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I am so happy that I wanted to scream out loud! Because I have finally found my solemnizer aka JP (Justice of Peace)!! Actually I started finding my solemnizer back in January and yes, now is already April and only until now I got my solemnizer confirmed. It is so tough to find the right one. An advice: Start to look for your desired solemnizer if you are looking for the popular one. As for my idea solemnizer, I am actually looking for a bilingual one that is slightly humorous and able to cheer up the awkward atmosphere a bit. Haha! Solemnizer does play an important role. You wouldn’t want your solemnizer to be dull or even hot tempered right?

Initially my first choice is Mr Phua Tan Tee. I’m sure he will be most of the couples’ choice. I emailed him back in January. And amazingly, I got his reply in less than 10 minutes (Via Email!) Pretty impressed uh? But super upset that he was unable to marry us on our solemnization date. He is very popular so if you wish to engage him, you may try earlier just in case he is fully booked.
Name: Mr Phua Tan Tee
Review: Hot favourite among the rest. Humourous and fun loving but sometimes can be quite long winded. Very fathery look.Try searching him in Youtube.

Mr Phua Tan Tee

 After knowing that Mr Phua Tan Tee is not available on my date, I decided to hunt for another solemnizer – Mr Peter Lee. I went to search for his review. And I am quite firm that he will be my second choice! Managed to email him on the 31st January but however only managed to get his replies on the 6th February. I didn’t rush him cause I thought that I still have plenty of time. I THOUGHT! Mad happy that I got his approval after his one week reply. Only until 20 March when I wanted to send him the consent form. He emailed me that he can only confirm with me next week if he is available as he might be schedule for overseas. Wah! *Thunder and lightnings striking here at there* So we decided to wait patiently for his reply in a week time. Meanwhile we are so panic because we can actually file our marriage on the 23 March (3 months before your date) but knowing that there is actually no cappings for the date. It somehow relieved us. Boyfriend was so kanchiong as well, kept asking me each day regarding this issue. Mad stress! One week later, he did not get back to me. Decided to google for his handphone and I managed to find it! Message him, no reply! After a few days, he emailed me that he was unable to marry us on our date. *Thunder and lightnings striking here at there * AGAIN! Sigh!
Name: Mr Peter Lee
Review: Bilingual, fun loving and humourous. But he is very busy. Replying of emails took very long! Maybe you can start to email him when your date is closer so that he will know his schedule ahead.
Mr Peter Lee

After all the thunder and lightnings striking here and there, we decided to pick up ourselves and hunt for our solemnizer again! BOO PEE BOO PEE!! Time is getting closer and closer! Managed to find a few solemnizers and perhaps it will be good if I can share with them here.

Name: Chia Ti Yu
Review: Another popular solemnizer. Note that he is a Buddhist and will recite Buddhist teachings during the solemnization.
Mr Chia Ti Yu

Name: Professor Yu Shi Ming
Review: A popular solemnizer. Heard that he has been once rude to the guests before. Scolding the guests that they were very late. I guess it is because he was packed on that day. As some of the solemnizers might have to rush to the next venue to solemnize for another couple. For perhaps, that day is not his day?
Professor Yu Shi Ming

Name: Simon Sim Khee Wang
Review: Popular solemnizer as well. Initially I wanted him as my third choice. But to realise that he is a Christian. Not sure if he will mention anything about Christianity during solemnization, so better not. We are not a Christian by the way. And moreover he can’t speak mandarin. Both of our parents cannot really understand English as well.
Mr Simon Sim Khee Wang

Name: Chan Kai Yau
Contact: +65 6235 6143
Review: Popular solemnizer as well. Many had said that he used to be a very good JP. But somehow it is not now. Saw some reviews about him getting more angbaos from the couple. Overall, he is bilingual. Some people also commented him a humorous and punctual.
Mr Chan Kai Yau

Name: Kwoh Chee Keong
Review: As you can see from his email, he is from NTU. Actually, he was my third choice. Fiance tried to call him but unable to reach him. But then he called back (To my surprised!). He told us to drop him an email which we did. It has been already one week, yet I did not get any replies from him even though I have SMS-ed him. Decided to give up waiting as we do not have any time left. Sad.
Mr Kwok Chee Keong

Name: Phang Tai Heng
Contact: +65 97503633
Review: Billigual and even able to solemnize in dialects (Hokkien and Cantonese) He has a very grand-fatherly look. Haha. Some commented that he was quite forgetful and will tend to mess up on the speech.
Mr Phang Tai Heng

Name: Chiang Heng Liang
Review: Managed to know that he is a celebrity solemnizer. Meaning he married Fann Wong and Christopher Lee! LOL! No reviews of him at all. =\ But he looks very fathery and nice right? Hehe!
Mr Chiang Heng Liang

Name: Eric Wong
Email: +65 9848 3286
Review: Lastly, I got my solemnizer which is Mr Eric Wong. I managed to message him as I am unable to find his email and thank god, he replied saying that he is available and wanted me to fax over the consent form. Phew! And now he had sent me back to consent form within 2 days! PHEW! THANK YOU SO MUCH MR ERIC WONG! Zhen de! Our necks are long enough of all the waiting already. Almost Ki siao. This picture of his looks kinda like my dad when he is younger. LOL! *Just saying*
Mr Eric Wong

I will blog about the steps of filing of marriage soon! Hopefully no more stunts! Soon Soon Lee Lee Please! 69 Days to our Solemnization!

With love

Anonymous –   – (April 16, 2013 at 3:25 PM)  

Absolutely feel you!

Keren –   – (April 17, 2013 at 5:51 PM)  

Mr Phua is good! I went to my friend’s solemnization and he is the JP. Heard that his schedule is really packed. Such a pity that you guys can’t get him.

Joleen –   – (April 18, 2013 at 9:54 AM)  

Very informative post on JP. Thanks babe!

K A T T Y  – (April 25, 2013 at 11:09 AM)  

Hi Anonymous: Yah. :)

Hi Keren: Yup, he is really good.
Kinda sad that we couldn't get him.

Hi Joleen: You're welcome :)

Wanlin –   – (July 12, 2013 at 11:55 AM)  

Hey babe! Can you share with us your experience with ur JP Eric Wong?

K A T T Y  – (July 16, 2013 at 2:46 PM)  

Hi Wanlin, will share it soon! (: Stay tune.

Fam Serene  – (March 4, 2014 at 8:48 AM)  

Hi katty

Is Mr Eric Wong Gd? As I might be getting him as my Solemanizer too.

K A T T Y  – (March 5, 2014 at 12:29 PM)  

Hi Serene, he is not bad. Very humble person. I have posted my review in my ROM blog post :)

Melody Sun  – (May 22, 2015 at 8:11 PM)  

Hi katty
Do you mind sharing the email address of mr Eric wang ? Thanks a lot.

K A T T Y  – (June 25, 2015 at 10:24 AM)  

Dear Melody, Sorry I do not have Eric Wong's email as I contacted him thru his phone number. He usually replies very fast! Hope it help!

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