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Finally we are able to file for our notice of marriage. Phew! We got our solemnizer, we got our date, we got our time. Okay. It is time to do the filing.

Do prepare the following things before you do your filing.
1. NRICs for both groom, bride and their adult witnesses.
2. A completed solemnizer consent forms (For those who are holding outside)
3. Credit Cards (For Singaporean couple, it will cost $26)

After that, you may start your filing here. It will take around 15 minutes. Be sure that you have double checked all the details before you click submit. Towards the end, it will bring you to the payment mode where you can pay for it. You will be given a notice number. Keep that. If you do not have a printer when you are doing your filing, is okay. You can retrieve it back at here. After you have successfully file for your marriage, you will receive an email (right away) and sms (one working day)

Note that, whatever date you have chosen, be sure that it has to be at least 21 days or 3 months before your big day. For those who are going to ROM at the registery, the earliest that you can do filing is 3 months before. Note that there are limited slots at the registry. For those who are holding your ROM outside, don’t worry, there is no capping at all. (Phew! Initially we thought there is) But still you have to do filing at least 21 days before your big day.

After you have done your efile, you can continue to busy with your decorations and etc. Wait patiently for your big day to arrive! AND not forgetting, contact your solemnizer 3 days before your big day to "remind" him. And yah, you will be given a date for you to collect your all your certs as well as doing all the "soonpa". Usually it will be 3-4 before your rom date.

54 Days to our Solemnization! ♥♥♥

With love

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