Day ONe: Hong Kong Disneyland

It is HONG KONG again!
It is my third time going to Hong Kong but the first time going with him alone. The other two times were with my family (2010) and the very first time was with him and his friends (2009).

FYI, I think I am going to split up my entire Hong Kong trip post as the first day in Disneyland contain lots of pictures! :D

First of all,
thank you, Hong Kong Disneyland for the tickets that I have won last year! And that's why I am able to stay and visit Hong Kong Disneyland again! woohoo! And the reason I wanna visit Hong Kong Disneyland again is because of the newly opened land - Toy Story Land! Yay!

We took the super early flight to Hong Kong as a result we only had a few hours of rest for that day! Tough flight to Hong Kong as we encountered a few turbulence...

The result of my thick jacket was because through the weather forecast that I have been checking, stated that the weather was averagely 12-14 degrees! However, my colleague who went there a few days earlier than me told me that it was not cold at all. So, we actually had a hard time packing our luggage which result us being "under packed"

Our first destination - Hong Kong Disneyland!

We went to the park right after we have settled down with our luggage. It was frigging cold at that point when we reached Hong Kong. So cold till smoke coming out from our mouth whenever we speak. Lol. And poor boyf was so under-dressed that he keeps shivering. I wore only a tank top and a jacket! Slightly okay for me, as my jacket was quite thick. Can you imagine how under-dressed we were at that time? Luckily I still have that jacket. Lol. And oh, it was drizzling when we reached there.

However, we were quite lucky as the rain stopped when we were on our way to the park :)

I love this picture of us! hehe! Totally empty background! :P


We went straight to Tomorrow land first.

The awkward moment when we did this pose with some other passersby standing beside us waiting to take with him too. Lol

The first game we played or maybe I should say we challenged was the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! In the end, I lost terribly... We played this for like fourth time of the whole day! Challenged each other!! hahaha!

Next, we played Space Mountain. Throughout the ride, he kept laughing at the girls behind us that went screaming like this "woooo~~~ woooo~~~" Like some kind of female ghost. Lol. An unique way of screaming huh...

Our brunch for that day! :)

Next, Fantasy Land!

While waiting for our turn to take picture with snow white! We are very impressed with the way she speaks! So chirpy! And boyf gave a "wtf" face whenever he heard her talking to kids. And the cameraman too! Speak like a cartoon character. Lol.

It's the small world! We didn't take the ride in the small world as we took before already and it was kinda of boring. But definitely, kids will love it. :)

Some dessert before we continue the journey! Eating ice cream in such a cooling weather! brrr!
But then again, the ice cream don't taste nice at all! hahaha! Totally a waste of money!

Managed to catch both shows - The Golden Mickey Show and Mickey's PhilharMagic, the 4D show!

The Golden Mickey Show
It was my first time watching this show. Quite impressive. If you are tired of walking, come here and rest as well as to enjoy their performance. But don't doze off yah! Though it is quite comfortable. hahaha!

Mickey's PhilharMagic

It was our second time watching this fantastic 4D show. I would say better than the one in USS. I love how they slowly linked up and bring in the characters. Totally worth it!

Something not to missed! The Disneyland Parade! How can you miss the parade in Disneyland! There will be a parade everyday at 3:30PM! Go early and get the best view! :)

And we proceed to our next land! We didn't really visit Adventure Land. Simply walked around then went straight to Toy Story Land.

Ahhhh! Toy Story Land!

Entering into Toy Story Land, make me feel like we are the mini Andy! Let's see what is inside in Andy's backyard

The first that greeted us were Andy's come-alive soldiers! They were doing some "footdrills" with the public.

Next was the RC Racer!
Don't look down on the RC Racer! It whips you up and down over the U-shaped rails! It is worst than the Pirate Ship ride! When you are on the ride, you are able to view the entire Toy Story Land. However, you don't be enjoy the scenery as you will be spending the rest of the time screaming your lungs off. hahahaha! Totally not suitable for those who have heart-attack. You can really feel your heart dropping down whenever it goes up and down. Phew! But it was definitely the most exciting ride in the Hong Kong Disneyland!

The Slinky Dog Spin!
It looks like he is chasing after its own tail. hahaha!

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
In this ride, the parachute will lift you up to the sky and then drop you down. Just like how Andy's Green man Soldier did in the Toy Story 3 when they parachuted out of the window! And again, you will feel that "drop" in your heart but not that serious compared to the deadly RC Racer Ride. And also, you can enjoy the scenery too! Just that you have to prepare for the sudden drop :P

Looking forward for the upcoming new land - The Grizzly Gulch (that will open in Mid of 2012) and Mystic Point (that will open in 2013). Hopefully I have a chance to visit there again? Lol.

After visiting all the lands, we decided to go for shopping! Of course not for ourselves - for the kids again! Visiting theme parks overseas will always make me broke! Cause I will buy lots of things for the kid.
And he bought this for this big kid here. hahaha! Cute right? I love baby pooh~

Lastly, the never-ever-miss fireworks in Sleeping Beauty Castle! It was our first time watching this fireworks together! It was freezing cold while we were waiting. Enjoy the photos that I have took :)

After the fireworks, the whole of Hong Kong Disneyland will closed. And we made our way back with the shuttle bus provided. After we reached our resort, I managed to Facetime with the kids using the WIFI in the hotel lobby! hahaha! But after we hung up and made our way back to our room. Guess who came and greeted us goodnight?
So sweet huh! Too bad, we already hung Facetime with the kids, else they would be able to see him too!

And guess what is on the table when we entered our room? A small little gift from Hong Kong Disney Land! Ahhh!! I was so shocked as that day was not even my birthday! So sweet of them to give me as advanced birthday present! geez!

And here is the view of our room! :)

It was definitely a fairytale story day for us! We enjoy every single bits though boyf was down with cold at the end of the day. Luckily he took panadol and he recovered the next day. Stay tuned for the rest of my Hong Kong post ^^

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With love

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