Day TWO - Shopping in Hong Kong!

Day 2 in Hong Kong!

Checking out at Disney's Hollywood Resort and Checking in again at Park Hotel! We failed to wake up for the Disney's breakfast. haha! Initially we wanted to buy the Breakfast Buffet at Chef Mickey. Luckily we didn't as we couldn't wake up! That's good too! As we have ample of rest and ready to continue our journey. And my boyf has recovered too! hehe! We are fully prepared for that day's weather! And he regretted not bringing a thicker jacket; resulted to wear 2 hoodies and a shirt throughout the trip! As for me, I wore my one and only jacket throughout too! SO UNDER-PACKED!!

After we have settled down with our luggages at Park Hotel, we began with our first destination. Bought their MTR Tourist 1 Day Pass at HKD$55 = $9.80 (SGD) Planned your itinerary well and have a rough calculation before getting it! :)

Got our cards! YAY!

Decided to visit - Wong Tai Sin. It is one of the most popular temple in Hong Kong. If you are like me, love to visit overseas temple. This is a must come! :)
Wong Tai Sin Temple
How to go: Exit at B2 at Wong Tai Sin MTR

Opening Hour: 7AM - 530PM

You may want to purchase any joss sticks from here. When you got nearer to them, there will be aunties holding onto the joss sticks waving at you. You may want to purchase from them :) But because we don't really know the procedure, we just followed the flow of the crowds...

We are snakes!!!!

Made some donations first before taking their joss sticks. We followed the crowds to the respective place to pray. Lol. Kind of a lost sheep :P

Next, we traveled to Sham Shui Po. There are a few places you may want to visit in Sham Shui Po.
Apliu Street Flea Market
How to go: Exit at C2 at Sham Shui Po MTR
Opening Hour: Not Stated - Midnight

We walked around this streets (It is quite BIG). Here, it sells mostly light bulb, electronics, batteries... Unless you really need it, else you could really miss this place. Lol. And oh, if you are looking for handphone covers, you are at the right place! :D This place sells LOTS of covers! And we've checked, it's the cheapest among the rest of the markets (Like Ladies' Street, Temple Street or any other street)

Cheung Sha Wan Road Fashion Street
How to go: Exit at C1 at Sham Shui Po MTR
Opening Hour: Not Stated
My sister strongly recommended me to go to this place. Well-known for it wholesales. True enough. But sad to say, it is still in winter season. I am so contemplated in getting the winter clothes. I love to shop for winter clothes. In fact, most of my winter clothes are bought from overseas. So much cheaper than Singapore's. Apparently, we bought almost nothing here except for scarves. And it is MAD CHEAP! HKD$20=$3.50 for 1! *SCREAM* I heard you woah as well! :P

Along the street above, you will find a dimsum shop. Here is the shop name - Boo Dim Lui Lee. Oh My God! You got to try their buns! It is holy shit delicious! The one that I have is the Honey Chicken Bun. Thumb Up x 100!!

However, I am not really into their glutinous rice. It is nice but personally, I don't really like it. I am more into their buns! *Drools*

Basically I think it is one of the famous restaurant in Hong Kong. You won't miss it cause it seems to be EVERYWHERE! We had this for one of our meal, not very sure if it is a lunch or dinner. LOL. But mine (on the right), don't taste that great :( You can see from the pale colour. But his one was the famous goose rice! AHHH! It is damn delicious! :D

Time for some street markets. I know you love it! So am I!
Ladies’ Street
How to go: Exit at E2 at Mong Kok MTR, walk along the Nelson Street and walk two blocks

Opening Hour: 12PM - 1130PM

Fa Yuen Street (Sportswear)
How to go: Exit at D3 at Mong Kok MTR, walk along Argyle Street for around 3 minutes
Opening Hour: 11AM - 930PM

This place is a killer for tourists. Just remember to slash your price before they slashed you. Lol. But of course, don't be ridiculous. If you want to slash, please have the intention of buying if not they will either pestering you till a few stalls away or "Dui Leh Low Mo" at you. You wouldn't want your mood to be dampen as well. Managed to get some good deals from here too. I am happy with my purchase :D

Proceed to our next destination! Carrying big and small bags by then. Lol.

Temple Street
How to go: Exit at A at Jordan MTR

Opening Hour: 4PM - Midnight (Latest at 1am)

It will be best if you come at around 9 plus when all the shops have already opened :) Look at the disgusting xxx on the right, not sure what's that either. Lol.

If you want to go Ladies Street and Temple Street at the same time, I recommend you to go to Ladies Street first before going to Temple Street. Cause Temple Street starts later. It is almost fully opened at around 9+. So yup...

Managed to find a place to have a rest.
The famous 许留山, don't worry about finding it. It is very easy to spot in Hong Kong :)

We had this throughout our trip. And I always ordered the same thing! THE MANGO! Okay. I'm drooling now :(

I tweeted about having 许留山 and one of my girlfriend, Shao Ling tweeted me back and asked me to try this XO Carrot Cake! Well, indeed it is fantastic though it is quite spicy. hehe!

Back to our hotel at around 11plus! We were so tired already, checked in Park Hotel and was surprised that they have upgraded our room! So spacious~

Here is my buys for Qien for that day. hahaha!

And look! I have pochacco with me!

We walked past some plush bear stalls in Ladies Street. Then boyf said that if there is Pochacco, he confirm will get it for me (Just in case you don't know, Pochacco is very hard to find.) and tadah! He saw and quickly asked me to see! HAHA! In the end, he really got it for me. And I helped him to slash the price too! I think I am good in slashing price. hehe! And it cost only $15 in the end! :D

Ended our day two! Check in out in our day three in my next post! We had fun in Ocean Park, met lots of famous artistic in Madame Tussauds and almost freeze to death in Victoria Peak! OH! And we dined with the REAL Chow Yun Fat!

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With love!

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