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I am back to my travel post. It was a random trip to Batam with my boyf in September 2012. We bought from travel deal and travel the week after. Haha!

Ferry to Batam. Yay! The last time we went batam is May. But we stayed at the nongsa area which is Turi Beach Resort. See the post here.

BEWARE. I am going to bombard our pictures here. All these were taken while we were in the ferry. We were bored. Haha!

These two are my favourite picture. Heh!

It was about 45minutes of ferry ride. This time round, we went for a tour instead because we never been to tour before, so we wanted to try. In the end, it turned up to be quite boring. I shall continue it later. We were fetched by the tour operator and started our tour...

Bombarding our pictures again. Haha!

First stop, we went to the Chocolate House. Apparently there are nothing much and we did not get anything. My favourite, Cadbury is not even available. Haha!

After that, we headed to the Vihara Duta Maitreya. It is the biggest temple in Batam.

We went for the traditional culture show. It really impressed me. I really have no idea why they do it and how they do it too.
Traditional dance...

His teeth are really strong. He uses his teeth to peel the skin of the coconut! Omg! After that, he ate fireball! FIRE BALL! I am so stunned.

And for this uncle, he actually ate glass! GLASS! *STUNNED*

After that, we went for our seafood lunch at Golden Prawn Batam. The lunch is really normal kind. I did not take the photo of the food, because we are sharing with the other 8 people that we don't know. Lol. Awkward Lunch.

Dry Market where my boyfriend opens it. Nah. Just kidding, that's his name over there. Lol

Miniature House

After that, we went for shopping at Batam City Square and had our dinner. We were so hungry because we did not have much during our lunch. The food in batam are really nice, I would say. Cheap and good :D

After that, we checked in to our hotel at Harmoni One. We literally went "Wow" when we reached.
Credit: Harmoni One Hotel

I have no idea why I did not take picture of the room. *Sigh* But anyway, this hotel is one of the hotel that I would want to stay if I am going there again. It is so grand. The room is pretty nice too. They do have shutterbus to bring you out to Nagoya Town, you may want to arrange with the reception too.

After settled down, we proceed to Nagoya Town for a late dinner and shop for grocery again. Lol. Guess you should know what I am there for? Yup. Hypermarket! Yay to cheap pads, shampoos, toothbrushes, instant noodles and many more!! Lol. I know I am really auntie but that is one of the reason we were there.

It was really a short trip to getaway from work. Haha. Coincidentally, 01 September was our 93th monthsary as well! Happy 93th my dearest. Hehe.

With love

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