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I have been pondering about this for quite sometimes.
Time really flies and I am in this working society for almost 3-4 years?
It has never been an issue to me until recently something stuck on me.

Is it really important to get a degree in this society? And most of them replied with a YES.

But for me, I really feel that it has to depend.
Many have asked me "Aren't you gonna further study to get a degree?"
Well, I would really love to. But frankly, I will say base on my financial background, I'm unable to and even if can it will be tough. Full time will definitely be a No-No for me, I will be struggling with Part Time. I mean financial wise. And I'm not smart either.
Sad to say, most of my friends are pursuing a degree and of course I do feel left out and that’s why this question came across me.

I still feel that it has to be base on the field you are working as. For my field as a Travel Industry, perhaps, an experience is more important than having a degree holder.
I feel that companies will want to hire experience candidates than a degree holder with no experience.
I mean who will want to spend a few thousands on hiring a degree holder with no experience? It is like you have to teach them all over again? And when they have gained their experience, they might just dump you and hopped onto other company? It might refer to small companies or so?

What will be a fresh diploma graduate starting salary? Perhaps 1.8K onwards.
How about fresh degree graduate starting salary? Perhaps 2.5K onwards
Based on

After you have graduated from polytechnic with a diploma at the age of 19, if you are lucky enough to be accepted by local university, you will be spending another 3-4 years in University. By then you will be around, 22-23. You will start to look out for jobs and look, you have no experience at all. For sure, you will be hired, but perhaps the pay is way below than you expected? Perhaps $2-2.2K? Will you accept the job with this amount of salary if you are a degree holder? Well, I’m just based on a female’s view.

Look how about the guys?
I feel that they will lose to the girls a lot. Again, after you have graduated from polytechnic with a diploma at the age of 19, definitely NS is a must unless you defer which makes no diff. At the age of 20 to 22, you will be spending your 2 quality years in army. By the time you have ORD, the girls or the rest might just happily gotten their Degree or for those who are working, already have 4 years of experience. Most of them will continue to pursue their study, another 3 or 4 years if you are looking at Full time Local University or 2-3years if you are looking at Part Time Private University. If you are in your Local University, you will probably gotten your degree at the age of 25 to 26. By then, again, you are again thrown to the society, probably if your result is good, opportunity will be at your door steps right after you have graduated. But if likewise? Thousands of fresh graduate waiting to find a job. Such a strong competition. It will probably take a few months for you to find your desired job because of the salary expectation; it might be way too low than you expect. Again, Guys will always at the losing end. Back to study life after 2 years in army aren’t easy for them. It might be a little bit hard for them to absorb. Likewise, financial might be a problem for them. Perhaps, it might not be that bad if you are born in middle income families. And for those who works as Full Time and study at part time. It will be even tougher. They have to jaggling the stress from work as well as from school. What will be the best route for them? It really has to depend. And most of them will say “if only, the 2 quality years belong to them…”

Well, again, that is just my own personal view after working in this industry for almost 4 years. Yet again, I still do believe that degree did matter a lot in various Big Company. It will be like a stepping tools. It definitely will help you in promoting as well as pay rise. Every one is competing with each other. It is getting so hard to survive in this society if you really expect a lot. 吃盐吃饭,还不是一样过日子。为什么就不能平平淡淡过日子呢? Well, I would say, this is the society now. I really wonder the stress that my next generation will be facing in the future…

With love

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