My Perfect Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is our 9th valentine since 2005. Wow! Time flies uh? And this is going to be our “last” valentine celebrating as a couple or rather the first time we are celebrating as fiancé/fiancée? Whatever it is, this is our 9th valentine. Hahaha.

As usual, he has ordered flowers to deliver to my workplace, almost every year without fail unless I am not working. =) After work, he came to fetch me and we proceeded for great dinner.

We went for Chijmes (In fact, it was our first time. Haha!) and headed to Hog’s Breath Café for our dinner. The ambience was good and the staffs are friendly.

Food that we ordered:

Cheers! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lovely flowers from him!

And he has one stalk of flowers too! Kidding, it is from Hogs’ Breath Café! Hehe!

Thank you for the awesome dinner and the beautiful flowers! :D Told him that I did not want any present because there is nothing that I really need. On this day, I have him accompanied by the wonderful dinner will be good enough *loves*
PS: Accidentally took the couple behind us. Not sure what happened though.

For this valentine, I surprised him with a present that he will never thought of.
It is a pair of Show Luo’s concert tickets.
Cause he once said that if he were to hold a concert in Singapore, he will want to go. And tadah! His dream came true. Haha! And I purposely placed them in a huge box so that he will have a hard time guessing what I got for him. Annd he really surprised when he opened the box. Hehe!

Picture of us!
Tell me, what’s valentine day when I have the perfect valentine for the rest of my life. *WINK*

Outfit of the day for this special occasion

Cobalt GreenSkirt: From Taiwan
Top: Agneselle, Sweetie Peplum Top in White

With love
(I have too much to blog about. Solemnization Stuff, Taiwan Trip, My Birthday. Stay tuned!)

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