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It is going to be another travel post. Hehe! Headed to Thailand, Bangkok on July 2012. There are 6 of us travelling together. My two cousins (Lina and Wally), my sis, brother-in-law, my boyfriend and I. We spent 4 days 3 Nights and it was really a crazy one. Crazy for shopping. Hehe

While waiting for boarding...

It was an evening flight. (The only time slot for flyscoot.) Scooting off to Bangkok, I am such a fan of Flyscoot (With them for my Gold Coast trip, Bangkok trip and coming to be Taiwan trip. Lol!) What I like about flyscoot is the seats. They are so spacious and needless to say comfortable. I enjoyed the flight a lot!

Initially we stayed in Metro Resort Pratunam. But it was a horrible one. So we decided to change our hotel after staying for a night. No doubt, the room is rather big and it is a BRAND NEW hotel. But seriously, it is lack of renovation. It was actually a shopping centre transformed into a hotel. You can see escalator of the shopping mall. Terrible. The advantage of the hotel will be the location itself. Yup. The location is good. It is located at 599 Soi Petchaburi13, Petchburi Road, Ratchathevee, and it is just 10 minutes walk from Platinum. Other than location, I seriously can't find any good point about this hotel.

I wouldn't say the rooms are clean, in fact they are not. Dead insects are lying all over the floor. Sigh. Worst still, mosquitoes are everywhere. Our rooms, 2 of out 3 were "filled" with mosquitoes. My room was the lucky one though. My sis and cousins are busying hitting the mosquitoes once they entered. We even resort to buying moquito coil to save our lives from getting bitten. I am not exaggerating. We were so upset with the rooms.

As for the breakfast, it ws a horrible too. We were having our breakfast next to the lobby and again, the lobby is "filled" with mosquitoes. You can't really eat in peace cause you will feel so irritated. The breakfast is very normal kind, don't expect too much. (Sorry! I did not have the picture of the rooms as I was totally horrified once I've entered. Lol! How do you expect me to take picture of it? Lol) Just one advice: bring insect repellent with you if you are heading there =D

Forget about the hotel that caused so much unpleasant to us. When it come to shopping, we tend to forget everything. Just shop. Hehe!

That morning, we headed to Four-Faced Buddha. It is located at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, at the Ratchaprasong intersection of Ratchadamri Road in Pathum Wan district, Bangkok, Thailand.
We got everything from the shop right infront of Four-Faced Buddha. However, we found it quite expensive. We spent nearly 800baht - 1000baht for each person. Not sure if we got scammed or what. But this is meant for god, if they really want to scam us, there is nothing we can do too. Right? That's my mindset lah. But the good thing is they did teach us how to pray :) There are lots of procedure when come to pray Four-Faced Buddha. Try to google on the method before you go alternatively you can ask the locals when you are getting the praying stuff. I better don't list the methods here just in case I got the wrong information =)

After that, we shopped at Pratunam Wholesales Market and Platinum Fashion Mall, bascially the whole of Pratunam area. (If I am not wrong, the shopping mall open at 10am.) It was really a crazy one. I was so tempted to get all back. Haha! Specially when they always tempt you with discounts like: 1 For $10, 2 For $12. WTS! How can you resist? Wally and I are really partners. We went into a shop, and if there is something that we want to get, we will ask each other "Anything you want to buy?" then state the amount out. Like "2 for $12". Then you will be "WTS! $6 only! okok. I find something to buy" LOL! That's how we shopped. And if my sister and Lina wanted to get together, WAH, even better cause they will reduce the price again! That's how we went crazy!

My sister iterally went ga-ga when she saw this - betty boop. That's her era. Lol.

These are what we have bought for just the first day of shopping. Lina even got herself an extra trolley because she bought too much that she was unable to carry them. Just threw everything she bought in the plastic bag trolley and that's it. Good idea uh!

That's us. Still in a want-to-sleep situtation. Lol

We headed to donate coffins. We always will donate coffins if any of our family members are heading there. So this is the first time that I actually went there personally to donate coffins. Anyway, the place that we went is Poh Tech Tung Foundation - it is a non-profit organisation.

What is donating coffin about?
Alright. Poh Tech Tung Foundation was founded in 1910, this charity organization has been established by Dr. Utain Techapaiboon for arranging funerals for unidentified corpses such as accident/illness victims or people who cannot afford.

Where is it located?
Poh Teck Tung is located at 326 Chao Kam Rop Road, Pomprabsatrupai Bangkok 10100 Thailand. Most of the locals will know where is this place.

How can it be done?
Donating of coffin is about 500baht each. At the counter, you will be given 2 slips of paper when you make the donation. The pink one will be the one that you will be sticking on the wooden empty coffin. (They will guide you where it is) The other white slip you will burn it at an altar where the deities are. (Some people choose to bring back. As for me, I burned it)

How long will it take to donate?
It is very fast and hassle. It will probably take you 10-15 minutes. Do some good deed by donating coffin if you are heading there :)

After that, we headed to MBK. If you are getting phone accessories/local products, perhaps you can consider to come here. There is nothing much to shop here compared to Pratunam. Haha.

But I got this lovely heels from MBK. It is about 700baht (SGD$30+). I really thought for VERY long before getting this. I feel that it is quite expensive. Cause I tend to think that I am in Bangkok, shouldn't it be cheaper? But then when I think otherwise, if this is bought in Singapore, I will find it very cheap! Well, haha! Mind-fucked.

Beside shopping, there is something that we all enjoyed too. It is EATING! Woohoo! And this is the first time my sister is eating the local foods. Lol. She did not dare to eat their local food, but with us, she has no choice. Lol. Luckily it left a good impression for her. Check out the very yummy food that we had.

We had Bird Nest and Shark Fin soup at Chinatown. my horror, My sis and I don't like the Bird Nest at all. It taste so weird and totally different from what my mum always cook. =\ End up, boyfriend drank it. I feel a bit disgusted by the taste and smell. =\ Lol. Shark Fin is nicer. But opps, we are not supposed to eat Shark Fin. *horrified*

Oh. Forgot to mention, after we checked out at Metro Resort Pratunam and changed to Pratunam Pavilion. Believe me, Pratunam Pavilion is 100x better than Metro Resort Pratunam. Though the location is kinda of messy? But we are alright with that cause we are in a group. If you are one person or two ladies, perhaps you might want to think twice? The room is not that big as Metro Resort Pratunam but we are completely fine with that. Haha! Their service is good and it comes with WIFI as well! Wee!

Best of all, there is a tuktuk that can drive you out if you want. Great!

Last night in Bangkok! Facetime with Aden and showed him the spongebob that we got for him. His favourite. Actually he prefers Patrick, the starfish. Lol. And he gave us this face. Lol.

Last supper of the night. These are definitely fattening but yet yummy! *Drools*

Time to squeeze Lina's luggage. Seriously we really had a hard time squeezing Lina's luggage. HAHA! Almost burst! She is so afraid that it might overweight (But it didn't!) She packed until pekcek cause she had no idea how to squeeze all these. She spent A LOT there. Can you imagine the amount for just 3 full days of shopping? Haha!

This is our last day to shop, we went all out to shop. We shopped at one of the morning market in Pratunam. Gosh! It is even cheaper! Can you imagine I bought a jeans shorts for just 50baht ($2+) I almost fainted. Lol.

We only have time till evening when our transport will be coming to fetch us to airport. Thank god, we have enough time for that. Lol. That is why I really afraid to come to Bangkok. Cause I know I cannot resist to buy all the loots back. Coming to Bangkok will make me poorer x 10000! Alright, save up again for another round of BKK shopping paradise :D

With love

Anonymous –   – (August 15, 2013 at 5:08 PM)  

The temple you when (photo you posted) should be Ruamkatanyu Foundation, not
Poh Teck Tung Foundation.
Both have coffin donation.

K A T T Y  – (August 15, 2013 at 9:52 PM)  

Hi Anonymous, Really? Because we show the Poh Teck Tung Foundation name card to the taxi driver and he drove us there. Thanks for the info though! :D

JJing  – (October 1, 2013 at 11:23 PM)  

Hello! I am planning to stay in pratunam pavilion when I go to bkk with my mum, just the two of us. Is it not advisable to? (As seen from your post haha) Thanks!

K A T T Y  – (October 2, 2013 at 12:01 PM)  

Hi there! Like I mentioned, the hotel is quite wulu, kinda dark and sleezy at night. I will say that it will be quite unsafe for just both of you. Up to individual. BUT the location is damn good! Shopping areas everywhere! :D

JJing  – (October 4, 2013 at 12:29 AM)  

Hello! Thanks so much for the information. I've decided not to stay in the hotel. =)

K A T T Y  – (October 4, 2013 at 3:56 PM)  

Hi Jing, you are most welcome :)

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