Day 4: Gold Coast - Famous for Fun (SkyPoint & HarbourTown)

Fourth day in Gold Coast, 15 October 2012
We were back from Tangalooma Resort. There were actually some miscommunication between the transfer agent that caused us about 1 hour plus of delay for our transfer from Holt Street Wharf to our hotel. We waited for quite long. Thank god for the friendly driver who came to us to find out what exactly happened cause he saw us waiting impatiently at the Holt Street Wharf. He really made me feel that there are some kind souls in Gold Coast too, apart from all the racisms towards chinese that we had during the past few days. Haha! Thank you, Mr XX Driver.
Love the weather in Brisbane.

It took us around 1 hour plus to reach our hotel – Mantra Legends.
Scenery when I opened the balcony curtain. That was where I got my feet cut from a glass on the floor =( Don't even know where the hell this tiny piece of glass came from.

That day's itinerary was rather relaxing.We headed to the Sky Point Observation Deck. It is very near to our hotel. And so, we managed to walk there. Just 10 minutes away. It is very easy to locate too, just see the tallest building and walk towards that direction will do. Smart uh? Lol.
The entrance of SkyPoint.

Just like Taipei 101, if you have been there. SkyPoint is the tallest building in Gold Coast and also one of the world’s tallest residential towers that takes you to the highest point above the Gold Coast. It offers spectacular 360 views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond. You can watch the views at the level 77.

Actually Hody and Yinjie wanted to go for the SkyClimb. But due to lack of time, they decided to forgo this chance. Cause if they went for SkyClimb, they might not have the chance to go for shopping as the shopping malls closes early.

Are you ready to take the lift with us? Haha.

Definitely, your ear will feel the pressure when lift shot up. But it is normal. Hehe.

Here is the café.

Are you ready to the spectacular view of Gold Coast? These were the sceneries that greeted us.

is only the place where you can view the beauty of Gold Coast. Admire the building, the beach, the sky, the sea, the tiny people, the tiny cars. Fanastic.

Picture of us! :D We looked really tired. Lol.

And again, we were doing stupid things again. Haha! Making fun of this model for SkyClimb. Haha!

We spent roughly 25-30 minutes in SkyPoint. Other than the views, there were nothing much to do unless you want to have your brunch in the café. Here is the photo taken.

After that, we asked around and managed to got the direction to the bus stop which takes us to Harbour Town. Time for shopping! YAY!

But something really pissed me off. We arrived at the bus stop, I forgotten which bus we wanted to take. Perhaps Bus 703 or something starts with 7. Whatever it is, you cannot believe how long we actually waited. An hour plus! For once, I really miss Iris, the SBS bus application. LOL! In the end, we decided to take a cab. And it is not easy to catch a taxi here. You have to go to the Taxi Stand if you want to take. And Taxi Stand is hard to find, I mean at that point where we were. We walked about 15 – 20 minutes to look for a Taxi. And then we gave up, I called for Taxi instead. Roar!! And while we were walking, we saw a few of that bus that we wanted to take. Yet we couldn’t, cause we were away from the bus stop already. Roar! Do you feel my frustration?

Luckily the taxi arrived in just less than 2 minutes. Phew! Oh. And I mentioned about the expensive taxi fare. I managed to take down this picture of the fare charge.
They do have their surcharge just like Singapore. Booking of a Taxi is so much cheaper than the per km charge. *annoyed* And this truly explained the amount that we have spent for these days. Remember: the amount is in Aussie. Convert to Singapore Dollar? *Faint*

Alright, it took us less than 20 minutes to reach and it cost 60-70AUD I think. *Faint* Okay, forget about all frustration. Put down all the feelings and time to eat and shop! As for our lunch, we managed to find a Chinese Restaurant that serves good food! Food like Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodles, Penang Laska and etc. *Drool* Yes, these were enough for us to drool after so many days of western food. We can literally die if they serve us French Fries. Our meals are around 40AUD. The cheapest meals we have eaten. HAHA!

Anyway, Harbour Town has more than 120 outlet stores that are on sale every day. For signature brand fashion outlets such as David Jones Warehouse, Nike, French Connection, Polo Ralph Lauren, Table Eight, cue, Oroton, Diesel, RM Williams, Simone Perele Lingerie, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Lisa Ho and Maggie T. As for the designer room, it is renowned for labels like Armani Jeans, Bazar by Christina Lacroix, Escade, DKNY, Valentino and Versace. And of course, there are many other branded outlets as well. As for the opening hours, it is from 9am to 530pm only. (They will start to close at around 5pm). Thursday till 7pm and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. We realized not only Harbour Town but most of the shops or shopping mall closes late on Thursday. No idea why too. Hmmm.

We spent around 2-3 hours here. And these were our buys.
Not that much to shop cause I am not into branded clothing actually. So there are very little/or even no kids stuff at all. Really had a hard time finding Aden’s spongebob which I promised him. Sigh.

Like I said, around 5pm, some of the shop will start to close. We left around 530pm and this time round, we took bus instead. And the public transport is expensive too. If I don’t remembered wrongly it is 15AUD per person. We would have took Taxi instead cause it seems like it was just a few dollars different.
Decided to have KFC for dinner
This meal cost us about 30-40AUD, making the history of the cheapest meal we have ever had compared to the lunch in Harbour Town. HAHA! The chicken meats are rather tender I would say. Just that the mashed potato is not my kind. Haha! And sad to say, there are no chili sauce at all! Australian doesn’t eat chili. And if you ask for chili, you will get that kind of weird eye contact from them. HAHA! And each package of chili cost 0.30AUD! Your eyes will literally widen when the counter sales told you this. 0.30AUD for a small packet. *FAINT*

After that, we went to the beach. It seems like we have not stepped into the beach at all. Haha! It was the wrong season, there weren't that much people surf throughout the days we were there.
We were really crazy. We took these pictures across the road, and we kept running up and down cause it was so hard to take a nice one. And it was very cold and misty too! Most of these series of photos were with Hody. Above are the “better” photos that we have took.

And we head back to hotel cause we ought to wake up real early. Like 3.30AM in Gold Coast and it is 2.30AM in Singapore! Cayse we are going to board the Hot Air Balloon and view the sunrise. EXCITED. Stay tuned for the next post. We labeled the day as the “LUXURY” day. LOL!

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