Say goodbye to my Braces!

After 18 months, I can finally say goodbye to my braces. I took out the lower one on the 22th December 2012 and the upper one on the 19th January 2013. Braces journey has been rather smooth for me. Or maybe the tough part I have not gone through yet – wisdom teeth extraction. I have been dragging though Dr Lew has been consistently reminding me about it. Haha! Courage is all I need. Perhaps I will schedule to do it on March 2013.

Removing of braces do hurts a bit. For your info, mine was Simpliclear Braces. First of all, Dr Lew will take pliers to sort of crush the brackets cause mine was the transparent brackets. You will definitely feel the pressure. I almost thought that my teeth were crushed instead. Then he will remove the back molar. You will again feel the pressure. These are the parts that hurt. The rest will be fine. The procedure of crushing of the brackets is really very uncomfortable. Crushed bracket and glue pieces will fly out, making it even more uncomfortable. After that Dr Lew will take a hand drill to remove of the cement that was left on my teeth. This is painless except for the drilling sound that most probably will scare the hell out of you. Haha! After that, he will take impression of my teeth for the retainers. Each retainer took about 30 minutes to complete, so most probably just loiter around the clinic while waiting for the retainer to be done. After that I was allowed to choose the colour of my retainer box. Haha! And here is the box I have choose and my retainers (Invisalign style).

I chose this colour not because it is my favourite but because it is bright enough. Cause I will bring it around with me and I am very absent minded. And my bag is very big so this colour will save me lots of time searching for it. HAHA! Good idea right?

The fearful seat of all...
I used to hate this seat or rather coming to a dentist. WHY THE HELL I SHOULD PAY FOR ALL THE DISCOMFORT! But after doing braces, it seems like a norm to me. But of course, I still hate those drilling sound! After experiencing braces, I think I should try to love to visit dentist more? After all, I don't want my teeth to rot CAUSE I PAID MORE THAN 8K FOR MY TEETH! The more I should take care of them. Haha!
Taken when I took off my lower braces. Hehe!
After I took out my lower braces, I was supposed to take out the upper braces on the 3rd January. But due to 2mm - 3mm of spaces Dr Lew wanted me to wear for another 2 weeks. =( He used a stronger bands to put the teeth closer hopefully able to close the small little gap. Haha.
Like I have mentioned, I removed my lower braces first on 22 December. Inserting of retainer for the lower one is definitely easier. However when I first insert my upper retainer together with my lower retainer, I feel like shit. Haha! I feel that I am short-tongue whenever I speak. Not sure why. I feel awkward when I speak. Totally like shit. Dr Lew said that I only have to wear my retainers when I was about to sleep. So technically, I only wear my braces to sleep then. Luckily I don’t have to wear 24 hours; else I guess it will definitely hinder the way I talk each time. It is so irritating! 

It has been so long since I last seen my two rows of teeth. Haha! At first, I couldn’t get used to it cause I really feel awkward. I forgot how to smile with teeth. Just awkward. Guess I need some time to get used to it. 

Tadah! This is my expensive set of teeth!

Okay. I look extremely weird when I smiled with my teeth. HELP! I need some time to adjust to it. However, I am so happy that I have removed them. Now I can smile brightly and laugh loudly! Muahaha! I am considering going into whitening of teeth. Any recommendation? I have yet to hunt for it. Probably will update if I am doing any. That is why I am so afraid that my teeth will rot. So much money spent on them. Please be good and stay longer till I grow very very old okay!

This is my before and after braces. Lol.

My face used to be quite round uh? Braces actually changes your face shape as well, some will even sharpen your nose (WHY DIDN'T HAPPEN TO ME!). Perhaps extracting of wisdom teeth will sharpen the face shape even more. *self-deluding*

To whoever who are considered doing braces, though the process is long and tedious. But trust me, after you have taken them out (like me!), you will feel everything is worth. Definitely worth the wait and pain! I am so satisfied with my teeth now. Stop calling me a buck teeth (Ba Gey) anymore!

Dental Clinic: Tanglin Dental Surgeons @ Tanglin Shopping Centre
Doctor: Dr Kenneth Lew

With love!

cindy  – (October 30, 2017 at 1:26 PM)  

I think your cheeks were cuter before

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