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Time flies. It is already October now. And I am still blogging about June stuff. Haha. Recently I am quite busy with work. I just quitted not long and I am now still copping with the new job and new environment. Haha. I shall update about work stuff soon. Alright, I am now going to blog about my last trip with my previous company. Here I am flying to Taiwan again (Will be flying to Taiwan next February with love :D). It was so coincident that I am taking the same flight with another colleague of mine. It was a morning flight, yay! Cause midnight flight can kill me :(

Because I have two different group, one is fly via Singapore Airline and another one is fly via China Airline. We stopped at the nearby shopping centre, Tai Mao Shopping Mall while waiting for another group. Have no idea why I always wanted to get yakult when I’m overseas. Probably because my constipation will get worst whenever I’m oversea? Haha.
Tai Mao Shopping Mall is really a paradise for the kids. There are lots of kids activities, mini sport games, DIY activities and etc...

Xi Men Ting
Here is the most of the youngsters’ favourite place, so am I. Haha. I didn’t managed to shop as I went straight to
三兄妹 with my guide, Maggie. If you know where it is and what it is. It is one of my must-stopped-place in Xi Men Ting.

Haha! Oh yah. Something embarrassing thing happened. While our group was walking, we passed by an autographed session by Yoga Lin (You should know who he is). He was promoting his own album. Just when we walked past, he actually saw us and asked where is the tour guide. Then the Emcee started to promote his album as one of the “local product” and must-buy-item when we are in Taiwan. Then Yoga Lin started to wave at us, hope that we can stopped and etc. However, my guide actually heard him but still walked away with the group. Haha. Imagine everyone is looking at him when he is trying to call for us yet we still walked away. Haha! He must be feeling damn awkward at that moment. Cause I, myself, also felt awkward. Lol

Jin Yong Quan Spa Hotspring Resort
We stayed here for one night.
My guide was telling me to be mentally prepared for the bed cause it will be so small.
Don’t you think it is very small? Then she told me that her friend fell down while sleeping because of the bed. Lol. In the end, I don’t dare to turn much.


If you have not see the Queen’s Head Rock, please take this opportunity to do. As there is a possibility that the Queen’s Head Rock will drop soon as her "neck" is getting thinner and thinner over the years. I won't really want to come here again unless I have the opportunity to bring my mum here. And this is the place that I will not want to come here for wedding photoshoot. #Random Hahaha.

Five cent drifthouse Restaurant
This is a really special restaurant. The surrounding looks really beautiful and unique. The food are delicious too!

Taipei 101
It is another place for us to rest. We had some drinks at one of the cafe while waiting for the time to pass. See this little girl that is in my group. She is so adorable and she always wants to hold my flag for no reason. Haha. I think she feels that it is quite fun holding on to the flag. She looked shy initially and did not dare to approach me for flag. Hehe. Oh. Her name is Alecia and she is two years old.

Muachee DIY session
It is the time for the group members to interact with one another. All the fun-filling moments. I always feel very happy when I see them enjoying among their families or as a whole group. Oh. The muamee is really soft and nice.

Feng Jia Night Market.
AH! This is one of my favourite night market! Hehe! However, I am quite amazed that I did not buy as much as I think. There are like some kind of restriction in me. Perhaps because I am heading to Bangkok soon? But I enjoyed buying for others instead. Haha.

Back to hotel! Today we will be staying at Taichung Fuhua Hotel. Actually it was Alecia's 2nd years old birthday. Maggie and I initially booked a cake for her, but due to some misunderstanding the cake did not send to us at all. We rushed to the nearby bakery to buy instead. Little Alecia was so happy when we sang birthday song for her. She even hugged us for buying a cake. So adorable!

After that, I went to the nearest 7-11 to get some supper. Alright, at first I thought it was quite near but end up quite far. Not that far actually. Just that the road is kinda dark, look alike alley. I am kinda of scared lah. Plus it was drizzling at that time. Again, Facetime with my love before heading to bed.

It was my THIRD DAY in Taiwan. Good Morning from Taichung.

Not really a smooth trip because of the bad weather. Headed to Kaohsiung. We made a stop at Glass Gallery. A place where you can see lots of glass art and the making of glass as well! Maggie and I went for the Glass Maze. Haha. She is really funny. She is more exciting than I am even though she went for so many times.

After that, we headed to Lugang Old Street. I like the shop houses there. Very old-style building kind (Internal and Exterior). So nostalgia.

Maggie brought me to eat. We really eat throughout in Lugang Old Street. And I really like the 竹笋 soup or something. It is real cheap! Like TW20 or something?(The one on the right image)

After that, we went to have KOI! Look how cheap it is as compared to Singapore! *No eyes see*

After that we went to Salt Farm. Then the weather went horrible. It started to drizzle with strong wind. The wind was so strong that my umbrella went hay-wired! It cannot withstand the wind at all! Haha. In the end, most of us went straight to the coach instead.

Leo Ho Night Market is our last stop for the day. The drizzling did not stop at all :( It is time for FOOD again! Haha! Maggie brought me to eat again. Hahaha.
That is the place I had my dinner. Do you dare to eat in environment like this where the water keep dripping and dripping? Haha.

It was my FOURTH DAY in Taiwan. Thank god. The weather was slightly better on that day as we went to Eda Theme Park. It was the day where the kids are looking forward. Actually I am quite disappointed with the theme park because it is so small! I think the size of USS or even smaller. Haha.
This is so cute right? But I tried a few attempt to catch it but failed :(
I am so bored till I went to sit on Pirate ship alone! Forever alone~ Lol. After my ride, it started to drizzle again. Sigh!

Present to you, MY UMBRELLA! Look how the strong wind destroyed my umbrella. In the end, I have to discard it away at Eda Themepark.

Fo Guang Shan
We had lunch first before we heading up to climb the "hill" #ifyouknowwhatImean. I really had the most pathetic experience ever. It was damn freaking hot and humid when we got there.

After that above image, everything changed. It started to pour like shit. Damn freaking heavy that I am totally drenched from top to bottom. Not just me, but everyone! Thank god, my driver lent me his umbrella if not I will be even worst. Though there is no shelter for like 15 minutes, but it really seems like forever to us. Phew! It was really relieve to board the bus. Luckily, it was around 3 or 4 journey to our next destination. I have the time to dry myself from head to toe.
Zipai in the bus. Lol!

These are the pictures that I have taken when I am in the bus. Look at the atrocious weather condition outside of the bus. I only can pray that I can end this trip safely :(

We stopped at one of the stop for toilet break. My driver got me this. Did I mention he is a nice uncle? Yah. He is one of the best drivers that I ever got. Haha!  It looks yummy uh? *Drools*

We checked in rather early because we have night activities at Master Bear Resort.
Haha! I had a terrible night here. Shall explain later. Three of us, Maggie, Driver and I ended up sleeping in caravan because all the rooms were fully booked. This is my first time sleeping in a caravan, bad experience but at least an experience. It look cool right, but it really don’t seem so. Haha!
Here is the inside's of caravan.
This is really interesting. I was wondering where did the water actually go cause there is no drainage at all. Then I realised after you have washed your hand or brushed your teeth, the water will still remained in the basin. All you have to do is to lift up the basin and the water will flow to the drainage behind. (Look at the second picture) Innovative uh? Okay. I am a bit mountain turtle. This is my first time encounter with this. Haha!

After that, we headed out for the night activities. Firstly, we got our 天灯 decorated. Everyone was so excited and focused on their “drawings”

The organizers are really good at getting “high” with the passengers. The atmosphere is pretty good. Everyone is so anticipated in it. They joined in the fun, danced and sang along. Haha. Everyone were so enthusiastic with the activities. Haha!

Finally, it is time for letting go of 天灯. Everyone waited for this moment. Surprisingly ours was the most successful and furthest lantern. So proud of it! Wooohooo~

Followed by fireworks. It was really a great night. Thank you, Master Bear Resort! :D

Like I have mentioned previously, it was a horrible night for me. What exactly had happened? I was alone sleeping in a caravan of course. Finally, I have unpacked everything, bathed, chatted with love and prepared to sleep. Alright, just when I laid on the bed, I saw a HUGE lizard. Seriously, I hate lizard moreover it was such a HUGE one. It was just right in front of me. It hid behind the television (Look how near the television is to me)
The above image was taken when I am lying down on my bed, look how close it is. Okay. I calmed myself down and told myself it will go away. And yes, finally it came out. I GOT SO PANIC that I almost jumped out of my bed. And I guessed the lizard had a shocked or something. IT FELL ONTO MY BED! F! After it fell down, it just GONE MISSING! F! MISSING! Damn, how do you want me to sleep? I tried to flip the bed to make sure that the lizard was not around me. But yet, I could not find it at all. I wanted the lizard "climbed out" and gone for good. But I could not find at all. I feel so frustrated. My whole night become so paranoid. I even called my boyfriend and I even started to cry. This is stupid, we were miles apart. But I don't want to feel stupid crying alone in the caravan. I need to talk at that time to calm myself down. This is insane I know, but I am so paranoid. I wanted to sleep badly, I am really tired after such a long day, yet… I did not have a wink, maybe yes, but less than 2 hours? I woke up immediately after I knew that I have dozed off. Lol. This is torturing. Then I will hit hard on the bed just in case the lizard was around me you see. Stupid idea I know. Haha! The whole night I was doing that. I almost went crazy. Sigh!

Finally, I have survived that night. It was my FIFTH DAY in Taiwan. I woke up before the alarm rang. Haha. Luckily I managed to catch some sleep on the bus. I told Maggie about the incident, she was laughing at me. Haha. But I believe some of us are afraid of lizard. Right? Anyway, we headed over to Hualian. Stopped at Rei Suei Leisure Farm.

Good Morning From Hualian. It is a beautiful place :D
It is Alecia again. She is really adorable. She speaks like an adult seriously. Lol. Look alike Japanese kid. Haha! I was telling boyfriend that perhaps I can introduce her to Aden. Haha!

After that, we headed to Taroko National Park. Luckily we were able to enter as it was said that the road was blocked due to the weather.

Checked in to Hualian Parkview Hotel. I even Facetime with Aden and introduce Alecia to him. Alecia kept asking who is him. Haha!
Our Zipai. Haha!
Have a chat with her parents while having dinner. Her mom was telling that she was so happy the day when we bought her a birthday cake. Kept singing and dancing in the hotel room. So cute! Her mom even showed me the video. In the video, she was saying that she was very happy cause pretty jiejie (SHY! She called me that actually) and Maggie Auntie bought her a cake. So cute lah! Then we were also talking how fortunate we were as we did not meet any earthquake like the other groups. I think we should not have said it at all. Haha. You should know what I meant.

On that night itself, there was an almost 8 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the night. I was sleeping in the same room as Maggie. The shook totally woke me up. It last for 20 seconds or so. I got so panic and I called for Maggie who was sleeping soundly. She woke up from her sleep when I told her there was an earthquake. Her replied was “OH! Earthquake? Really?” and she totally went back to sleep. I was rather puzzled and headed to sleep as well. According to the news, there were actually more than 10 earthquakes on that night. Luckily, the major one woke me up if not I am going to have another sleepless night. Haha!

The next morning, SIXTH DAY in Taiwan. Good Morning from Hualian!
Maggie woke up and watched the news. She exclaimed “THERE WERE SO MANY EARTHQUAKES YESTERDAY! OH! I DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT!” I totally 傻眼. I told her that I actually woke her up and she actually did talk and reply me. Apparently, she did not know at all. Hahaha! She is really damn funny. She is 花莲人 so to her earthquake is really nothing to her cause she experienced it all the time. I think they got used to it. Lol.

Trained to Yilan.

Happiness 20 Farm
You know what I really love this place! It will be great if I can have my wedding photoshoot here. Hehe. I love themed cafe specially something like that.
A lovely place. 我们一定要幸福哦! Haha. That's their slogan! :D

Toucheng Leisure Farm
After that, we headed for "Trekking". Again, it started to drizzle :(
DIY T-shirt. The kids have enjoyed a lot! Everyone were so proud of the t-shirts that they have designed. Thumb up!
Time for BBQ

And lastly, 天灯 again! This time round, we learnt how to make 天灯 itself. Followed by adding some designs to our 天灯.
I did a live report back home using Facetime. Showing them the process of letting go of 天灯. Haha! And that's why there is no pictures on that. It was actually still drizzling but we still managed to let it off. Phew!

My SEVENTH DAY in Taiwan. Back to Taipei.
My favourite! 卤肉饭!*DROOLS*
I always love to get clogs from chiufen for the kids. I always came this particular shop to buy. They are so cute! :D
Got one for Qien, my girlfriend's daughter, Giselle and my cousin's daughter, Chloe. They look lovely right! :D

Shihlin Night Market
Here has changed a lot! What I really dislike is the underground food court. It is SO crowded and smokey! Maggie and I decided to go to another side for dinner instead. FOOD AGAIN ^.^

Back to hotel. Checked into Grand Victoria Hotel. It is more like a 5 stars international hotel to me. It is really a lovely hotel.

 Good Morning! Breakfast in Grand Victoria. It was my last day in Taiwan.
After breakfast, all of us gathered in the lobby. Finally, it is time to say Goodbye! Remembered that I have mentioned that I have two different groups? Another group actually came down to bid us goodbye though they were taking a later flight. Awww. So sweet of them!

Lastly, we had lots of photo taking.

Before boarding, we even had another group of photograph sessions.

Thank you everyone and it was really my pleasure to have you in my group. It was my last tour leading with this company. However, I still did not know that it will be my last tour leading that time, but I did kinda expect though. Haha. Hmm, I always feel kinda upset on the last day. Cause we were together for the past 8 days, and it was only the ast few days when ALL of us have become friends. Kids have found their playing partners and adults have made friends. After that, we still have to say goodbye. Not sure if they still keep in contact. But well, I hope everyone had enjoyed this trip though it was drizzling for the past 8 days. Haha! Take care :)

With love
(Will really try to blog more often. Haha!)

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