some bread with fried eggs. That was the best that I can have. Hotel Breakfast Failed!

We were alighted at National Centre for the Performing Arts. The weather was really cranky that day. It was as low as 4 Degree and it was drizzling. Most of us did not have any umbrella and we ended up getting umbrella from the sellers by the roadside. They are smart. They immediately appeared right in front of our bus and started to attack us in getting the umbrella from them. All of us got both the gloves and the umbrella for 10RMB each. It was freaking cold. And I thought it was supposed to be Spring but the feeling we got was almost into Winter kind?

Behind us was the National Centre for the Performing Arts (北京国家大剧院). It is often described as The Giant Egg. It is an opera house in Beijing.
Above: My Mum
Below: My Gugu

After that, we walked over to Tiananmen Square (天安门广场). It was just 2 minutes walk from National Centre for the Performing arts. Tiananmen Square is the third largest city square in the world. It holds great cultural significance. My mum was like: Oh, this place, I always see it during the news. Lol.

The first picture is the National Museum of China.
That is what I mean by the four "youngsters" Yah. We are the youngsters in the group. LOL.

Our first group photo at Tian An Men. I forgot what he wanted us to say that result of me opening my mouth like an idoit in the photo. LOL. 
Next will be The Forbidden City (紫禁城).
Here you can see their local spitting here and there. Gross. Be careful before you step onto their “bomb”. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty and to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was the home of emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government.
Lina, Me, Wally, Ling and our Shenshen. Haha! We were waiting for the rest to come back from toilets. You can see that we were freezing. I was wearing mask because it was so freaking cold.

Let’s continue our journey in the Forbidden City.
Fooling around when our guide was explaining. Lol. Can you see what kind of tour guide flag that he is holding on? Special uh? He used 芭蕉扇 as his tour guide flag. Creative uh? And his 芭蕉扇 received lots of attention whenever he goes.
The floor that we were stepping were almost 600 years of history!

This is the 冷宫!It was locked because it was said that there were howling and cries coming out in the middle of the night. O.O What can you see in there?
In Forbidden City, there were stories behind in every tiles built, trees planted, building built, rooms and etc. It was really hard to get to understand the whole history of the Forbidden City. I am glad that I am not a history person.

After touring around the Forbidden City, we were famished! Literally cold and hungry. Proceed for our lunch. Thank god, lunch was still not that bad as I thought. It was still edible. Hehe!

The shops in Beijing…

After that, we proceed to the Tea Shop. One of the shops that guide will normally bring you. Let’s get cheated by them. HAHA!
Realistic sale person who was so unfriendly toward us while she was explaining all the teas because we were busying chit-chatting and discussing among ourselves. She seems to be quite pissed off. However, after we have placed our orders which were quite a lot, she suddenly appeared to be friendly towards us. Damn fake!

I am not a tea person, but I like the flower tea that she had introduced to us. It tasted like passion fruit tea. In the end, my mum and I got that. The purpose of the tea is for 养颜美容 those kind. Now I am drinking that almost every day. No diarrhea, no disfigures to my face. (CHOY!) So far so good. Initially, we got it at 150RMB each and we got 2 boxes. After that she wanted us to hit her target, she charged us at 2 for 200RMB instead. WAH!! Damn pissed! Cheat our money and some of us even helped her to buy to hit her target. We were too kind hearted already. 

After that, we headed for The legends of Kungfu (One of our optional tour). The storyline was about a young boy that is brought by his mother to the temple to start his apprenticeship to become a monk. And it was about all the stages that he had to go through and what obstacles he met along the way. Very worth to watch, I would say. Pictures/Videos are prohibited.

However, I have to confess something. Though the show was very nice, I still fell asleep towards the end. SIGH! I was too tired as I was down with flu and sleep deprived. Whenever I am tired, I will just sleep no matter how exciting the show. Just imagine, I can fell asleep while watching Transformers in the cinema and WHEN the show was at the climax. LOL!

By the way, if you were trying to buy prepaid cards from Beijing. Need to share something with you. We requested Hanson to ask the guide to help us to get prepaid card from Beijing, we were using 北京移动, one of the telecom in Beijing. It cost us 50RMB for the card. However, the data plan used up so fast! We used up within a few hours. In the end, we had to top up another 100RMB for it. Can you imagine we have to keep saving our data? For example, we sent an whataspp message out and we quickly off the data. That's what we did. Guess they did not have those unlimited data plan kind. Upsetting uh? And we were banned from Facebook throughout our trip. Just in case you don't know, China banned Facebook. =) 

Read the rest of the days if you have missed it.
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With love

Unknown  – (May 12, 2013 at 5:00 PM)  

Some great shots you've got from your trip! Hope you enjoy the rest of it :)

K A T T Y  – (May 13, 2013 at 11:58 AM)  

Thank you Debra Bros. Yes I do enjoy myself :)

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