Day 2: Gold Coast - Famous for fun (MovieWorld)

13 October 2012, second day in Gold Coast.
We headed to Movie World after our sumptuous breakfast in Mantra Legends. And because Movie World is nearer than Dreamworld, we decided to go by cab instead. From Mantra Legends to Movie World, it was about 15 minutes ride. Cab fare was around AUD$60 ($76.20). It was still expensive though. But looks like cabs in Gold Coast are like that, we have no choice too. We did not want to spend time on buses cause we afraid that time would be wasted.

Warner Bros. Movie World is a popular movie related theme park on the Gold Coast in Australia. There are lots of various movie-themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. You may also catch costumed character performers patrolling in the park! Continue to read about our exploring in Movie World!

Entering the Movie World now! During the month we went was Halloween Period. That was why the entrance was decorated with bloody props. We should have joined their Halloween; I guess it will be fun.

Batwing Spaceshot catches our attention once we entered the park. It is standing at 61metre (200fts). It was really a pity that we did not manage to catch this. You could really feel the excitement when you watch the riders experience such huge force and speed. It was stated that it is travelling at a speed of 64km per hour!! If you have taken Genting’s Space Shot (185ft), maybe you can try to challenge this. I’ve tried Genting’s Space Shot before. 15ft difference shouldn’t be that much lah hor. Lol.
Let’s explore Movieworld

Ice Age 4D Dawn of the Dinosaurs show. If you have watched the movie in 3D version, this is something that you might be looking forward to. Join Sid the Sloth that came across three abandoned eggs and see how he decides to raise them as his own. I really enjoyed the show. Make sure you are seated well or else the movement might hurt your neck or backbone. The 4D effects are so much more exciting than the 4D Mickey Philharmonic show in Disneyland

Continue to explore until we met Catwoman!

This moment really cracked me up. We were looking at these kids having their ride. I bet they were really excited.

And if you realize, the second last boy from the left side was covering his ears. Do you know why? It was because the girl on his left was screaming in high pitch. HAHA! Damn hilarious!

We caught Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian too!

Not sure why I did not see the mascot of Porky at all! Kinda sad. He is cute right!

Bugs bunny and his friends are having photo shoot with the kids!

Wow! This is damn cool right!

We decided to queue for Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. The queue was very long. We waited for about 45 minutes. And I am glad to say that it was a worth-waiting ride. If you find the Revenge of the Mummy Ride in Singapore Universal Studio is exciting. This ride is ten times as fun as the mummy ride. It was an indoor roller coaster as well. You definitely will get shocked because of the complete darkness, just like the mummy ride and the highest point of the ride is actually 17m. (Yes! That high.)

It is a four-seated carriage and so all of us went ahead for this ride together. Boyfriend and I sat at the front row while Yinjie and Hody sat at the one behind. Because Yinjie thought that it will be safer at the back row. (You will know why it is not. Haha!)

Okay. As for the ride began, we entered into a dark tunnel with lots of embellished effect, loud sound effects that would most probably scare the shit out of you. The ride went very fast. We were literally being thrown left and right real hard until we reached the end (Just like the mummy’s) and we thought it was the end of the ride. But we were wrong. Suddenly the carriage went up. An elevator is actually bringing us up! GOSH! We totally have no idea what is going on. We stayed there for 30 seconds and suddenly it dropped backwards. Haha! That was when Yinjie started to scream and closed to tear. Haha! It is around 7m tall. Then it continued to spin and drop the carriage. You cannot react as everything went too fast for us to know where we are. You might be able to see the tracks and when you looked down, woah! You will know you are quite far from the ground. Totally enjoyed this ride and definitely worth the wait. You have to play this when you are here!

After the ride, we continued to explore and headed towards Wild West Direction

Back to Main Street again.

Next, Street Show by Batman.

Took this while we are waiting for the arrival of Batman. Haha.

Finally the show has started.

Seriously I have no idea what is this street show about. They just fought until this villain came out.

After that, Batman finally came to rescue. His car was the worth-seeing one. Haha! He drove in his car…slowly when he is actually needed to rescue them? Hmm. Alright.

And their fighting with Batman began. You will hear all the “Woah!” “Bish! “Woah!” “Bish!” sound effect. Haha! It looked really dumb. But I guess the kids really enjoyed themselves. It is like seeing their Idol doing his real fight!

After finished all the fights, he went back to his car and departed cool-ly. Lol. Totally a meaningless show. Haha.

Time for lunch! The queue was really bad. All the crews are all very beautiful but have no idea why they are so racist towards Chinese. They looked very frustrated when we were doing our orders. We speak English and ordered our meals nicely. I am really puzzled they way they reacted towards us. =\

After lunch, we caught Marilyn Monroe!

Continue to explore Movieworld and looking for rides to play. Haha.
Superman Escape. Initially we wanted to go for this ride and we saved it for the last ride to play. Who knows! The ride was closed after we rushed there. Sigh! Super wasted.

Green Lantern Coaster. Poor Yinjie was so reluctantly to go for this ride. Haha!. Poor girl.

HAHA! She was doing that while waiting for the ride. She was totally shocked whenever the ride started and all the screaming she received. But still, we insisted her to play. HAHA! Damn bad.

HAHA! What a sad backview of her. Lol.

Group photo while we were waiting for the ride!

The ride is so exciting. I think the most exciting part is the first drop that we experienced. It dropped with an angel of 120.5 degree! What a super steep drop that almost kill us! HAHA! And congrats Yinjie for overcoming Green Lantern Coaster! You are one level up! Haha!

After that, we rushed for the All Star Parade. We bought Ice cream while waiting for the parade. Haha!

The parade started at 1530pm.
The parade was a disappointing one, I would say. It was a very short parade. If I am not wrong, it is like 20 minutes only? Totally not worth the wait. Perhaps I had compared with the Disneyland’s parade? Not sure. Just disappointed with the parade. They should have made it twice a day instead of just one session. Hmm.

Arkham Asylum. We waited for damn long for this ride. The queue was terrible.

Yinjie left us for this ride. HAHA! So three of us went for this ride instead. It was themed to the Lethal Weapon – the ride and was renamed to Arkham Asylum – Shock Therapy. This ride is a feet-dangling-ride. The highest that the train goes is about 33.3m! And the scariest is the 270 degree turn to the right that hurt boyfriend’s arm! The power is so strong that you cannot control yourself. You are being thrown left, right, front and back. Haha! And the funniest thing is there was a “female ghost” sitting beside me.

I referred to my boyfriend. -_____________-
He was so funny. He really made me screamed while laughing out loud literally. He was not screaming of course, or I rather he screamed instead. Guess what he did? As the ride went faster and faster, he started to “woooooooooo… wooooooooo….”!!! Omg! That is really killing me. HAHAHAHA! I was like Why is there a female ghost sitting beside me! HAHA!

After that, we realized that we have no time for Superman Escape, we decided to head for shopping instead. Haha! We totally shopped like mad. We went in and out of the souvenir shops. I did not buy much cause there are nothing much really impressed me. I only got a tweety bird waterbottle for Qien. AND!!! I made a mistake! I always thought that spongebob is in Movieworld and I even told Aden that I am going to where spongebob is! AHHH! And I couldn’t find spongebob gift at Movieworld at all! Gosh! They are at Seaworld! I am so panic cause I have agreed and promised. =( Super upset!

After that, we left for Movieworld. They already chasing us out because they have to prepare for Halloween. We boarded the bus back and it cost us about 10AUD ($12.70) each person if I am not wrong for just a 20 minutes ride back! Terrible.

Our dinner at one of the restaurant at Surfer Pardise.
It cost us around 50AUD ($63.50) for a meal like this.

After dinner, we proceed for some shopping and Woolworth-ing (HAHA!) before we ended our day.
Guess what I have for supper?
Boyfriend cooked Campbell soup for me. Cause I am craving for soup so badly! Having a bowl of soup in a cold weather. Double Shiok! ;)

Something really funny happened between the two of us. I have no idea what exactly happened but I washed away his contact lens away and put mine in his contact lens box. HAHA! Our contact lens boxes are totally different. Different in size and even colour. I really have no idea what am I thinking at that time that caused me to wash away his. And I still got a shocked when I went to brush my teeth, cause I realised that my lens were not in my contact lens box at all. Cause my contact lens box is those transparent kind. HAHA! Totally got a shocked. But thank god, he did not blame me for that. He kept asking me what exactly I am day dreaming. Lol. Sorry love! So for the rest of the days, he will be wearing specs =P

Check out our Tangalooma Island Tour! This is the first time I have in touch with Wild Dolphins! Yay!!

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