Day 1: Gold Coast - Famous for fun (Dreamworld)

Finally it is GOLD COAST time! Phew! We waited for almost 7 months for this date to arrive. Yay! Initially only boyfriend and I are going for this trip. Then my friends, Hody and Yinjie (ex-colleagues) got so tempted and joined us along. To be frank, I got a dirt cheap airfare from Flyscoot. Yes. Scoot again. How cheap? I got it at only $360nett! Okay. I heard screaming. Yup. I screamed when I managed to get this cheap too! Haha!

Let’s follow me to the journey to Gold Coast. The month that we went was actually spring. We really had a hard time doing our packing. Cause we have no idea what kind of clothing we should bring. Hmmm.

We took the midnight flight on the 12 October. Therefore we reached airport on 11 October evening for check-in. Some of us actually work in the day, but for me, I am leave on that day to settle some stuff.

Taking pictures while waiting for the two slow pok to arrive. Haha!

Initially I am so scared that the plane will delay cause there were few cases that delayed due to some technical problems. As for us, we did have delays too, but less than 20 minutes. Not really mind as long as there are no technical faults during our flight! Haha.

While waiting to board the plane!

Everything went pretty good while we were flying to Gold Coast. Boyfriend and I slept all the way. It was around 7 hours of flights. Initially we mistaken that it was a 9 hours flight. Due to the two hours of time difference you see. Haha! Not sure if I really sleep but I forced myself to sleep. Cause it will be a long day ahead.

Reaching Gold Coast soon.
Indeed beautiful. I keep nudging my boyfriend to see this beautiful scenery!

We reached Gold Coast at 0750am which is 0550am in Singapore. Phew! We were sleepy yet excited.

We were so stoned when we were waiting for our airport transfer. Cause it was still super early in Singapore. Need to adjust ourselves to the timing though it is just two hours earlier. Haha!

Look at our airport transfer. So cute right!

That’s us on the airport transfer. Literally went energetic while viewing the scenery on the van. It was really beautiful! Specially the sky! I will never ever forget the beautiful sky! :D

We stayed at Mantra Legends which is near Surfer Paradise. It is a fantastic location I would say. That is our room! I am so happy that there is an electric cooker. Hahaha.

After we have settled down in our hotel rooms, we proceed to Dreamworld. That was our first destination. We took a cab there cause we did not want to waste any time as it was already 10am plus. And it cost us almost 80AUD ($102+) for less than 30 minutes journey! We were totally shocked. If you think we got cheated, no, we did not get cheated. All the cabs run by meters. Just that the meters jump at the same speed as our heart beats. I am serious. When the cab made an U-turn for less than 10 seconds, it already cost us a few dollars. Not kidding.

Even though it was spring going to be summer. It was so freaking cold. The weather was around 15-16 degree with pretty strong wind at that time. Can you imagine? Don't you think is cold? We really looked dumb. Because we wore thick jackets or coat and those aussie young adults or those caucasian tourists were just wearing shorts, t-shirts or even sleeveless shirts! I don’t know if we look dumb or they are, because they are actually shivering. You can even see their goose bumps. Wells.

Anyway, Dreamworld is really a nice place. It is the largest theme park in Gold Coast. It is a MUST come if you were in Gold Coast. Thrilling rides, exciting shows and even get to experience with the animals such as tigers, koala bears, kangaroos and etc. Yeap. Koala Bear. That is one of the reason why I am there too! I like koala bear so much! HEHE!

We had our first meal before we set off for the rides! Woohoo! The meal cost from $13.50AUD onwards. Food are expensive over there.
After a fulfilling brunch, we set off for the exploring Dreamworld. Though it was very sunny, it was very cold and windy. Brrrrrrrr. I thank god that I brought my thick jacket along. Haha!

HAHA! I am standing a distance away from Fiona because there is a huge moth at Fiona's Shrek. "Di Gor Pek" moth. Lol.

Managed to catch white tiger in a very near distance too!

Wiggles World - The Kids Paradise.

Very cute toilet signboard. (I realized it is the same as Legoland too!)

Kangaroos are really hopping every where! I am so afraid that some people might step onto their tails! There was one kid accidentally stepped on its tail and it jumped up! I totally got a shocked! So afraid that they might attack us though they are gentle mammals. You can see that I don't dare to go nearer. I did touch them, but I am really afraid that they might stunned me.

It happened that the Australian Sheep Shearing Show had started. So we decided to go for the show.

Haha! Boyfriend was chosen to help out for the show. It was more like a make fun of him instead. Haha! And he seems to enjoy it. He looked so hyper. Haha!
Boyfriend is so cute. He thought that the person really managed to whip the leave stalk out from his mouth. Cause he was blind-folded, you see. But actually it was another staff who pulled out instead. Lol.

And so the sheep shearing went go. The way he grabbed the sheep was kind of turn-off. He is so rough towards them. Yinjie couldn’t stop “E-ing” all the way. Haha! Because it really looked cruel to us.
I am just being random. I wonder if the sheep feel cold. And sheep without fur really look weird! Hmm.

Finally I got the chance to close up with Koala Bears! I have been talking about this till both Hody and Yinjie got so irritated by it. Haha! You can’t imagine the happiness in me! I FINALLY HAD THIS CHANCE TO CARRY THEM! I am bloody hell excited. Lol!
Don’t you think they look extremely cute? Gosh! They are so gentle and timid like a real baby. Awww.

We hurried and went for the photo taking. Apparently there is no queue at all. No idea why. Perhaps Australians are tired of seeing them? Haha!
Yinjie and Hody went for their photo taking first. Yinjie was the one that carried the Koala Bear. They only allow one person to carry them. =(
Boyfriend lets me to carry the Koala Bear. Gosh! It is heavy! I can really feel it’s’ heartbeat. It really looks like a baby. Haha!

The funniest thing happened. Yinjie helped me to take photo using my Iphone. Then she went crazy, talking to the koala bear and letting the koala bear to see its own photo which is in my Iphone. Guess what? The koala bear really looks at it and even attempted to touch it. Wow! We were so amazed and laughed together with the staffs.

Awww. I finally got to hold koala bear in my arms. *Cried*

Anyway, there are lots of photo taking packages. The package that we took consists of one 8R and four 2R photos (Not sure if that call 2R). I could not really recalled how much we spent for this package, but was around 30AUD.

I am totally satisfied that I took a picture with Koala Bear. Boyfriend and I had actually decided that we will use koala bear to put on our wedding car. Just nice when we were at this souvenir shop, we actually saw this wedding couple koala bear. And to my surprise, boyfriend got it for future use. Yay! Thank you, love!

After that, we went around to explore more and queued for the rides.
The crocodile is really huge!!

This is pretty innovative. For those who dislike getting wet, this is really good for you. You can simply dry yourself. Just like micro oven uh? Lol. 

Lots of people were telling me to try this giant drop. It is really pity that it is close due to the bad weather. The windy is pretty strong, you see. Wasted.

Hody and I decided to go for this buzz saw ride. The queue is really crazy. Yinjie and my boyfriend decided to forgo and waited for us instead.
That’s me and hody after our buzz saw ride. This ride is really a crazy shit. You really have to try this. We literally screamed our lungs. You could really feel your heart is falling out anytime. Those heart-dropping feeling really sucks, but at the same time, it is so exciting! Haha!

That’s me doing crazy things that I don’t even understand why I will do it. =\
And lastly, our group picture before we depart Dreamworld.

The theme park closes at 5pm (It is kinda early uh?). Because the sun starts to set and it look like almost 7pm when it is only 5pm. Apparently we took the cab back even we knew that it is going to be expensive. Haha! Cause we are still unfamiliar with the surrounding, you see. Haha! Luckily, there were these two Japanese girls that stayed around our area. The aussie driver suggested that we can actually share the cab together. Of course we were happy. We thought the cab fare might lower down. Guess what? It turned out to be 80AUD as well! Because we were so stuck in the traffic! Sigh! Now I know why people will do a self drive in Australia. Their public transport is so expensive!!

And oh! We have a tough time communicate with the two japanese girls! They don't speak English at all. I really wonder how they are going to talk to the locals. Even the driver had a hard time getting to know where they stay...

After settled down in the hotel, we met our travel agents. One of them brought us out to have dinner at one of the Chinese restaurant. We already started to miss Chinese food seriously. Surprisingly the foods were really good! We were too tired and hungry that we did not take any pictures at all. One of the travel agents, Sharon is really a nice lady. She taught us tips in Gold Coast, shopping tips and etc. Guide us the way to wherever we want to go during our stay in Gold Coast.

After a satisfied dinner, we proceed to do some supermarket shopping as most of the shop had already closed. Oh. The shopping centre here closes very early. 5pm – 6pm, they will start to close. As for the supermarket, they close at 10pm. We went to the Woolworths. It is so hard to pronounce. You don’t believe. You try saying Woolworths ten times. It will end up “woof-woof” instead. Lol. We brought lots of snacks and drinks. Haha.

Stay tuned for the Day 2. The post is going to be super long if I were to post them together here. So i decided to do a separate one.  I am heading to Movieworld on the Day 2. Check out the awesome rides that we’ve played.

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