It has been a very busy month (May) for me.
Specially during the last two weeks in May. It was really hectic.
Rushing out the final assignment for my course and finally I have graduated from the course - Visual Communication.
It really wasn't easy to work and study at the same time.
Though mine is just a half year course, it has already tore me apart.
Partly because it is all based on design assignments and it is quite time consuming.
Imagine that I have to work on my assignments till almost 3am and I have to get up for work the next day! It was really torturing. So much feel like a zombie.
But, everything is over :)

I always feel so BROKE during May.
Because it is a mother's day, my boyfriend's birthday and followed by my mum's birthday.
But luckily, I have already done with my mum's present the previous month.
So left with boyfriend's :)
Managed to plan a special trip for him out of our busy schedule.
We went to .... Genting Highlands.
The last time we went there was 2 years ago, during my family organised trip.
Time flies. We are back there again :)

We took the night coach on that day, because it was election day, we were only allowed to travel after we have made our votes.
The journey is faster than we expected.We reached Genting around 430am.
And the worst nightmare was we were only allowed to check in after 10am and the queue number we got was ridiculous. hundreds over :(
So we decided to have our breakfast at Merry Brown. Loitered around all areas. All the shops were closed.
So exhausted until we went to the lobby to sleep. LOL! Each of us take 2/3 hours of nap.
In the end, we still went for our lunch. LOL! Such a long wait :(

Pardon of our CUI look. We waited for more than 8 hours! Ridiculously tired :(

However, we got a HAPPY LUNCH at this restaurant. Their wan tan mee is so nice! *screamed*
After our lunch, we got back to the lobby and luckily our turn is up! Again queue for the room key. So happy to be able to get our room key ^.^

Washed up and finally we can begin our journey!
The day seems to be so long!

RANDOM: I love this hoodie of mine.
I got it in Taiwan for just 100NT($4.50) *screamed until dao sa siang*

Straight away we went to the theme park :)

That was the first ride. He got so excited and kept asking me to play that.
In the end, he went very giddy! HAHA! He never expected it to be so giddy! LOL!

He wanted to get the bear for me. I got 100% trust on him getting a bear since he is so pro in shooting. Army trained him. He is quite accurate in gun shooting, so actually I am quite confident in him :)

We were given 5 chances to shoot these 3 pin down. He tried the first two shot, he managed to bring 2 down. So left with 1 pin and 3 chances. In the end, he didn't managed.
Because the man is the one that helped him to put the bullet. That's why we suspect that he did something to the aiming :\ *ANGRY* We played two times for it yet didn't managed to win anything :(

We went to queue for the Go-Cart ride. It was the longest we waited. Probably 30-45minutes?
But it is worth the wait! :D FUN!
Oh ya! and we wore the shower cap given by them. For hygiene purpose.
If you look carefully, actually i wore my hoodie as well as the shower cap!
DOUBLE PROTECTION! HAHA! cause the helmet stink like hell!

We played all the exciting games except for this.
Actually I played that before with my cousin (that time he also refused to play with me).
The feeling is really disgusting. Lol. But shiok :P

Some dinosaur land i guess.


We wanted to loiter around until we saw this beautiful landscape of genting. And decided to do something cheeky. HEHE!
It all began with a simple pose...

We spent our whole afternoon in the Indoor and Outdoor Theme :D
It was so tiring specially when we did not have a proper sleep last night.
And worst of all, he was sick during that period of time.
In the mid of recovering. But glad that he can still enjoy himself, or rather I actually enjoyed more than him? LOL! I cannot believe he actually played all these rides with me! :P

We dined at Flavors.
I am quite impressed with their service and their food!

I actually planned a more heartwarming countdown birthday for him.
But because he was quite unwell that day. So we decided to call off the celebration in the mini pub there.
Managed to find a mini cake, not in a whole which I'm kinda sad. But he said he wasn't mind :/
In the end, we rushed back to our room, just 5 minutes away from 12am.
Quickly do all the setup of the cakes. This and That! And tadah! We are just in time!


At last, we got to celebrate the actual birthday together. Last year we celebrated one month advanced due to his oversea training to Thailand.
How time flies ah.

Such a short trip though the day seems to be quite long for us.
Everything in genting seems to be the same. EXCEPT we went to the casino this time round! ;)
But we didn't bet anything. Lol. Just see see look look!
I love the weather there! It is not that cold as compared to year end. Just cooling.
And that's why I'm wearing shorts even outdoor! LOL!

Some "act" cool photo that I have took. LOL!

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