Day 5: Gold Coast - Famous for fun (Hotair Balloon)

Fifth day in Gold Coast, 16 October 2012
We woke up the earliest among the days in Gold Coast. Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, we got to wake up as early as 3.30am (Gold Coast timing) which is Singapore’s 2.30am only? I guess many of you were still awake while we already had to start off our day. Haha!

That day, we headed to our "Luxury Tour", the name that we named for that day. (You will know why soon) Haha! First stop, we went for Hotair Balloon by Hotair. For our package, we took Gold Coast Ballooning & Vinyard Champagne Breakfast. Hotair transfer came to pick us up from our hotel. We were like walking-zombie. So sleepy as we only had less than 4 hours of sleep. *yawns* Once we boarded the coach, we slept all the way. Haha! It was about 2 hours plus of journey. It was so cold and cozy that we literally dozed off. Luckily Boyfriend did not snore. But he . . . . . . HAHA! I shall not say much.

After such a long bus journey, finally we have arrived at the launch site. The sun has already slowly rising up. Hot air balloon crews have already set up and were doing their final checks before we were asked to board the hot air.

The crews told us that it was one of their biggest hot air balloon. Wow! Totally awaken by the beautiful sceneries and fresh air! Or… should I even say fresh air? Cause cow dungs were everywhere. Fresh air with a little mixture of cow dungs smell. Haha! Aiya, that's the smell of nature mah. =X
Hehe! I hope this won’t disgust you. They were all over the ground! Haha! In Chinese, it is called as “遍地满黄金!” HAHA!

Beautiful sun rise :D
Boyfriend "ate" the sun! Lol.

That was the vehicle for the hotair balloon. (See how we kept the hotair balloon later on!)
And the above one was the coach that took us here.

Time to board the balloon. We were so excited! And the weather was so perfect! Less windy. But still cold. Haha!
The crews are very professional and friendly. He explained a lot about hot air balloon. For your information, there was only one crew that went up with us. A young and handsome chap. Hody’s cup of tea. HAHA!

And slowly it started to take off. Here is the video again for my niece and nephew! Sorry if I talked during the movie. Haha! Cause these videos were for them. Hehe! Towards the end of the video, you will get to hear the "voooommmm" sound. Pardon for the sound as the pilot had to keep firing the burner in order to stable the balloon. Our ears almost got deaf too! HAHA!

Less than a minutes, the balloon departed from the ground and we bid goodbye to our guide and the crew.

Just in case you have no idea how it works. See the below image, can you see where his hands were?
He was actually controlling the burner. That was why you will get to hear the “vooommmmm voommmmm” sound. The burner uses propane gas to heat up the air in the envelope to move the balloon off the ground and into the air. The pilot has to keep firing the burner at regular interval throughout the flight to ensure that the balloon continues to be stable.
This is actually the propane cylinders.

As the pilot moved the balloon upwards, he had to open up the propane valve which lets the propane flow to the burner which in turn fires the flame up into the envelope. The longer he opened the valve, the more heat it is, the faster balloon rises.

So, are you ready for the spectacular sceneries?
I can't explain the sights of these sceneries. Nice.
Video-ed down the sceneries. Haha! Pardon for my talking again =X

Just in case you were wondering where do Hot Air actually flies. The hinterland is their speical chosen location provigin the opportunity to fly higer than coastal flights and more stable and reliable weather conditons. Get to enjoy sweeping view of Mount Tamborine, Lamington National Park and to the east see the shimmering tall towers of the Gold Coast skyline. Information from:
Feel so romantic to be with him in such a condition. Nothing beats to share this spectacular view with someone you love. Agree? =)

If the pilot stopped firing the burner, try to close your eyes and listen to the surroundings. You will get to hear birds chipping, cows mooing. The sound of the nature. Wonderful experience. Don’t worry if you are afraid of height, though it can be up to 3000ft tall from tree level. This might freak you out. But don't be scared. Throughout the flight, it is very gentle and stable. You will definitely love it cause it is very comfortable and safe.

The pilot is really good, he actually analysed and explained to us which plot of land he was intending to land. He will eplained the reason behind his doings so that we can engaged on it rather than just seeing the scenery. However, he had no control for the landing as it still had to depend on the wind condition. "Wherever the wind brings us to, we will land where it is" That was what he said to us. Haha! To move the balloon downwards, the parachute valve at the very top of the balloon is what is used to bring the balloon down towards the ground.
Above picture clearly show the parachute valve. When he was prepare for landing, he had to pull on the chord which will open the valve, letting hot air escape, decreasing the inner air temperatures. In a simple form, he had to make the balloon "lao hong" (In Hokkien). Lol.

Apparently it took us quite some time to decide the plot of land. There is no brake, of course. Fully depend on wind. Amazing right?  When we were preparing to land, we have to grab hold of these. (Image below)
"Bend your knee, hold them tight" That was what he said. But ensure, even landing, it is very safe unlike the real flight. Haha! Soft and steady.

And here we were, safely landed. *Applaused!* Seriously, I don't even know it has landed. It is just so gentle.
The pilot had a good intention. He actually landed on the plot of land where there is no grass at all. Cause he said that this land belonged to the farmer, he did not want to destroy his plantation and so we landed on this ground instead. Cool. HE CAN EVEN AIM TO LAND ON THE GROUND INSTEAD OF GRASS! Haha!

Time to deflate the hot air balloon. It took about 15-20 minutes to the balloon to deflate.

Here is the video that I have video-ed for my niece and nephew again. This video consists lots of talking. LOL! You will get to hear Yinjie saying goodbye to the hot air balloon and my boyfriend said "Why are you always saying byebye to non-living things"! Then hody replied "because she tao nao pai" Lots of random talking behind. =X

After the balloon has deflated, it was time for team work. Together, we helped to keep the balloon. It might looked easy but it was not. It was so heavy! And because the ground was moist and lots of cow dung, it made the job even harder.
They were so heavy that it required all of us to do it. Your hands will smell like cow dung after wards. Lol! Boyfriend helped them all the way. Thumb up. As for me and yinjie, we helped to take picture. Haha!
Time to keep them in this bag. According to them, they told us that this thing weigh a few hundred kg. *FAINT* And that was why machine was used to place them at the back of the vehicle.
Next, the basket of the hot air balloon. The guys helped to carry it to the back of the vehicle.
Guess how we took this vehicle, we actually have to stand at the side of the basket when the vehicle is moving. Kinda dangerous. But the vehicle moves very slowly. Our support was only the thing that we grabbed. If you fell down...say hi to all the cow dung. Lol.

We were going to end off the hot air experience with our hearty champagne breakfast at O’Reillys Canungra Valley Vineyard. Here are the surroundings. So beautiful! Really love the feel and surrounding.

Our hot and delicious breakfast!

Fabulous! Let's cheers!
Isn’t it good if you can take a break with all the hectic work threw behind. Be it a day or a few days, stay at this kind of countryside. Enjoy the tranquil environment whenever you are awake. Isn’t it perfect?

Our hotair trip ended around 930-10am. Back to our hot air coach and transfer back to our next activity. Hehe!

The certificate that we got from Hotair.
Thank you HotAir Gold Coast. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! It made our trip to Gold Coast an unforgettable trip.
Alright, finally ended our trip of HotAir. We boarded the coach and being transfered to our next activities which are the Jetboating and Whale Cruising. It was another 2 hours plus of long bus journey and looked! What did I do when the rest were asleep. LOL
Opps, Yinjie! HAHA! After that, Hody joined me as well. HAHAHAHAHA! She is going to kill me when she sees this. Hehe!

To be continue with our rest of the trip to Jetboating and Whale Cruising...

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