Ultimate Surprise Birthday!

It was really a ultimate surprise birthday party for Pui Heng (Our nickname to him). Before I start, I want to emphasis and proudly say that we are really one bunch of good actor and actress, not to forget good planners as well! Actually we planned more than one weeks for this birthday party, and even went to the extreme to meet up to discuss about it. haha! 用心良苦 right? And we proudly named this as our version of... RUNNING MAN! Why Running Man? Shall read on then...

The event was on 26 May 2012 itself. And Pui Heng's birthday was on the next day, 27 may 2012. And guess what? We have a bizarre theme! We were supposed to wear a big bow with suspenders. The big bow is the one that caught people's attention instead. Lol.

We supposed to meet at Clarke Quay in the evening. However, a few of us actually met up beforehand to decorate the hotel. And the hotel we stayed was Santa Grand Hotel East Coast, Family Room which is very close to Katong 112. We chose this hotel was because one of our friends works at Santa Grand, so we managed to get a good price for that room. However, the rooms are not that expensive too. It is good for gathering like us.

Don't expect it to be that grand lah. But it is still okay for us. Spacious enough for 10 of us.

The amount of what we were going to drink that day. This was not the actual amount, we went to the nearest Cold Storage to get more wines. Lol. We have Martell, Hennessy, Vodka, Sake, Red Wine, Wine and etc... Scary uh.

After finished decorating, we sat down and had a final discussion on what we were going to do. Because Jihao and Ahchoon were not really aware. We have to tell them what was going to happen and what was their role. We need to rehearsal to ensure everything will be going on smoothly, you see. Simply a rehearsal. haha. And lastly, we all changed to our attire and took a picture before we went off. Where is the bow? Of course we did not wear it from Katong all the way to Clarke Quay. Wearing like that already caught a lot of attention. haha.

Finally, our show started. Met up with Kengboon and Puiheng at Clarke Quay. We made up some excuses and that is why they did not meet up with their wife and girlfriend. And the rest? We just said we bumped on each other. Simple as that. Lol. And all of us changed onto the bow accessories. Damn, you see the crowd in Clarke Quay. We really looked like a weirdo to them. If you were there the other day and you saw us, we have reason wearing like this. Lol.

We headed to Shin Minori which is located at UE Square for dinner. Yup, walked all the way from Clarke Quay to UE Square! haha. We were actually quite embarrassed when we entered to the restaurant. People kept looking at us and to the extreme of taking out phone to take picture of us?! This is really crazy.

8 of us, the rest of the 2 have not arrived at that time.

The food in Sin Minori is quite okay but the service is kinda slow. Our orders got mixed up a lot of time and eventually we have to keep ordering as the food did not come to us at all :(

Photo first while waiting for our food!

Left: The birthday Boy, Pui Heng. Right: Kengboon

Boyfriend and I.

Left: Keng Boon Right: His wife, my cousin, Lina

We nearly got a big shocked from Keng Boon. He suddenly took out a mini cake. We all thought that it was a birthday cake for Pui Heng. We kept questioning him. hoping that he can get our hint by "WHY YOU BRING A CAKE HERE!" Nonetheless, he lighted up the mini cake and said "AIYA, Today is my Wedding Anniversay, this is for my wife" and he presented the cake to his wife. Omg! We are totally shocked. However, it is so sweet right! A pleasant surprise :)

We ate till almost 9pm, then our host, lina, started to explained the "game" out. We ought to separate ourselves into groups. Because we all thought that Pui Heng is pretty smart, most likely he will not accept the fact that he is be arranged to be with the group. And of course, we are pretty smart as well. We did the group arrangement beforehand and already planned who is supposed to be which group already. haha.

Step1: How do we make him convinced?

We arranged ourselves into 3 groups, Yellow, Blue, Pink.
And we all had this little stickers with us to paste underneath the chair that we were seated at, except for Pui Heng of course. And the one who is sitting next to him which is Keng Boon has to help him to paste while he was away. And of course, this went pretty smooth as well.

When Lina was hosting, she asked everyone to look underneath the chair to see which group they are in. So we all will pretend to look underneath. Some will act "Where got! I cannot find leh", "Omg! Why am I in the same group with you, Sway lah!" You know this kind of dialog that most of us will normally say. And again we are pretty good actor and actress. Hehe. And Pui Heng was pretty convinced at that point too.

Step 2: Proceed with the envelope.
After knowing our groups, we were given a big envelope by Lina, which have all the tasks. And we said that it three envelopes are planned by Lina, Wally and Me. And that we have no idea which one we will be taking. (Fake one of course, eventually all the tasks are the same except for the first one that we will be going together.)

And of course, we are given X amount of money as well. And we have a fake rule: Whoever who arrived late, will need to open 2 open of martell. Because this will make him feel that the last destination will be in a pub instead. (The usual routine) LOL After knowing our groups, we set off to do our first task. Remembered, we all have to do the first task to make it more convincing! *winks*

Lastly, a group picture at the lift before we set off!

Lina's Group - Left: Pui Heng, Lina (My cousin), Miao Ling, My Boyfriend

Wally's Group - Left: Ah Choon (My Cousin), Wally (My Cousin), Jihao

My Group - Left: Ben, ME, Keng Boon

Step 3: Our Task
These are the tasks that we have brainstormed. Like I said, the first task is different. Only the numbers required are different. For Wally's and my group we will head straight to the hotel even though the task stated to Parkway Parade, while for Lina's group,they will really head to Marine Parade. In other words, only Lina's that group will be playing, the rest are only acting. Understand? LOL!

We all swore that we will be playing with pride. Meaning? No cheating! All these cards are actually said to be given out by the leader, meaning Lina, Wally and Me. So no one is supposed to cheat and the leader will actually monitoring them. So Pui heng actually really nice enough to follow all these tasks and he is really playing with pride. HAHA! Thanks him for being so coordinate with us. But who cares that we actually swore that we are going to play with pride, ultimately only Lina's group is playing. hahaha!

These are the tasks. Like I said, the only different are the Task 1.

Surprisingly, we were the first to hop onto the cab. We are super lucky, the cab has the numbers that we wanted. LOL. And of course, we headed back to the hotel! :D

It took us around 20 minutes to reach our hotel. And coincidentally Wally's group reached at the same time as us too. Then we went back to the hotel room leisurely. LOL. Imagine Lina's group was rushing here and there! And here we are, slacking and taking pictures while waiting for phone call. (What kind of phone call? Read on and you will know)

And finally a nice one taken!
Step 4: The fake bump-onto
Lina's group went faster than we thought! They were really fast! They gave us miss call and messages that they were doing at Task 5. The task whereby they have to go to one of the Katong Laksa stall to have laksa. However, something went really out of our expect. THE KATONG LAKSA STALLS ARE CLOSED! Luckily, boyfriend is smart enough to give suggestion of going to 7-11 to have laksa cupnoodles instead. LOL! And my group supposed to do a fake bump-onto. Boyfriend quickly asked us to go to the 7-11 they were at. Luckily all of us knows Katong quite well. Kengboon, Ben and I ran all the way from Santa Grand Hotel to the 7-11 they are at. Damn! It is damn freaking far! We really ran like a dog. Lol. Moreover, we have to carry our belongings. Act also must act until very convincing right. Lol.

Finally, we succeeded the bump-onto. We even purposely showed him our fake task! Pui Heng actually quite believed that we were only at our Task 3. And our Task 3 is to drink 5 cans of coke. Damn! Initially our plan is to buy already and proceed to the next task. But Pui Heng stopped us, he insisted that we have to finish drinking the 5 cans of coke first before we can leave. As they did drink 6 cans of chrysanthemum tea as they were told to. Wah, we zitao sian. 5 cans of coke okay! No joke! Kengboon still niam-ed me for putting 5 cans of coke instead of 5 cans of other drinks. LOL. Because I am the one who planned it! HAHAHA! As I thought we can use it as our mixers during our drinking games =.= No joke! Drink 5 cans of coke at one go. *Roll eyes*

At the same time, we tried to drag their time. As the last task must be at 12am, or nearly 12am or after 12am, as pui heng's birthday was on the next day. We made a lot noise at the 7-11. So far, Pui Heng was still very into the game. And we fake act that we bump onto Wally's group. We did a lot of acting so that he will be totally convinced.

Picture of them actually finished their Laksa Cup Noodles. After 6 cans of drink, they still have to eat laksa. LOL

After that, we escaped after lina's group went to proceed their Task 5. And my group has an important task to do. If you see carefully our task 7. They have to go to somewhere call 恶心出朱古力 and the next task will be hidden there. The place is actually Awfully Chocolate, the place where we got his cake there. Initially we intended to hide outside the shop. But to our horror, the shop is still opened. LOL. End up, we passed it to one of the staff. And the staff is actually quite nice. She quite coordinates with us too. Then we ran back to our hotel again, and passed the last task to one of the receptionist. Thank god, She is quite coordinates with us as well.

During this time, we prepared the cake and all the preparations waiting for them to come back. However, they were still stuck with their Task 6. Lina and Miao Ling tried all ways to drag the time. Things like: They wanted to go shit. And end up they cam-whored in the toilet. LOL. However, Pui Heng is smart, he managed to find the picture himself. And poor boyfriend has to act along.

Then they proceeded to their task 7. Initially we thought that 恶心出朱古力 is quite obvious. But it took Pui Heng damn long to realise it is actually the Awfully Chocolate opposite Katong 112. The rest of them still have to act blur with him. They went to the extend to search for the Task Card at all the toilets in Katong 112! HAHA! Because he thought that it meant SHIT! =.= And poor boyfriend has to go all the guys toilet with him to search for the task card. hahahaha!

Meanwhile in the hotel room...

The candle was actually lighted up due to false alarm. LOL!

Everyone stand by near the door. And Ben had to keep watching out for the lift to see if it was them. I have to stand by with my camera and Wally, of course, the one who will be holding cake. It is damn anxious as we have no idea when they will be coming up or which task they are at. Totally lost contact with them. However, luckily with GPS, we were able to somehow track their ways. LOL. And it seems that they really got stuck with the 恶心出朱古力 Task for quite long. And this really dragged the time to nearly 12am. And we have to thank the staff in Awfully Chocolate. The act out of where-is-the-task-card? and she really act out finding here and there. Lol. Thank you! Lina's group was actually quite panic and thought that she really lost the card. Lol.

After that, through the little window in our hotel room, we managed to see them walking towards the hotel. The tense feeling is here. Everyone went really serious and started to stand by. We were staying at level 2, however, they started searching from the top floor. And this also delayed some of the time.

Tadah! Here he is, when it is almost 12am! He was actually quite cautious. He did not dare to open the door but to push slightly until we burst out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to him.

He is still holding with the task card! hahaha. And he is really shocked.


And here we are, talking about what they have did throughout the whole task! How they act and react. haha

And gotcha! We really caught him by surprise. Totally a never expected birthday party. And this also show that he is not that smart as ALL of us thought. HAHA!

Our group picture! :D

The girls...

The guys...
Birthday boy and his girlfriend :D
Boyfriend and Me!

Needless to say, it was really a crazy night. By looking at the amount that we brought/bought, you should know how crazy it went. All the laughing and screaming out loud. Sometimes I really pitied those who stayed beside us. Be it in Phuket or what. We always get complain for being making too much noise. LOL. Let don't talk about we survived right to the end, cause it is always the same people *beam* Saying the word "crazy" is too understatement for us :P

Wally and I. Both of us were rather clear that moment. Perhaps too sleepy rather than drunk. Lol.

Good Morning!
In the end, we didn't go for the breakfast. Everyone went concussed. We were really pro that we can really squeeze the bed. Single Size bed was squeezed by 3 of us while the Queen size bed was squeezed by 4 of them. The rest were sleeping either on the Sofa Bed or on the floor. Lol.

Guess who did this to Jihao =\

After this birthday surprised, we sort of decided to do theme birthday on whoever's birthday. Interesting uh? We always have lots of crazy ideas. haha! But still, it was really a successful one :D Sorry for the super late post. Actually already did this post long ago, but didn't have the chance to post it.

With Love

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