I am very much honored to be become Naiseclothes’s in house model. Did a few shoot with them. It has been quite a while since I last did my blogshop shooting. Hope it turn out okay. Haha!

Naiseclothes carries in various kinds of comfortable and affordable clothes that are forever in fashion. So if you are those kind that will want to buy something that can last you long and forever in fashion, Naiseclothes will be the one you are looking for. Personally I am this kind of person as well. I can wear for a shirt/dress for very long! Lol. As long as it is still fashionable and wearable. Why not? Haha!

For clothes, the first thing I look at it is
1. Will I wear it out frequently?
2. Will it match easily?
These two questions will always pop up when I am intending to buy clothes. Do you too?

Personally I love black! I have lots of black dress at home until my mum kept nagging at me for buying black dress when I have tons of them. I feel that Black dress is very easy to match, don't you think so? Anyway, their material are real comfortable. So hard to choose the one I love cause I just simply love all of them! All of them are perfect for work/school. For all occasions :D In the end, this is my pick, Dolly Lil'Black Dress.

Boyfriend became Naiseclothes model too! Boyfriend was so tense that day cause he wasn't good in posing at times. Stress and nervous. Haha!
 My male model of that day! :D

 Post Christmas...

 The amount of tees that we have for that day!
That day photo shooting is really fun, beside Boyfriend being their male model, we have Tzire TheSingaporeanRapper as well. Some of the fun and random shoots that we have towards the end of the day.

Our couple shoots.
A more serious look...

 More funky look...
And my favourite of all. I added on with some little icons to make it more funny. Haha!

Behind the scene...

Check out their tees here! Since Valentine's is around the corner, why don't you buy a couple tee for your partner as well? :D And for us? Here is one of our pick! Self-deluding that we are still young! Opps!

Like their Facebook here to see their latest collections! Pssp! Tell you a secret, there are lots of t-shirt and dresses coming up soon! And for all of my friends and those who are reading, if you are interested, quote "Katty" to get FREE Registered Mail! Quick! After you have bought from them, maybe let me know how you think about them. Share with me :D

With love

Unknown  – (February 5, 2013 at 3:05 PM)  

I love the shirts you guys are all wearing. Super cute! And you're so pretty too. Definitely a blog to come back to, keep up the great posts :)

K A T T Y  – (April 9, 2013 at 12:55 PM)  

Hi Debra Bros, Thank you! :D You can get them at as well :D

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