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Our solemnization date has already fixed. It will be on 23 June 2013. He chose this date because that was the date that he held my hand. You must be puzzled. Yup. We dated on 01 December 2004 but only until 23 June 2005, he then started to hold my hands. HAHA! And it was even after the movie Initial D that we watched together. Perhaps he got some courage from Zhou Jie Lun and decided to hold my hand. Hahahaha! Well, just puppy love at that time, you see. We were only 16 at that time.

The only thing that we have settled down so far was the bridal shop. We actually visited BOWS in January. It was one of the biggest wedding fair. Actually we have been visiting several mini bridal fairs way before he proposed. To do some research first. Haha! I always wanted to have our photo shoot taken overseas. And so we picked Korea and Taiwan. Korea is one of my favourite country and Taiwan is his. Haha!

Ido Wedding
We checked out Ido Wedding in previous NATAS Fair in 2012. And I have to say that I really love their concept, their gown, their makeup. Almost everything. Their wedding photos always look so beautiful. Perhaps it is because their models are beautiful too. Haha! However, the price was way too steep.
Visit their Facebook Page here They are quite active over there. Catch their latest promotion and update =)

BlueBay Wedding
Our first bridal fair we sat down for consultation was them. I must say they are really very friendly. We went there twice and the last time was at BOWS. We love their services. The price that they gave me was $2088 with lots of perks that they have added. Price was pretty ok for us except that they did not include actual day wedding gown and etc which quite bother me. I love their concept but he did not really like the idea of taking wedding pictures with mountains, flowers and etc. HAHA! He said that it looked a bit 老土! But their theme concept was good! We love their theme concept, specially those places that they went. After struggling, we decided to give them a miss. Anyway, they can be very hard sell too! Beware of that. Haha
Visit their Facebook Page here. They are quite active too!

France Star
Another Taiwan Bridal Shop that we have sat down last year in NATAS. In fact, their package is quite good as compared to BlueBay Wedding. They even included 5 stars accommodation and etc. And he nearly signed the package because they were so sincere and kept giving us perks that they claimed they did not give to anyone before. The so call as 店长 said that because she wanted us to be their “model” so they gave us all these perks. But sadly,  they don’t have any shop in Singapore, I find it a bit troublesome if I have to liaise everything with them via email or phone call. I am afraid of doing these and it made me feel really 不保险! And so we decided to say sorry to them. Thank god, I stopped him from signing else he will be so regret now. He loves taiwanese a lot cause he said that they are really very friendly and he enjoyed talking to them. At that point, I almost thought that he ”tio gong tao" Cause he is not that kind of person that will sign on packages that easily.

Lastly, La Belle Couture.
Apparently it was our first local bridal shop that we went and eventually signed on it. What really attract us was the photos that they have shown to us. Totally what we want. And we pondered for quite long. If they can give us the feel that we wanted, why don’t we just forget about overseas photo taking? And yup, save more money as well. Jacqueline was the one that served us at BOWS. She was friendly and willing to help us to ask for more perks. We did not sign on the spot but a few days later after we went down for some gown trying. And I love their gowns too! With them, I don’t have to fear for my actual day and even my solemnization *WINKS* Visit their Facebook Page here. They do have contest and promotion update there too! Check them out!

And what's most important when you are looking at bridal shop.... Their gowns.
Look at the detailed of this gown! *GASP*

Credit to La belle Couture
I love this! ♥.♥
Credit to La belle Couture

So elegant! ♥.♥
I wish I have her figure actually!
Credit to La belle Couture

Omg! This is so sweet. ♥.♥
Credit to La belle Couture

How about red? Isn't it look elegant enough for an evening gown? ♥.♥
Credit to La belle Couture

I literally fell in love with their gowns. Perfect. This is what I really want. Can't wait for my appointment with them in April to try on my ROM gown. Haha! Will blog about it.

Beside gowns, we looked into the package that they have given to us. I will not mention what exactly they have provided (They need to do business as well. Haha!). Whatever I have stated, almost all they did provide to me. You have to look at:
1. Album.
- How many pictures are they giving you in total?
- How many pages are they giving you?
- How much are they charging you for additional photo? (**Super important! I'm so afraid that I might spent a lot of money on this. Hopefully not!**)
- What kind of photo album size are they giving you? How many of them?
- Will they touch up your photos?
- Do they give you the large frame? (Those that normally people hang on their wall)
- Any table top frame given?

2. Gowns
- How many pieces are you allowed to have on your actual day? (Including: Wedding gown, evening gown, tea dress and etc)
- How many groom's jackets pieces are they providing?
- Do they provide for your ROM for you and your groom as well?
- Do they provide any father's jacket or your flower girl/boy?
- Any accessories for you?
- How many looks and hairdo they are giving?
- Do they provide bride maids' dresses?

3. Make up.
- Is MUA provided for the actual day?
- Is MUA provided for the ROM day if you hold them separately
- How many make up session are there? (Morning, Night or sometimes even trial)

4. Car
- Is car rental included?

5. Actual Day Photography
- Is this provided in the package?

6. Photoshoot
- How many locations are there?
- Do they provide transport for photoshoot?
- Does MUA follows you around?

These should be all. Hopefully it did some help if you are also researching for your ideal bridal shop! And lastly, the most important thing will be "You feel comfortable with them! Trust them"

Pretty much relieved that we have settled the bridal shop. Else we will have to settle a lot of things now. It was right for us to start looking for bridal shop long ago. Haha! Right now, we are still pending for our venue. But we have already started to hunt for the DIY decoration. So excited! And it was just almost 3 months away from our solemnization! Gosh! No time already!
With love

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