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Not a travel post this time round. Haha! As I have mentioned, I have left my previous company. It was not a sudden decision, but it took me quite some time to think about it. It was definitely not easy and a painful decision. After all, I have been with this company for almost 5 years? I have been with them ever my polytechnic, doing part time and then attachment and so for.

But after I've tendered, I feel so much relived. Not sure if the stress has brought me up to a limit. Before that, I completely lost hope in everything. Not really lost hope perhaps I should say lack of motivation. Then I believe, I have made the right choice – to leave.

I thank them for a wonderful experience. I thank them for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow with the company. The "them" refer to everyone, the company, the bosses, the managers, the colleagues, everyone that I have know from this company.

Work Politics are EVERYWHERE in this world. Honestly speaking I faced it too. Somehow, it is just how you look at it, how you handle it. I do mind what others said about me, what others look at me, what others think about me. But I have also learnt something: ignorance is bliss.

I don't expect people to understand the feeling that I have when I wrote all this. I have lots of good memories with this company. The times whereby we organized for theme outings, cracking ideas for company dinners, going out as a group for lunch and etc. #youknowwhoyouare Sigh. Those memories… And fabulous people that I have know. Work sucks, we all know. But with accompanies like this, it made it much better. I really miss those days.

I did this photo collage with mixed feeling. I am serious. Luckily I have all these pictures in my hard disk. Looking at these pictures, everything seems like yesterday. Haha. We all must keep in contact okay? :D

Currently, I am copping well in my new company. There are new things to learn every day. That is part of my challenge. I really wanted to learn more especially when I am still young. I believe this is a good time for me to explore. I think the barrier that I have to overcome is punctuality. Haha! It is not easy lah. I have to be punctual for a 9-6 work, not like in the past, I work late and came in late. Now I have to squeeze into the MRT with other people. That's so frustrating. But that’s good, cause every day, there is “something” weird/funny/irritating thing to “see” Haha!

Recently I met up with a group of my ex-colleagues from my past company. Those ex-colleagues are my "era”. We came in like one batch, leave like one batch. I am the last few who left. Haha! I am so happy that they are doing good and even happier that Tiffany came back to Singapore for a short while. It was really a rare occasion to gather everyone as everyone is busy with their own lives. Really happy that they managed to come, and even appreciate that Rain has put in effort to ask everyone out. Thanks Rain! :D

Restaurant: Bumbu Restaurant (Thai-Indonesia Restaurant)
Location: China Square Central, China Court, 20 Cross Street, #01-25, Chinatown, 048422
Website: Website:
Ambience: Very Good
Food: Very Good

Feel so good that we are still keep in contact. Looking forward for such outing again! :D

With love

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