Day 5: Gold Coast - Famous for fun (Jetboating & Whale Cruising)

After a long journey, we finally arrived at our next activity – Jetboating. We were with Paradise Jet Boating. It is located at Mariners Cove Marina (Near Seaworld, Main Beach). That was our first time doing Jet Boating and it was really a good one!

Sadly, we did not bring extra clothing with us, but luckily, they actually provide a coat for us. Haha!

Say Cheese! Can you spot us? A picture taken before we departed.

Well, Jetboating is the new “must do” adventure activity on the Gold Coast. It is fun and don’t worry, it is absolute safe. Paradise Jetboating begin their operation in 2004, it was the first jet boat tour operator in Gold Coast.

It was actually a 55minutes of ride. It departs almost every hour from 9am to 4am. First, we departed directly into the Broadwater. For the first time, our instructor, Tim will “somehow” give us some warning before he started to do his stunts. After that, we caught the tactic he drifts, and somehow or rather, we will know when he will start his stunts. He did lots of stunts like "Twist and Turns", "Full-On", "360 degree spins", "high speed drifting" and many more. Besides that, we went for some sightseeing as well. If you are lucky, you might able to meet Dolphins, Birdlife and wallabies along South Straddies beaches. But we were unlucky; we did not manage to see anything except for some wild birds. Haha!

Throughout the ride, it was really fun. We were being thrown left, right, front and back. And that was a time whereby the boat went so slanted that we almost fall out of the boat. We were drenched by then. Haha! Super fun! At first, I was kinda worried that my boyfriend might not take it cause he has sea-sick. Not that serious kind, but he just dislike the bumpy feeling. Some people might not be able to take too bumpy, you see. But I am so glad that he had survived! Wee!

Here are some of the pictures that I have taken from These will be exactly what you will experience with them. Trust me, it is sooooooooooooo fun!
These stunts are crazy shit. But it is so exciting!
Photo Credit: Paradise Jet Boat Gold Coast
After we have done with our Jet Boating with Paradise Jet Boat. Thank you for sending us the photo. So lovely :D

They drove us to our next attraction – Whale Watching. We were with Whale in Paradise for our Whale Watching. There were actually two timing for the Whale Watching. The first session is in the morning (0900am-1230pm), the second session will be the one that we went (200pm-530pm). We were excited but Boyfriend was so worried cause of his sea-sick. Luckily, I got him some seasick pill.

Boarding the vessel.

That day’s weather was great. It was sunny, less windy. The captain said that it was very suitable to go for cruising. I prayed that it will be a smooth journey. Whales in Paradise claimed that it is a 100% sighting of whale if not they will refund you the full amount. That is their Guarantee. Do we manage to get to see a whale? Do read on… Teehee!

Our vessel departed from Ferny Ave and off we went to explore Whales!

The sea was rather calm for the first few minutes, the moment we went to the ocean. The sea become so choppy that boyfriend could not take it. But luckily, the seasick pill did some help. He was not sure if the seasick pill was making him sleepy or what. He wanted to sleep instead of feeling nauseous. Haha. Here was when the sea became so rough and choppy. And also the exploring of the whale has started.
We actually spotted the whale even though it was far from us. The first picture will be the actual one. The second picture, I tried to zoom in to have a clearer view of them.
Apparently they were so happily swimming around. The captain explained to us all the facts about whales. He also told us which direction to lookout of the whales. You must make sure you can catch him cause out of the sudden he will shout “Here they go, a mother whale on the 3 O’clock direction” Things like that. Haha!
After a while, Hody and Yinjie started to feel nauseous. Hody was the first one to vomit out. Yinjie was feeling so sick that she could not move and remained outside. Boyfriend was still the same. We were actually in the pantry area where there are sofa seats around. It is more comfortable than outside yet it become sickbed room for us. Haha!
Here was the surroundings. You can see Yinjie on the left side of the picture. Haha!
You might not visualize how choppy the sea is. Here is the video that I had video-ed down.

While the rest were at their “sickbed”, I was alone outside trying to view a sight of the whale. Yes, I am the last girl standing. They were so amazed. I did not feel any nauseous at all. I am holding my DSLR and iPhone trying to balance myself to take and video them down. Lol. Amazed uh? So proud of myself. HAHA!
We spent quite long looking for the next whale and so the captain decided to go for another round of hunting. Whenever the vessel started to move, be sure that you have something to hold on. Because it was so unstable and water were splashing in. The floor was flooded with all the splashing of water. My shoes were all wet! I was so worried that the vessel might sink or toppled. But I have read about the vessel. It is specially made for whale watching purposes.
Let’s go to look for them again!
“There is one over that side” the captain shouted. I was like moving from left to right to look of them. And phew! I am lucky to capture it down.
Woot! Another one! They seem to be in a good mood uh? Haha!
Let’s watch the video that I’ve captured down. It was so hard to get them. But luckily, I managed to capture a few… hehe!

You might feel a little nauseous watching this. The sea was getting rougher and rougher. I am so afraid to stand out there cause I could not really balance myself at all. *Horrified* 
Managed to catch two of them. Hehe!
That was the huge one that I’ve caught them in my video! OMG!
Towards the end of the journey, even though the sea was getting more and more rough. The number of whale that we have seen also increased. It was so hard to balance. It was so cold and I am like trembling throughout the whole journey. Lol. Yet it did not stop me from seeing them. Hehe.
That was a huge one that got so near to us! LOOK!
This picture was my work! I am so freaking proud that I have caught this humpback whale! Wee!
After I took this picture, I quickly ran into the “sickbed room” to let them see this picture. Haha! I am so freaking happy that I have caught this. And this whale really made a great ending of the whole journey of whale watching.
After that, it was almost time to end our whale watching. I have three patients in that sickbed room. Lol. They were really suffering like hell. And it seems that I am the only one who enjoyed the whole cruising. HAHA! Boyfriend said that he felt that we were so “xiasuay”. Probably those angmo will goes like “tsk! Asians…” Lol. These pictures truly describe their feeling. Rain after sunshine. Lol. You guys are back to the ground, congratulation! Hehe!

After a hectic day of activities, we finally ended our “luxury” tour. For the last night, we decided to skip all the fast foods. WE WERE REALLY TIRED OF FRIES! Fries are everywhere. So we went back to the Chinese restaurant we ate on the first day. Oh. I think I did not mention where it is. If you stay at Mantra Legends Hotel, it is just opposite direction. Look out for "Ocean Seafood Restaurant"

After that, we headed to Woolworths to get all the snacks that we wanted to bring back. Followed by the souvenir shop. Okay. We really brought back lots of snacks and souvenirs. Hehe! Then back to hotel for a night rest before we say goodbye to Gold Coast =(

Last day in Gold Coast, 17 October 2012
Time really flies. It was the last day of our whole journey. Check out of our hotel and headed for our transfer back to the Airport. There was a slight delay in the flight but it wasn't that long. Almost 30- 45 minutes or so?
Thank you, Scoot for flying to Gold Coast. We really had so much fun :D

Our lunch on board. Seriously, it was quite nice! Boyfriend and I kept munching non-stop and Yinjie was really the power one. She slept the moment we board the plane till the moment we reached Singapore. Lol. This is my first time seeing somebody like her who can sleep anywhere! Really anywhere! This is what I have know her from this trip. Lol.

While we were munching our food, boyfriend and I saw this moment. Totally Win. Lol!

The trip ended like this. Well, I must said I really have the best trip for the year of 2012. It was really an awesome one. I have seen and carry Koala Bear (Favourite of my life), seen kangaroos hopping around in Dreamworld, taken most of the exciting theme park rides, feed dolphin right infront of me, seen dolphins playing near the shore of Tangalooma Island, Sand tobogganing (though we had sands all over us), fantastic experience of hotair ballooning, seen the sunrise in Gold Coast (Absolutely love the weather there), exciting jetboating ride that almost threw us out, seeing humpback whale this close (though boyfriend and the rest had suffered. Lol!). What can I ask for? I am really satisfied! =D

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With love

Unknown  – (April 6, 2016 at 8:26 PM)  

Hi, May I ask where did you get the tickets for the hot air balloon experience, followed by the jet boating & whale cruising? Was it purchased with a single vendor ? Thanks

K A T T Y  – (April 26, 2016 at 4:11 PM)  

Hi, Yes it was purchased with a single vendor :)

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