That Weekend

Last saturday, we went to Aden's nursery performance.

He will be giving a little speech before his performance. It is quite cute to see them actually being trained to give a speech. The video is not with me. So I cannot post the video. :( But here are the pictures that I can share :) He is actually giving the English Speech while his partner who is actually an indian, saying in Mandarin. Wow!

I think that he is quite nervous. He kept jumping around after his Speech. Lol.

And his performance starts...

Here is the performance that boyfriend has video-ed down for me

Another performance...

How adorable they are uh? Wonder what is their mindset when they are being taught dancing and singing. Lol. But their teachers really had a hard time teaching them, specially those nurseries class.

Here is the backstage...
I act as their photographer that day. Actually there are just 4 of them joining. And it become 5 then 6 then 7 then the whole day came! LOL

And the cutest part is whenever i snapped, all will rush over to my side to see how they look in the pictures. Cute huh?

That is his teacher :)


Went for a group photoshoot organised by Stevie. It has been more than 1 year since i last shoot. And here are two pictures that I have received! :)

It might be tedious when I am asked to lie down on the muddy log. But I'm happy that it has turned out beautiful. I love the colours and the contrast. Thank you to Gavin and Johnny :)

With love

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