Day 3: Beitou – Taipei

Day 3 in Beitou – Taipei.
Check out early in the morning. We have been skipping the hotels' breakfast for the past two days. Lol. We were too tired to wake up for it. After we have checked out Aquabelle Hotel at Beitou, we proceed to Xi Men Ding to check into another hotel. And we will be staying there for another 2 more nights

Here we are, staying at one of the hotels in Xi Men TingSwiio Hotel. Address: 台北市萬華區武昌街二段72號10F. This hotel is quite hard to find. The lobby itself is located at 10F. But then again, the location is very good :D

After we have settled down, I brought him to 三兄妹. Haha! Cause it was just walking distance away. My favourite dessert shop! Yum Yum!
 As much as I love this, he loves it too! I am such a perfect tour guide. HAHA!

After that, we trained to Taipei Underground Shopping Mall. My favourite hunt for shoes!*SCREAM*
Opening Hours: 1100AM – 2030PM
How to go: Taipei Main Station Station 台北車站. Exit 1 North (北一門)

So happy with all the hunting of my heels. Here is really my world. Haha! He did not stop me from getting them cause they were dirt cheap! Each flat/heels cost around 200NT – 360NT ($8.60 - $15.50) Mad cheap I tell you. I went into EVERY shoes shop and come out with at least one pair. HAHA! I know, it is insane. Because of all the shopping/hunting for shoes, I didn’t have any time for pictures. HAHA! We managed to stop by one of the shop for some snacks though. Shop and eat. Damn shiok.
It looked like Roti Prata but of course, Taiwan-style of Roti Prata. Haha! I love how creative Taiwanese can be. Specially their creation on food. *DROOLS* We really need to learn from them!
Carrying all my loots to the next location – Hello Kitty Sweet Restaurant.
Location: 台北市大安路一段90號
Opening Hours: 1130AM – 1000PM
How to go: Take MRT to Take MRT to Zhong Xiao Fu Xing 忠孝復興 Station Exit 3 then walk to the direction shown below.
Click for larger view.

I am not a fan of Hello Kitty, neither he. (Of course right!) Haha! Just want to explore their theme café. Anyway, I am not sure if reservation is needed. For us, we did not make any reservation at all. No queue. Perhaps the day that we went was Monday afternoon. Do note that there is a minimum spending of 300NT ($12.90) per person and time limit will be 1.5 hours

Awww. Looking so cute! How can we bear to eat them?

The staff brought us to the second level.

Decorations around the café

Their toilet. Haha!

Their menu

Their table…

Our desserts are here! Yum! Yum! Hello Kitty Pudding Head! Haha!

Our drinks

His and mine.
 He couldn’t stand this place. Too girly for him. The foods are way too cute! He said that he will never come back here. Haha! Same for me. I think he is so sick of the girls around saying "SOOOO CUTEEEE!" HAHA! Kiding. Anyway, one time experience is enough. I will only rate their dessert as 7/10. There are nothing much fanciful there except for Hello Kitty. Eating their "brand" instead. Considered quite pricy I would say.

Time for bill before we proceed to the next destination!

After that, we proceed to Taipei 101.
Opening Hours: 1000AM – 2200PM
How to go: From Xi Men MRT, take to Taipei City Hall Station (市政府) Station. Exit 3. Shuttle bus name BUS 101. Alternatively, you can walk like we did.

We did not managed to go up to Taipei 101 Observatory deck as the weather was not that good.

After that, we headed to Wu Fen Pu and Rao He Night Market. It is advisable if you arrange to go these two places together as they are walking distance away from one another. =)

Wu Fen Pu
Opening Hours: Afternoon to 11pm (Advisable to go from 3pm onwards)
How to go: Take train to Hou Shan Pi Station Exit 4

Nothing much to get in Wu Fen Pu  (because of the season) But look! I managed to get two pairs of shoes at only 100NT ($4.30) each! Mad happy. He said that I have diverted all my attentions to getting shoes as their clothes were not suitable. Haha! Anyway, I got my cheap shoes from this “illegal” store at the side of the alley. Not sure if they will be there every day. Maybe you can try to hunt for them. All their shoes were placed in those big plastic bags. Just have to choose the one you like and the person will get the right size for you. They are so nice and patient.

After that, we walked over to Rao He Night Market.
Address: 台北市饒河街249號前 249 Raohe Street, Taipei
How to go: 15mins walk from MRT and is about 5-10minutes walk north of Wufenpu District (Get some direction from the locals. They are very friendly. Don’t worry.)
Opening hours: 6pm to midnight (Some shops open till 1am)

Lots of delicious street food! We bought lots of street foods back to hotel. Got one pair of heels there at only 80NT ($3.44). Yup. That shoes that I posted a few post back in my CNY post. Mad cheap! And it has now become my favourite pair of heels. Hehe! I kept telling him that I buy 2 or 3 more of the same heels. Haha! After that, we decided to take taxi back to our hotel. Almost die. We were carrying so many things. And he kept saying “These are all your shoes! So heavy!” HAHA!

Our very sinful supper!
Saw the drumstick? We got it at Rao He Night Market. It is damn crispy and yummy! I am so regretted that we only bought one. Best drumstick ever!

Are you ready for my buys today? Lol
Some are for Aden, Qien and Chloe. Haha!

And are you ready to see my number of shoes that I got within 3 days?
10 pairs were mine and only 2 pairs were his. Haha!

I am glad that he did try to stop me. Else I think I will buy more than this. In fact, we were so worried about our luggage weight. Opps! End of day 3. Check out our day 4 and 5 soon!

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Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2013 at 12:04 AM)  

I'm a hello kitty fan. thank you for blogging. The cafe will become one of the places to go in my itinary

Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2013 at 11:55 PM)  

I am leaving to Taiwan soon. Hopefully I can get those cheap shoes too! - Grace

K A T T Y  – (April 9, 2013 at 12:54 PM)  

Hi Anonymous, this is definitely a place for you. Hope you love there! :)

Hi Grace, you will too! There are plenty of shoes selling everywhere in Taiwan. Enjoy! :)

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