Day THREE & FOUR - Being a tourist!

Day 3 in Hong Kong

It's going to be another fruitful day for us! Setting off early to Ocean Park!

The outfit for that day! It was still cold and windy. Keeping us warm is really a chore. Making our way to Admiralty MTR for our bus ride to Ocean Park. It is our first time there too!
Thank you, Ocean Park for the admission tickets!!!
Ocean Park
How to go: Bus 629 from MTR Admiralty Station Exit B)
Opening Hour: 10AM - 7PM
You may want to purchase the bus tickets at the ticket Booth. You may also want to get your Ocean Park entrance ticket from there as well. Heard that it is cheaper? Not very sure though :)
The bus comes every 10-15 minutes. Don't worry if you didn't manage to catch it. The journey is around 20-30 minutes. Will be better if you can get a seat. If not, you really have to stand throughout the journey :)
Really like a lost sheep when we reached there. But still managed to find the entrance to Ocean Park. Not easy to find actually. Cause we never been there, so it took us a minutes or so to find it. haha!
You may want to purchase your entrance ticket here as well! :)

We had our breakfast there as well. Not advisable though. You get what I mean? hahaha! We visit The Grand Aquarium right away. Cause my boyf is really an aquarium lover. Sound weird. Yah, he likes aquarium and marine stuff.


We managed to touch the Starfish for the first time!
This big kid of mine is so engrossed. But good thing is I learn a lot from him. His knowledge of aquarium and marine are quite good, or maybe I am too stupid? hahaha! Some photos to enjoy~
We spent quite some times there cause my big kid wants to explore all of them! And he will starts his lectures. Haha! Seems like I am on a excursion trip with him.

My first encounter with Panda!

But too bad, it is sleeping. Not sure why it just sleep on the truck. But is so cute lah.

Time for some ice cream in a cold and windy weather. hehe!

The queue for the cable car was incredibly long! Luckily we had ice cream accompany us while waiting. But still, it was so cold! brrr~ We queued for around 30-45 minutes! We made the wrong move. Should have took the cable car up first.

Finally is our turn! :D
The weather is good! Able to view the scenery around. I am still okay with the height. hehe! The journey up is around 10-15 minutes.

I got so excited when I saw those rides!
Wanted to take it! But boyf did not want. He is not those adventurous type. And I think this ride will definitely scream my lungs out. hahaha! He always say I am 变态, cause I love to play these rides when I am actually afraid. He will says "Why make yourself so xinku, scare still want to play." hahaha.

I wanted to sit this roller coaster too! But my boyf refused :( I keep saying that "我带老人出门!" meaning "I am out with a old man" Cause he just loves to see fishes, birds and yet refused to sit these thrilling rides. Lol.

In the end, he chose this to play. But he didn't know that it can be quite scary as well. It looks like a no kick ride, but actually it will went faster and faster that you almost have the feeling that you are flying out!

And he almost want to get this dolphin for me. But I told him, if he gets this for me, my mum sure nags. haha! Cause my bed has too much soft toys already! hahaha!

Took a walk at the Expedition Trail.
My old man is going to have a lecture soon and I am going on a excursion again~ Lol.

I thought it is a dead snake! But he told me is their skin!! YUCKS!

Before we left, we managed to take pictures with this Sea Lion Mascot.
And we were the last one too! LUCKY US!

This time round we took the Ocean Express Summit Station down. It is so much faster! If you are one that afraid of height and cable cars, you might want to take Ocean Express :)

Our journey in Ocean Park ends here. Quite fast uh. We spent like less than half day there only. It isn't that big as well and we didn't play all the rides. That's why!

After Ocean Park, we proceed to our next destination - The Peak, Sky Terraces, Madame Tussauds!
How to go: Take bus 15 from Exchange Square or walk from MTR Central Station Exit J2 to the lower peak tram terminus on Garden Road
Opening Hour: 10AM - 10PM

Next, we trained to Central MTR. Stopped by at one of the shop to have our dinner. We had wonton noodles. The wonton noodles are superb nice! But too bad, we forgot the name and the address as we randomly went into a shop and eat. And guess what, we saw Chow Yun Fat
We were so engrossed with our food. But then I realised something strange; why did everyone look at this fellow and some even waved at him! When he paid for his bill, he turned around and smiled at everyone, I quickly grabbed my boyf's arm! HAHA! There are some tourists even dashed out to take pictures with him! Anyway, he isn't that dashing at that point, he looks so much like an old beggar (Not trying to be mean), he wore like one too! And he was alone! If you didn't notice him, you would have think that it was just a tom, dick, harry old man that walked past you.

Here is the picture of that superb delicious wonton mee! Boyf cannot really eat that cause he is allergic to prawn (We didn't know that there are prawn inside), in the end, I ate his too! After eating this, we still went into another cafe for another meal and I ate again! End up, SUPER FULL! haha!

Making our way to The Peak, Sky Terraces, Madame Tussauds! You have to walk a distance, approximate 15 minutes?

When we reached there, the queue was incredibly long and chaos! Chaos because of the tourist group. Luckily we found the right place to queue. It took us less than a minutes to buy our tickets.

However, we waited for quite long for the tram! Everyone is dashing like mad and most of them are china tourists. Super pissed off. They will just push and squeeze their way.
We were lucky to find a seat in such a pushy condition. haha! The ride up was so steep! If we were standing, we confirm have a hard time balancing. Lol.

We went straight to the Madame Tussauds!
Look who came to greet us at the entrance! :D

The first wax artiste that we took was Jay Chou! So excited! haha!
Don't really look like him, only some certain angel? And he looks kinda of short too... Hmmm.
Enjoy the pictures! :D

I don't think this really look like Lin Chi Ling herself. They should make her smile with teeth instead. My personal thought :X

Omg! One of my favourite Hong Kong artiste: Louis Koo! So excited that I took a lot of picture with him. HAHA! My boyf kept saying "Oei, last warning hor you!" LOL!

Okay, we really had a hard time taking picture with Andy Lau because of this bunch of female china tourists. They really "infested" the whole area! Omg!
There are a lot of people queuing to take picture with him. Then this bunch of female china tourists really in their own world. Continuous taking for more than 15 minutes! Did a lot of pattern (Poses) Like "Imagine Andy Lau hugged her Pose!", "Imagine they look at the same direction pose!", Imagine they face to face about to kiss Pose!" WOAH! All kinds of poses! Talking and laughing loudly! Then WE and the rest of the customers queuing literally gave a poker face! Like wth! Oh! And not only for Andy Lau, literally all the wax artistes! Last warning!

Boyf is smart, he asked me not to queue behind them. Be smart and quickly went ahead them! Phew!

She is the creator of Wax Museum! Kudos! And she looks so REAL!

The process of the wax figure...

And the equipments...

We both don't think it look like him :P Because of his mouth area.
What do you think? :)

Our Mr Lee is so poor thing, no one is there to take picture with him. (Cause like I said, the place is "infested" with china tourists) So we ran straight to take picture with him! I am kinda shocked that he is there. LOL

With my favourite as well! DAVID BECKHAMMMMMMMM!!!

The singer's corner! :D

After Madame Tussauds, we went up to The Peak!Holy Shit! We were so unprepared for the wind! I think the weather outside is less than 0 degree! It was so freaking cold that we barely walked! And the wind is super strong as well! We stayed there for less than 15 minutes! Too cold! But still amazed by the scenery! :)

You can see my red nose from this picture. HAHA! Super cold!

After that, we took the tram back! And guess what, under such a cold weather, we queued more than an hour for our turn! Under the open space somemore! Omg! The most torturous moment! Have to queue under such a cold weather! After that, we went back to Causeway Bay to look for my birthday present from him as well as to find his colleagues' stuff.

Again, we had our 许留山! I always had the same one, while he always love to try something new. And we realised different place has different price! The one in temple street is the cheapest. Weird uh?

Day 4 in Hong Kong

My last day outfit! Get up early for the last chiong! :P
Towards the end of our journey, the weather turns better. The last day in Hong Kong was quite hot actually.

Had our breakfast at the nearby restaurant. Super full!

After that, we proceed to my favourite street in Hong Kong - Prince Edward (Hua Yuan Street)
Hua Yuan Street
How to go: Train to Prince Edward MTR Exit B1, walk along Prince Edward Road West
Opening Hour: 10AM - 10PM

It is the most well-worth market, I swear! hahaha!
I discovered this place when I first came in 2009 cause it was very near to our hotel at that time. At that time, there are more locals than tourists there! But I guess more and more people discovered this awesome place! hahaha!
That is also the first time I bought clothes from 镜 (The one at Nex Shopping Mall) Boyf said that I am like a queen when I am at 镜! HAHA! Cause I can easily buy up to 10 clothes! :P The price range is between $8 to $18? How cheap can it be! hehe! But again, wrong season! In the end, I didn't buy as much as I think I will :P

We took the latest flight back and we have to be back to our hotel at 5pm! Mad Rush! Guess what? We went back to Sham Shui Po to get the buns again! HAHA! How awesome is the bun? If you missed my previous post, click here

At the airport, waiting for our flight back! Times really flies! Gonna back to the reality :(
It has been an awesome trip with boyf as usual! We always enjoyed each other accompany while overseas. The best travel partner huh?

The upcoming trip will be Phuket in April and Gold Coast in October! :) Can't wait! Specially the Gold Coast! HEHE!

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With love

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