Happy Birthday to Myself

February is my favourite month. 28 days yet with lots of occasion. Hehe. Oh! And is always the tight up month for boyfriend. Cause my birthday is one week after Valentine’s Day! HAHA! But this time round seems okay. Cause my birthday present had already bought long ago – Taiwan Trip. Teehee! I will blog about it soon.

Guess what? I seriously forgot how old I am until I literally took out a calculator to count. I know this sound serious. But okay. I am clear about my age now. I am 2X. Lol.

21 February 2013 was my birthday. Sad to say that I did not take any leave as my work was strangling me and I have to be at work. That week was really hectic at work. Hardly breathe and stress to the max =(

Morning greet by Qien’s mini surprise. She placed it at the fridge. Haha! Such a sweet girl :D

Lunch treat from my colleague, Michelle. We haven't been eating well that week due to the work load. The best lunch in that week. Haha!

After work, I had a cozy yet simple dinner with my family. It was my mum’s treat ^^
Had a lou yu shen first before the actual meal start. Big huat throughout the year!

After a very sumptuous meal, we got home for my cutting of birthday cake.
This cake was from Qien and Aden. And guess what, this birthday cake has already revealed my age. Lol.
Birthday gift from Qien and handmade card from Aden. Love them so much! Aden promised that he will make a card for me. And he really did it. Haha! Every drawing of his has a meaning. Haha!

Pictures shall do all the talking then. =)

Birthday gift from my sis and jiefu as well as my brother and saosao :D
Birthday card from him. Not going to mention what he had wrote itself. They are real mushy I tell you. Haha! But I love the way he signed off - self declared husband! Hahaha! I love cards! Hand made, self written. They meant so much to me :)

Also had an advanced birthday celebration with CF gang (Cousin and Friend. It’s a short way to say it) on 16 February 2013. It was still a New Year period then. We went to a pub near park lane mall, a newly pub that my brother has introduced – May. It was previously a thai pub.

Photo taken before everything went hay-wired.
Favourite cake from Awfully Chocolate *YUMMY*

Favourite photo taken!
 Favourite photo taken!
*Some of the photos taken from Wally. :D

Really thank him for taking care of me. Haha! I guess I am so stress at work at that time. Cause when I reached home, I cried like mad saying “I don’t want to go work!” Keep repeating till he has to coax me “Yes. No work ok.” Literally -_- Ok. End of drama. No more next time. Opps!

Alright I am getting old. Getting to the next chapter of my life real soon. Really old. Haha! Lastly, I would like to thank those who have wished me. Thank you Thank you! I don’t have a blast day on the day itself but hopefully all my dreams will come true, huat all the year, stay pretty ever (BHB abit) Haha! 谢谢大家!

With love!

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