The day I say “I Do”

First of all, thank you for all the wishing that we’ve gotten via all kind of ways. Really appreciate. And of course, shamelessly, I have been waiting for this day to arrive. Haha! In fact, I know cause he did mention about the time frame since last November. He told me it was from November – January. Well... He said that initially he wanted to propose on our 8th years of anniversary on 1st December 2012 BUT his proposal ring screwed him up badly. He ordered the ring in November but only able to collect in January. Haha!

So he proposed on 11 January 2013 which was not his ideal date again. He planned to do it on the 12 January 2013 instead. So he got our group of cousins and friends trying to lure me out on the 12 January 2013 to Sentosa. It happened that I am working on that Saturday, I wanted to change the date but it seems to be all fixed. Okay, I still went ahead agreeing. I still did not suspect anything until...they set the time at 5pm on that Saturday and oh, the reason that they wanted to go Sentosa because my cousin’s sons wanted to play sands and they even planned to play volleyball and Frisbee. I told boyfriend “Huh? Play sand? Play Volleyball? Play Frisbee? Meet at 5pm? By the time we go, the sun has already set” A bit stupid right? Haha! Then I blurted out to him “Izzit on 12 January 2013? Cause you wanted to do on 1st December, you can’t so you change to 12 January 2013 right?"  He totally burst out laughing. He is not a good liar. Lol. And I am a pro reading his mind, as always. HAHA! And yes, that was the reason he wanted to do on the 12th. Totally Bingo!

He told me about the making of this plan, lots of screwed up of course, but in the end, it was a perfect one. That day, I quarreled with him. Not really quarreled, but was so pissed off with him. You know you will start to suspect when you know there is something wrong yet he still refused to admit. In short, he does know how to lie. His lying sucks, seriously. And it got discovered by me again. HAHAHA! I think I am quite smart lah. I got so pissed by him because of the replies that I have got from him. For example, he told me that he was going SOMEWHERE to get SOMETHING during lunch. So obviously I asked him where he is going and what he wanna get. He replied “SOMEWHERE LOR!” and “SOMETHING LOR!” Seriously. PFFF! And okay, that did not happen only on that day. Throughout the whole week, his replies were like that. And it reached my limit lah. Even when I caught my mum whispering something to him and I asked him what my mum told him. He said "Oh. Your mum told me to be careful when going home" WAH! This is the most extreme one. Who can tahan this kind of replies you tell me! For the past few weeks, he and his iPhone really becomes good buddy. To the extent that he even brought his phone to the toilet, everywhere he goes, he will bring it. He is not a "phoney" person you see. And he got so tensed up when I took his phone. FISHY right! But I did promise that I won’t see his whatapps during these period and of course, I never did. Cause normally, our phones are opened to each other, he will help me to reply message and I will help him to reply. Things like that. But that whole week, he seems to be 24 hours online in whatsapp AND he is not paying attention to what you have whataspp-ed him. Double pissed! I got so pissed off with him that whole day. Not knowing he was planning all things behind me. *guilty*

Backtrack a bit. On 10 January 2013, Wednesday, in our girl’s group chat, Ling whatsapps-ed us saying that she was super upset because of something had happened. Totally dejected and broke down kind. Lina kept asking me and wally to comfort her so of course we did. She started saying that Friday she has no program which she felt so suck about it. So out of goodwill, they decided to do a meet up mainly to console her. So we fixed on Friday as our “Ladies Night”

On 11 January 2013, Friday, because of the pissed-off-incident that I’ve mentioned earlier. I WAS TOTALLY NOT IN A GOOD MOOD and even wanted to cancel this ladies night with them and just headed home. But in the end, I still went ahead. So we met up at Harbourfront MRT and went over to Pasir Panjang market to have our dinner. We ordered super lots of food. 1 plate of stingray, 1 plate of sotong, 10 stick of satays, 1 plate of char kwaytiao, 1 plate of char bee hoon, 1 plate of chaitaokway, 1 plate of ou ah jian, 1 plate of “la la”. Yup should be all. Just 4 of us we ordered THIS MUCH! Haha!

Alright, I still did not suspect anything. And they can sensed that I am really down but of course they did not ask me why lah. Lina even told the guys that I looked really down which is a good thing. DAMN BAD RIGHT! Boyfriend wanted to call me but was stopped by choon. HAHA! Cause normally after work, he will called me even when I am out with friend to see how I am. But that day he didn’t and t I did not bother too cause I am still pissed with him. Then they took their own sweet time eating at the market which I am quite pissed. Cause it was so hot and stuffy there. And I don’t understand why they still can sit down there chit chatting. Cos normally they will want to escape from such stuff place and head to the next location. But they didn't, still happily chatting there.Lol. But I did not voice out too, no mood what. Then they started to plan where to chill after eating. They wanted to drag the time cause the guys have not yet prepared. They managed to drag till both Lina and I were so urgent and in need of toilet. Then we went to the nearest petrol station to top up oil, used their toilet and did everything slowly. So Lina suggested to go beach area, get some beer and we can chill there. Then Ling asked where the nearest beach is. And I replied “Sentosa” and they all agreed. But I was like “Huh? Tomorrow wanna go Sentosa then now go again?” But they still went ahead.

On our way to Sentosa, Lina’s husband called her saying that he has just finished his badminton game and they just casually talked on the phone. (FAKE ONE! CALL TO SEE IF WE HAVE REACH OR NOT!) And we arrived at the carpark near to the palawan beach. There were so many lots there yet Ling still took her own sweet time to choose the lots and park. (Because they were so afraid that I might recognised choon's car. But I am very poor in recognising car! Lol!) Okay. then they said they wanted to go to the pub area which was at Palawan Beach. While walking on the beach, it was sooooo freaking dark that I couldn’t see anything. I really suspect that I have mild night blindness or what. The rest could see but I really couldn’t. So we walked over to the pub realizing that they were all closed. Not sure why! Friday night and all the pubs are closed. Not sure they are closed or closed down.

Then Ling wanted to cross over the hanging bridge but I stopped her. Because I went there before and there are lot of rats! I swear! But Ling insisted and the rest nudged me and said “Go lah. She is so upset already, just accompanied her for a while lor” So I just went ahead reluctantly but refused to be the first one to walk on the hanging bridge. So Ling was the first one. After walking halfway, Ling went behind to help Lina who was so afraid. (ACT AFRAID! FAKE ONE!) Suddenly I become the first one. But I protested and asked Wally to be the first, but she refused. So we just walked and walked until the end and I stopped to wait for them. Then tadah! I realized I GOT FOOLED by them totally!

Boyfriend was standing right at there holding a bouquet of flowers with lots of lightsticks. From far, I could already see the huge banner “Katty, will you marry me”. I can’t help but to let out a loud “Ohhhhhh! 你们骗我!” When I saw that banner and him standing there, for a second, I really thought I am dreaming.

My dashing boyfriend. Hehe!

So boyfriend brought me over and started his speech to me. Blah Blah Blah! Shit! I can't remembered what he said to me! Urgh! Then I realized the rest of the gang were up at there together with some lot sof strangers. Haha! After finishing his speech, he kneeled down and proposed =) And of course, I said "I Do"
How it look like when you climb up there.

It come to a realize that everything were fake. The sentosa which we supposed to go on the next day was a fake, Ling pretended to be very emo was a fake. Kudos to the bunch of actor and actress.

As I thought the proposal surprise was over. As usual we boarded the different car back. Choon was sending my boyfriend and Jackson back and I was with the rest. Okay. I did not suspect anything again. The only thing I felt weird was they are heading home right after we finished the proposal. Cause normally, we would go elsewhere for a chat or something. But boyfriend said "Because of them have to work, that's why." So he lied beautifully till I believed. So we went on a separate car. Then in the car, wally said that she wanted to go to the toilet. So I offered her to come up to my place. Then the rest said that they were thirsty, so the rest just decided to come up to my place. Fine with that. When I got home, the living room was dark. My mum would be at home watching DVDs, so I thought she was asleep. So when I opened my door, I realised that there were lights in the room. I still told the rest loudly "Aiya. No la. My mum is in the room watching DVDs". As usual, I would went to the room to see if my mum is there. When I pushed the door, I totally freaked out. I saw this "white figure" man sitting on the floor, using his phone torch-light and shining this at the ceiling of the room.
I SWORE THAT I TOTALLY HAD A BIG SHOCK! I totally laughed like mad. This idea was from Wally. Haha! Good one. Never will I expect there will be a second surprise. This really surprised me a lot a lot! HAHA!

Here is the video of what happened that night.

The video is very unclear. You will most probably only see the shadow of us. Whatever it is, this video is so dear to me. Thank you, Jihao for helping us to film. Though he has been scolding vulgarities in some part and shaking like mad in some part too. HAHA! And of course, thank you for all who are involved in this P project. Haha! And lastly, thank you my dearest boyfriend who planned this out for me. Though it wasn't his initial plan, his plan was kicked out by the rest. Haha! But he really took lots of effort to keep me in the dark. Things like, he rushed out of his house to meet the rest when he called me to say he has reached home when he did not work at all. Morning call me early in the morning even though he did not work at all. All these white lies are pretty perfect. But HELLO, these are the first time and last time hor. Haha!

Until now, I still can't believe that whatever happened that night was a real. It seems like a dream to me. So happy that we have came so far. It has been 8 years. Thinking back the first time we met when we were only 13. We were just totally stranger. Same class but never even talked to each other. Fate brought us in when we were only 15. Though we were in a different class, we interacted even more than we were in the same class. Haha! Thank god for bringing him to me, nope, perhaps I should say, thank papa for bringing him to me. No matter 8 years or 10 years, I believe our love will continue. Thank you for being my first love and my true love.

With love

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