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Planning for solemnization can be very headache. Look! I used solemnization. How about actual wedding itself? Haha. The truth of the matter is… the guest lists can be one of the worst part of planning solemnization.

Before we confirmed our venue, we had to list down the number of guests that we wanted to invite. Some hotels do have their minimum and maximum requirement of guests (If your solemnization is a buffet style like mine.) So do look carefully before you start on your guest list.

I found this image from Today’s Bride and I thought that it is quite interesting to share.
This can really comes useful if you and your fiancé are having a hard time who to invite. Haha!

As for us, we decided to invite only immediate families, some friends from secondary school, polytechnic and some closer friends. Luckily we have lots of common friends. Phew! It is so tricky when comes to invitation. If you invite Tom, Dick will be upset. If you invite Harry only, Tom and Dick will be upset. If you invite Dick, Tom and Harry will be upset. If you invite all of them, your pocket will be upset. Just kidding. So aiyah, just invite them during actual day then. Of cause when come to actual day, all our relatives, friends, colleagues and etc will be invited. =)

So yah. Sorry if you are not invited to our solemnization. As much as we wanted you to be there, we have constraints over the limits (Venue/Budget). We wanted to be a small affair. We calculated that it will definitely hit 100 over if we continued the list to our colleagues, ex colleagues, army friends and it will easily hit 200 if we add on our relatives to it. That will be like a “WOW” for a solemnization only! Haha! We don’t really want to spend that much when our actual day will be next year. But nonetheless, you will definitely be invited on our actual day. (If you are the “you”, we are referring to!) Haha!

With love

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