Christmas Celebration 2012

This year’s Christmas, I had an awesome celebration! Loads of celebration! *HAPPY* For friends, no matter which cliques, we still managed to fork out our time to celebrate together. For relative, it has been our yearly affair to celebrate together too!

Secondary School
Thank you, Jiayi for taking her time to make plans for the advance celebration. She has been the one who planned for this yearly affair even though she is busy with her study/work. I truly understand that it is not easy to be the organisor, but she always managed to make it happen. Too bad that we did not have any photos taken of that day. But I truly have fun meeting up with old school mates, getting to know what they are doing and reminiscing all the fun past time in Bendemeer. Time flies, we have graduated for 7 years already! Wow!

We had a mini celebration in our office among our departments (IT/Ecommerce/Marketing). Picture shall do all the talking :D
Preparing all the foods!

This juice was made by my colleague, Lily. It is an Indonesia famous kind of juice with passion fruits, pineapple, fresh oranges and a special syrup from Indonesia. It is super yummy!
 All the gifts!
 Time for gift exchange!

Thank you jumi for organizing even though he was not round on that day. And lastly, all the money sponsored for this event. Haha!

Polytechnic Clique
Met up with all of them at Bugis+ Sukiyaki for our dinner. Food at Sukiyaki was not bad even though the varieties are limited. My favourite will be the chicken cheese balls other than those meats (Chicken, Beef, Pork). Haha! As for the soup bases, there are a few to choose from. “Shabu Shabu”, “Sukiyaki”, “Kimchi Spicy Miso Soup”. However, I feel that “Shabu Shabu” taste so much better as “Sukiyaki” as "Sukiyaki" really taste like soya sauce soup to me. =.= Anyway, it was stated that there is a time limited. For 3 hours I think? Forgotten if we exceeded the time limit or not as we did not chase out by them. Lol. For our bill, it was like $27 including of one drink that we ordered.

Location: Bugis + #04-14/15
Telephone: 68845778
$ per person: $27+

After that, we went to the roof top of Bugis+. It was my first time there, not knowing that there was such place at Bugis+ seriously. Haha! We settled down at one of the counter to do our gift exchange. It took us so long for us to get our gift as we always ended up with our own. There are 8 of us, yet we still able to get back our own. Yes, the percentage is so low! Lol.
The guys!

The girls! Yes, there are only two of us during our polytechnic life. Pathetic right?
I really have creative friends. The one I was holding was an envelope from Fedex. =.= Because one of my guy friends works there and he decided to use it to wrap. Next will be the one that Sherlene got! Lol. 10 items from Daiso! And not forgetting, the paper bag that was wrapped by Newspaper. Super innovative right. Lol. It was really a random night with them and also thank them for turning up for this mini Christmas Celebration. :D

The Clique
Even though it was not full attendance, but still appreciated that they have turned up. We used to gather at Boyfriend’s place during Christmas Eve for the past few years. Guess everyone was busy. It was so hard to meet. Some are busy with working; many are busy with their uni life. We went to Brewerkz at Riverside Point. The foods are okay. They are more well-known for the beer.
After so many rounds of gift exchanging, we finally got the gifts. And seems like everyone was so pleased with the gifts that they have exchanged. Lol. I think so? Anyway, Liangquan was the late-comer as he had to bring her girlfriend to see doctor and he joined us after our dinner.

After that, we went to play Monopoly Millionaire Deal. It took me awhile to understand the whole game. I am pretty sucks at these card games you see. We changed the rule to 2 millions instead cause it was so easy to hit 1 million. Haha! And in the end, I am the winner because they lowered to 1.5 million instead. It has to end the game lah, if not it will keep going on and on. Lol. It has been quite awhile since we last met, did not manage to head to Sam's place for poker as we got to wake up early the next day. Well, there's always next time =D

The Paternal Relative
Like I’ve mentioned, it has been a yearly affair for us to organize such gathering. Haha! This time round, we headed to my cousin, Candy’s place. It was potluck, all families cooked/bought one item for the gathering. All the yummy food made by all the mummys. *YUM YUM*

The presents below the Christmas tree is growing!

Same like last year, I was the in-charge for the games. For a start, it was children’s bingo game.

So stress to announce the results as all the kids’ eyes will be on me. Not only kids, their parents also started to shout too. Lol.

Here are the four lucky bingo-er! They were mad happy when they completed the bingo game. Lol.

After kid’s bingo game, it was time for Adult’s Bingo game, of course. I got Nathalie, Candy’s daughter to help to pick the number out. She was the stress one instead. Haha!

All the serious plus dulan face because after so long none of their number was being called. LOLOL! Everyone played this game, all the aunties and uncles too. They were more agitated than the juniors. Cos to them, it was like playing TOTO! Lol.

After so long, we finally got our winners out! Phew!

After that, it was charade for the kids. Initially my plan was to get the parent to be the one who act and the kids to be the one to guess. The group that got the most number of guesses correct within the time frame will be the winner. It was based on team. In the end, we changed. We got someone to be the one who act and he/she had a total of 15 questions. And whoever got the most number correct will be the winners.
For the first round, wally was the one who act out. She was trying her best though. Haha! Not sure if i set the question too easy or the kids are too clever or wally is too good at acting. They seems to get it right. Hmmm...

The kids literally went crazy and were so excited to answer. Haha!They are really smart I must say.

Winner team for the first round!

Family picture

After that, it was Adult’s Zhong Ji Mi Ma. They literally went crazy as well! My brother was the host. He kept forgot the number range. Lol. Our number range is from 1 – 999. It was so difficult to calculate the number range seriously. I truly understand. Especially when the stress of everyone looking at you, waiting for you to call out the number range. Lol.

Toward the end, it was time for gift exchange for the kids.
Aden was mad happy cause he received the biggest present of all. Haha!

Followed by the adult's gift exchange. My sister has to go around to distribute the numbers…
Everyone got their gift exchanged. Oh. That night was also a dog gathering too! There are 3 Shih Tzu (Should be ShihTzu) and 1 Toy poddle. Aden and Qien love Juju, that toy poddle so much! Haha! And that was the first time carrying dogs too.
Lastly, thank you Candy for hosting this year's Christmas Celebration! And for next year celebration, it will be at another Cousin’s place. It is like Olympic. After it ends, we will immediately ballot/volunteered the next gathering location for next Christmas. Haha! Most importantly, the elders and the kids have fun. =D

The Maternal Relative
It was a last minutes to go for my cousin’s Jennifer place for a simple catch up Christmas Gathering. She bought a 717 Durian Rainbow Christmas Cake and it is HEAVEN! Super yummy!
It was a simple catch up and of course, we do have the gift exchanging too! I am so lucky. I got two bottles of bird nest during gift exchange! Lol! Thank you, Jennifer for holding this simple gathering as well! =D

Cousins & Friends Clique.
On the Christmas Eve, we headed to my cousin, Lina's place for the last round of Christmas Gathering. She went all out to prepare a Christmas Feast for all of us. Atas Fine dinning.

A lot of efforts were put in for this dinner. Really thank her for the effort for it. While she prepared for the decoration and the food, her hubby cooked pasta for us.

The organizer has a lucky gift to give away that day. And the lucky one who picked it was Wally. Lol.
She was like cursing and swearing when she got that. Lol. See her pouting picture. In the end, she pasted that condom to her gift exchange. Free one condom box if anyone happened to take her gift. Lol.

Then, we began our gift exchange. Finally we have a great idea of gift exchange contribute by Ling. It goes like this…

First, we have to label all gifts that we have. (This is quite standard)

Second, all of us have to pick a number and the number will be your turn number. The one who took number 1 will be the most unluckily one because he/she can only pick one gift among the rest. And the one who took the last number is able to EITHER pick the last gift OR steal anyone’s gift which you want it. The main point of it is whoever chooses the gift must unwrapped it for the rest to see. Cool yah.
Okay. It goes like this.
There are 9 of us. Choon got number 1 and I am the lucky one who took the last number. Yay! Which mean I am able to steal other gift *EVIL LAUGH* Everyone got their desired gift and it is time for me to either steal or pick the last gift. The last gift happened to be Wally’s, the one with a box of condom sticking outside of the present. Haha! And actually Wally and I have an evil plan. She wanted Ling’s present (A Pillow from SeaHorse) and I wanted her present (A hairdryer). HAHA! So you should know what we did. I stole hers and she stole Ling’s. By right, she should be the one who took the last gift, but the last gift happened to be her own instead, so she is entitled to steal other’s too! Lol. End up, poor ling whose gift was stolen by Wally. Hehe!
Party started for Jackson. These are his birthday gift from us, JagerBomb

After that, we began all kinds of games. This is the super old school kind that we have played. Sabo-ing. Lol.
Have you played/seen this game before? Haha.
Follow by the drinking game…

After that, we literally went wild. Not really those drinking kind. I don’t know who actually started to side-betting of FOOD. In the end, we really went super ridiculous with betting of FOOD. Jackson is really the big winner! You cannot imagine how much he actually ate. Are you ready to hear? Okay.
He ate 1 cup noodles, 1 bowl of Maggie mee, 1 bowl of of meesua soup, more than 5 slices of ham, 3.5 apples, 1 orange, 1 slice of logcake and don’t know how many cups of beer and wine! As for my another cousin, Choon, he ate 3 slices of ham, 3 huge and thick pieces of meat and duck, 1 lemon and don’t know how many cups of beer and wine! This might be nothing, but looked! Before that, we really ate a lot during dinner. So, I can only say, we really have one big eater here. LOL.
 The bloated face of them. These pictures are taken towards the end. They are really “si bei ba liao” LOL! What a really crazy night!

Christmas Gift from Boyfriend!

And mine to him! 2-in-1 present. Double surprise! :D

Lastly, the kids! I went so boliao that I went to hide their present in the room and asked them to look for the present. HAHA!

I have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you are too *Winks*

With love

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