His Birthday Celebration in Turi Beach Resort

It was an impromptu decision that we decided to go to Batam for his birthday celebration since there is a travel trade discount. So this time round, we stayed in Turi Beach Resort - Tirta Wing.

Took the earliest ferry since that is the only timing that is available. If you are heading to Bintan/Batam via Tenah Merah Ferry Terminal, please had your breakfast before you came. Because the food in the terminal are so expensive =\ But you are going Batam via Harbourfront Terminal, don't have to worry since there are so many things to eat over there :]

Excitedly heading to take the ferry. Though it is my don't-know-how-many-times to batam, I'm still very excited. Cause it is my first time staying at Turi Beach Resort. Lol.

It is just 30 minutes ride from Nongsa Terminal to Tanah Merah Terminal. I am still mocking him regarding his seasick. But ferry is so much stable than speedboat.
Indonesia is one hour earlier than Singapore. So if you took a 8am ferry (Singapore Time), and supposingly to reach there at 830am. You earned an hour! Cause it is only 730am over there! YAY! hahaha.

Welcome drinks from the staff in Turi Beach

Sadly we cannot check in early. They just refused to let us check in when it is so obvious that the rooms are available. We went on the weekday. The surrounding are so quiet, barely have any guest, you see. So in the end, we went to explore around the hotel instead.

Here are the surrounding in Turi Beach. Peaceful and Calm~

Continue our exploring with more tourist photo taking. hehe!

Got so excited when we saw this rope hammock. Lol.
Immediately jumped onto it and started our vain photo taking! Haha. It did remind me of our bintan trip where he excitedly jumped onto the rope hammock then fell down because he cannot balance well. That's really epic!

Pretty like these series that we took here. hehe!

Haha! Purposely taking my own sweet time to take this series. See how long he can tahan. Keep mocking him, one who can do up to 30 pull up should be able to hold it longer. Lol.

Exploring the Jetty~

His jumping shot is always nicer than mine. I looked damn retarded in the picture. Lol

Here is the surrounding around the Jetty!
Too bad there is a renovation going on, we cannot really go right to the end.

More tourist-photo taking! It seems like we are somewhere instead of Batam right! Lol. Amazing that Batam do have such a beautiful beach as well :D The seawater is so clear that you can see the fishes swimming around.

After exploring, we thought we could able to check-in. In the end, still cannot check in. Damn! They are so inflexible! Slack and rest around before we decided to go to the town and check-in at night instead. We should have thought of this way. Lol.

After that we took a taxi that was arranged by the hotel to the town. It was around 30-40 minutes ride and it cost around 100 000rupiah which is around $13. Kinda of expensive. And that is also the disadvantage of staying at Nongsa area.

While we are in the taxi...I am so amazed by the slope! Seems like a roller coaster ride! Lol. Eventually fall asleep cause it was such a long ride to the town.

Arrived at Nagoya Shopping Mall. One of the most famous shopping mall that most of the Singaporean will go.

Settled down at Ayam Penyet - the one that my friend, Wei Young introduces me.
Totally in love with the food there. Specially the Mango Juice! So rich and Sweet! :D *Drools*

Guess how much is our lunch? It is only 60 500rupiah which is only $8+ ! It is even cheaper than the taxi ride. Lol. In the end, we ordered another plat of Ayam Penyet! :P Don't forget, I have a hulk boyfriend who really eats a lot a lot!

After that, we went to shop around at Hypermarket where I bought lots of instant noodles and Sanitary Pad. Both of us also bought lots of toothbrushes, Shampoo and etc. You must be thinking we are insane right. Going to carry all these back to Singapore. Let me tell you how cheap they are!

Each package of Sanitary Pad only cost almost 11 000 - 13 000rupiah which is only $1.49 - $1.79 only! You seriously can't stop me from buying them back. Ridiculously cheap!
And the instant noodles, Indo Mee, that Wei Young asked me to got back is only 1500 - 1800 rupiah which is only $0.20+ each!
Oral-b toothbrush that only cost $0.60 each!
And my sunsilk shampoo that cost only $3+ for a bottle.
Tell me how can I resist! I know I really sound like an auntie. HAHA! But really save a lot of money! Tsk Tsk!

After shopping in Hypermarket, we went for our massage - ESKA. The one that we always went whenever we are there. They are having Mother's Day promotion at that point.
Check out our Couple Package. It includes an Aromatherapy Body Massage, Strawberry Body Scrub, Strawberry Body Mask, Aroma Hydroptherapy Massage Bath (Jacuzzi), V Spa Ratus for the Lady. Additional: Collagen/ Cellular Extract Facial Treatment and Classic Manicure.
Total cost is around $120 per couple! Best of all, they actually offer to send you back to your hotel, no matter how far you stay! Imagine they actually sent us back to Nongsa. It saved our transport fee as well ^.^

Take a look at our room at Turi Beach Resort - Tirta Wing! There is a private balcony facing the sea! Common Amenities such as Hair Dryer, Air-conditioning, Cable Television, Safe blah blah are all there! :)

We decided to settle down our dinner at the restaurant in the resort instead since it is a Special Day! Nogusaya Teppanyaki & Grill
Here you can enjoy LIVE cooking, where you can see the Chef whipping out your dinner right in front of you.

Chef of the day!

I'll rate the 6.5/10 for the dinner. The portion is rather little for me. Lol.

Last but not least, we managed to purchase a mini cake from Hypermarket that cost only $3. However, it really taste horrible. Lol. A promise that I will celebrate his birthday every year!

Happy Birthday my dearest boy!
Another simple birthday getaway. Thank god for giving me chance to celebrate with you every year! May all your wishes come true. I love you!

Checking out! Head out for have their breakfast! We enjoyed the calm and peaceful surrounding. It seems that we booked the whole restaurant for breakfast. Lol.
Pardon for the just-woke-up face. Lol

Check-out Hotel. We checked out the time stated. They refused to late check-out for us despite there are not much people check-in. In the end, we didn't have the chance to enjoy the pool =( Cause we thought that since we still have lots of time before we depart, we might as well go for swimming or etc. Then we realised that we could actually depart from Batam Centre Terminal instead of Nongsa Terminal. The biggest mistake that we made =\

My birthday present to him. His working bag. Now he is working as Full Time.
A working bag comes very useful for him :)

With love

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