A day at SEA Aquarium

Backpost again to March.

As I am unable to celebrate my birthday due to work issue, and so we postponed to one week later instead. Initially we thought of going for a short trip. But guess it is time to save up. We headed to an island. Hahahaha! Yup, which is Sentosa. Haha! Not staying there but just visit SEA Aquarium. And also, fiancĂ© got cheaper tickets from his friend who is working at Sentosa. Double yay for us! If you are interested, you may want to get your tickets online or any ticket booth located at Universal Studio Singapore. It cost $29 (Normal Price, Adult) and $20 (Normal Price, Child and Senior). For more information, visit their website here.

For those who loves marine life, will definitely love this place. And of course, fiancĂ© loves this place. He can admire one marine life for damn long and will start talking about their name, their habit, what they eat and etc. I listened attentively to him but I totally forgotten it now if you were to ask me. LOL!

Before we went in…

Our tickets.

Heading to the Maritime Experiential Museum first. (I'm giving away one pair of tickets later on. Continue to read!)

Awww. The dolphins remind me of Tinklebell (Name of the Dolphin) that I have met in Gold Coast Tangalooma. They are wild and carefree unlike those in Sentosa, they are all trapped =(

Start to explore SEA Aquarium!
Beautiful… Shall let the pictures do all the talking. Don’t ask me what fishes are those cause I can’t remembered already. HAHA!

Okay. I know this is stingray of course. Fiance said that they are camouflaging. *Amazed*

Transsexual Fish?! O.O

You can get to touch the starfish here. And this made us realise that SEA Aquarium is so similar to the Maritime at Hong Kong Ocean Park that we have visited last year! (See the post here) Because Maritime had this too! Exactly the same!

Picture of us being a tourist there! Haha!
(Look at what fiance is wearing. "We are young" from http://www.naiseclothes.com, visit them for affordable clothes!)
They look weird uh? Lol

I am so amazed by them. So beautiful!

We went to the Open Ocean. It is so freaking big. At there, you can get to see leopard sharke, saw fish, mahi mahi and lots of strange fishes that you have never see before!
Continue to explore…

This really makes my hair stand… Ewww!

Lastly, the picture of us before we ended our day at SEA Aquarium. When I looked at this picture, I want to sing… “UNDER THE SEAAAAAA, UNDER THE SEAAAAA!” Lol.
After that, we didn’t managed to explore and stay longer in Sentosa as it started to pour ridiculously! Luckily we weren’t drenched. Phew!

Oh ya. I did not forget. Yup. I am giving away one pair of tickets to Maritime Experiential Museum! I had it extra so I didn't want to waste it. Anyone want? Please drop me a comment or drop me an email at xiaomao_heart@hotmail.com and I will pass it to you!

With love

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