8th Years Anniversary!

Before I blogged anything, I will forward everything to 01 December 2012 instead. Haha! I have loads of unpublished posts that I’ve not published. FML.

01 December 2012 is a special day for both of us (My Boyfriend and I). It is our 8th years of anniversary!!  Normally, I will prepare to receive “shock-ness” from people when they asked how long have I been with my boyfriend. Replied that I will get will be “WHAT?! YOU SERIOUS!? DID I HEAR WRONGLY!?” You know. Those kind. Haha.

Though it is a special day, we still spent it quite normal. Haha! We headed for a good meal at Rendezvous Hotel, Straits Café. It was indeed a good meal.

We received good service from the staffs. They are friendly and efficient. I am pretty impressed. It was a buffet dinner by the way. Luckily I managed to take some pictures as we were quite busy eating. Haha!

The normal prawn that is in the laska VS the huge BBQ prawn.
I am really a prawn lover. But I still went ahead to try their prawns. Their prawns are pretty fresh. As for the huge bbq prawns, the meat is fresh too. But maybe because it is bbq-ed, you actually can taste the “chao ta” smell on the shell when you had them. And I don’t really like the taste of it.

This silly boy of mine decided to help me to peel of the shell. By the way, he is allergic to seafood so he had never touched prawns, crabs and etc before. And of course, he had never peeled the prawn shell before. He couldn’t eat them and why will he peel the prawn shell right? He is funny. He said he wanted to train to peel the prawn shell. So he went to take a few of them to peel. If you realized, he used ten fingers to peel the prawn shell. And I only used 4 fingers... HAHA! Ended up, he asked me not to eat the prawns that he has peeled. Because he finds it disgusting. HAHAHA! Crazy fellow.

What I really love:
Snow Crab Legs, Samba Stingray, Nonya Laska, Teh Tarik and all the durian desserts.

I can’t remember how many snow crab legs that I have. They are very fresh. The meats are very succulent and sweet. You can actually get to taste the sweetness in the meat. Thumb up x 3

 I was munching my snow crab legs happily and this silly boy of mine happily took over the crab claw cutter and decided to do it for me. I asked him to try instead cause the meat is really sweet and juicy. I couldn’t help but to ask him to try knowing that he is allergic. HAHA! He seems to be okay with snow crab. Because previously I got the Hokkaido crab back from Hokkaido, he tried and it is fine too. What a high class allergic. Only fine with snow crab. Lol.

Samba Chili Stingray.
The stingray is alright, the samba sauce is something you couldn't resist. The sauce is not very spicy. It comes with bits of sweetness and spiciness. Somehow or rather, in between of sweet and spicy. It makes us having more than 3 servings. Haha! Thumb up x 4

Traditional Nonya Laska.
This is the award winning Nonya Laska. The laska soup is very sweet. Not spicy at all. And we have two bowls of that. Hehe! You must try this too! Thumb up x 3

Teh Tarik.
Pretty impressed with their Teh Tarik too. I did not dare to have them that much cause I very sensitive with caffeine. I might ended up counting sheep in the middle of the night. Hehe! Thumb up x 2

Next, the dessertssssssssssssssssssssss!
Boyfriend tried the rest of the desserts and asked me to ignore the rest of the dessert and go straight to the durian dessert department. HAHA! And I listened to him...

These are the durian "department". *Drool* (Sorry for the blur-ed images. I am taking this while taking the dessert and there is a queue behind me. Kind of Kanchiong. HAHA!)

These are the second serving by the way.
The durian desserts come with different kind. Durian Crepes, Durian Puffs, Durian Cakes, Durian Pengat. And I can tell you, Durian Pengat is the best! It is just like eating Durian itself! I am drooling while thinking of the durian pengat. Seriously, I have no idea how many mini cups I have. It is just so tempting. Thumb up x 5

We totally enjoyed the dinner. Though my boyfriend cannot take seafood, he still enjoys the dinner too. Actually we did not touch much on the seafood too. Haha! But it is still worth the price.

If you are interested, it is $55++ for weekends. And there is a 20% discount if you are paying via Credit/Debit Cards. So it is kinda of worth it? As for weekdays, I am not so sure about the pricing. You may have to call them instead.

After that, we walked all the way to Clarke Quay cause we were damn FULL! We did not manage to find a place for chilling cause we were still so full! Haha! We ended up walking around Clarke Quay area and then headed home. Too full for just a glass or something.
Our crazy pictures.
Here are the mugs that I designed for him. I made 7 mugs for him on 2010. And for this time round, I made him another 2 mugs (2011 and 2012) too.

He took back and arranged them back to his shelf. Tadah, it has become his collection now! Guess what he said? He said that next time when our flat came, we don't have to buy mugs anymore cause these should be enough. Thanks! But not funny. *ROLL EYES*

Happy 8th years anniversary my love.
Words cannot express my feeling towards you.
Thank you.
Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for teaching me to love.
Thank you for being part of my life.
Thank you for accepting who I really am.
Thank you for being there for these 8 years.
Thank you for the wonderful sweet memories.
Thank you for letting me being part of your life.
Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of love.
Thank you for the tolerance, patient & loves towards me.
Thank you for being that perfect guy that is only perfect for me.
Thank you for everything you have given me so far. I know I am found someone who will be there to watch every sunrise with me till the sunset of my life. I know you will be right by my side through thick and thin. I thank you for everything. I thank you for existing.

With love

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