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I'm getting lazier to blog. Work and school were too tied up! :(
Finally have a chance to blog on my latest trip to Taiwan with my mum.
It was quite a sudden trip, really had no time to do on more research.
But I'm glad it turned out to be packed itinerary holiday and definitely we did enjoy ourselves. :)

It has been one of wish/aim or whatever you called, to bring my mum for a holiday.
yeah. Just the two of us. And finally i did it.

Whenever I bring tour to certain countries, I ALWAYS enjoy those families that are able to go on tour together. Daddy and mummy bringing their kids for holiday or sons/daughters bringing their parents for a holiday. It is always so heartwarming and I always hope that at the point of time, my family is with me as well :) Sometimes I do hope that My mum or whoever can tag on me when I bring tour. But work is work, not really allow to do so.

Let's start our journey to Taiwan.
It was one of the toughest flight journey I ever had.
In short, I was somehow being molested by the weird uncle sitting next to me.
I regretted that I didn't retaliate and suffered in silent.

Just imagine, he rests his arm over my arm rest. (By the way, he was "sleeping")
I thought it was okay; I just move a little to my mum's side.

Then slowly, his hand rests just beside my thigh.
I thought he might be too tired, is alright, I shall move a little bit more to my mum's aside.

Just imagine, the whole flight journey I am somehow being squeezed!

Alright, then i started to feel some ticklish feeling on my thigh and looked! It was his fingers!
And I look at him. He was sleeping!! I got so pissed off that I just put over the pillow in between us and he woke up. WTF?!?!

And there are too many examples. Just too pissed off to list them down.
I really should report since the plane was not even full! There are plenty of spaces behind!
I just hate people who sit beside me refused to get up from his seat when I'm making a move to the toilet. Meaning, I just have to squeeze my butt right into their face?!?! PISSED!


Anyway we stayed at Paradise Hotel which is near Xi Men Ting.
The location is quite good, as for the room and breakfast, I can only say don't expect too much from them.
After all it is just a 3-stars hotel. But what's important is the location. Just a few steps to Xi Men Ting ^.^

Our first meal of the day.
Immediately, we chong down for my favourite Lu Rou Fan at 天天利美食坊(Xi Men Ting)!! I always love Taiwan's Rice :D
Can't wait to intro good food to my mum! Haha!


Lu Rou Fan - NT20 - 30NT ($0.80 - $1.30)
Gong Wan Tang - NT30 - NT40 ($1.30 - $1.70)

Dessert from 三兄妹

National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall aka Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Located at the heart of Taipei City, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek
Opening Hours: 9AM to 630PM Monday - Sunday
Free Admission

Some shop that we visited.
The place where my mum bought the most expensive stuff - Ling Zhi.
Almost cause me a heart attack! Not her, but me!!

Martyr's Shrine

To view an elaborate ceremony of hourly changing of guards
I really take off my heads from them.
They are really professional!
They look like fake person but hello!! THEY ARE REAL! Lol.
They look longer time to blink but they are still breathing as per normal. HAHA!
They change their shift every hour.
Here is how they change their shift everyday!
The mark on the floor. Due to the marching during the change of their shift. POWER!
My mum focused on the wrong thing. Focus on me, mum not them! :(
Changing of shift starts...

Located in Rueifan Town, Taipei Country
Train Train(not MRT) to Rueifang Railway Station and transfer bus to Chiufen.
Opening hours: 9AM - 10PM Monday - Sunday
Hehe! The sausage aunty is forever there.
She is damn cute right.
Back to this shop again to get some wooden slipper for the kids :)
They are damn cute! ^.^
Some delicacies that we ate there.
Nothing much though. We are too full to eat so much of things.

Hotspring in Peitou
It supposed to be a public Hot Spring.
But thanks to our guide, he managed to get us a private hotspring room instead :)

Shihlin Night Market
The famous and largest night market in Taipei :D
Train to Jiantan MRT station (It is located right beside the station! Don't make the mistake of training it to ShiLin MRT Station, it is way too far from Shihlin Night Market)
Opening hours: Usually 4PM - Midnight
Seriously I am falling in love with these!
Too bad, I didnt managed to bring them back.
Are they selling in Singapore? Please look out for me :( I really love them :(
The drink calls Frog lay eggs in Chinese. Interesting name but not an interesting drink :/
Just some normal bubble tea?
But this lady here damn cool. Won't smile, Won't talk to you.
As if you owe her lots of money. Lol.
Here comes our dinner.
Seriously, I am not a noodles person.
I dont really fancy Taiwan's noodles. More on rice i assume :)
After a sinful dinner, we proceed for a shopping at Shih Lin Night Market!
Totally MADNESS! And therefore, no pictures :P

Taipei International Flora Exposition
Initially Taipei International Flora Exposition is not included in my plan itinerary as I heard people say that it is very big and most probably will take the whole day if we were there! *SHOCKED!*
But my mum saw Flora Expo in one the News in Taiwan the day before and she said that it is very beautiful; and so I decided to bring her there! She is one of the "flower" person. Lol

We stayed for a few hours as it is way to crowded! Everything have to wait for more than 3 hours.

We were quite lucky as Flora Expo will ends on 25 April, and we were there their last 3 days!
While we were on the way to queue for the tickets, there was this group of family came and approached us.
They said that they gotten two extra tickets and would like to sell it to us.
And tadah! We got it like 200NT ($8.60) instead of 300NT($13.00) (Per Pax) HEHE!
I still remembered this drink i used to purchase it on my primary school canteen!
It was so call as "dragon" water or something? Forgotten!
But i remembered it cost quite expensive during that time for us. Like $1.50 per bottle?

It was so crowded!! Perhaps because it is their last 3 days!
Saw it from their news that there were lots of Taiwan artists rushing down to visit Flora Expo before it closed. But we didn't see anyone there leh!

Finally we made it to the "flower" area
Seriously i do have the "Ai Koon" look that morning. LOL!
Totally not enough sleep lah :X

These mascots are really scary; specially blue one.
Over friendly or what?
He/She just grabbed me immediately when I sat down.
My left hand wanna make a "Yeah" sign also cannot; just open my hand tight tight.
His/her hand grab my shoulders so tightly lah.
I smiled until very fake; was shocked by his/her action. -__________-
I think this look cute. Not sure what is that. He/She just look very clumsy. Lol

Proceed to the next stop - Taipei Main Station (Underground Shopping Centre)
Here is my Shoes Paradise ^.^
I still remembered the last time I were here, I shopped for nearly 6-7 pairs of shoes! HAHA!
The shoes here are relatively cheaper than those in Xi Men Ting.
In Xi Men Ting, those normal pump cost around 200NT ($8.70)
In here, you can find the same pump as you saw in Xi Men Ting at around 150NT($6.50) onwards!

Doing some name stickers for the kids :)
They cost only 100NT - 150NT ($4.30 - $6.50)

Next Taipei 101
Train to Taipei City Hall; there will be a shuttle bus that bring you to Taipei 101. Look out for the bus no.101

It was drizzling when we were there! It wasn't cold but it is quite cooling! :)

Initally the price to go up to Taipei 101 is 400NT ($17.30) per ticket. But because we went to Flora Expo; there are discount for it. It is 360NT ($15.60) per ticket :) HEHE!
Queuing up to take the lift to level 89/98? I forgot the level already. LOL!
We were able to go up to the highest level as it was renovating that time :(

One of their staff came to talk to us as I guess he and his rest of the colleagues are guessing where we are from? In the end he got it right and he started to talk to us that he loves Singapore and he has been there to study before and blah blah.

He is so friendly and initiate to help us to take a photo :) So nice of him and he even gave us a book marks! Friendly uh!

Spectacular view from 101 :)
It was quite hazy that day.
Before we bought the tickets, the staff from the ticket counter that it will be a lazy day and asked us if we would like to continue.
Of course we want, we came all the way here. Lol
Luckily, it did not turn out as bad as we think :)
If you have realised, both of us holds a handphone look-alike device.
The device is a the guide of 101. It will explain to us about various building and make an introduction to us as well :)

These are beautifully craved!
And we took these too! HAHA!

Again. Some Shopping!
Wu Fen Pu
Alight at HouShanPi MRT Station Exit 4
Opening hours from Afternoon - 11Pm. It is advisable to go on 3pm onwards as by that time most of the shops will have opened :)

No pictures taken as it was raining that time.
My mum bought a lot of clothes! There are as cheap as 100NT ($4.30)!

After that, we proceed to Rao He Night Market which is a few street away from Wu Fen Pu.
Managed to find the way with the help of the locals.
Most of the locals are very friendly, they will really friendly and guide you the way.
Definitely has no problem with the locals :)
The saddest thing is that it was still drizzling. The rain wasn't that big, but drizzled the whole evening. How sad it is! :(

In Rao He Night Market, you will be able to see lots of local food (didn't have much as we just eaten our dinner!) There are lots of shoes as well! HAHA! My Favourite! But i didn't get any from there as I REALLY BOUGHT TOO MUCH! I don't want to spend all my NT on shoes :X

Then we came across this little stall here that sell pancake!
The smell is so alluring and the queue is definitely long!
Then we decided to queue for it :D

The reason why it is famous is of course because of the smell and it is shaped in different cartoon characters! Cute right! :D

I couldn't really remember the price of it. It should be 5 for 35NT ($1.50)?
There are actually 12 different characters. It is up for them to give you which characters.
And I got these!
No Hello Kitty :(

Last day of our trip in Taiwan - Modern Toilet Restaurant ( Click here if you wish to know more about them) There is one near Xi Men Ting (our hotel) and we decided to go for an early lunch at there before we headed to the airport :)

Its opening hour is 1130am - 1opm on the weekdays and for the weekend it is from 11am - 1opm :) You can even made your reservation online (This is what I did too)

If you wish to make an reservation online, visit here

We were so impressed about the decoration of the restaurant :)
The food are relatively not bad; not that great. Just above average :)
I think I like it :)

Here comes the "Shit"

Look at this. This is their Basin. Lol!
Almost mixed up their real toilet bowl and their basin -________-

For this meal, we only spend less than $30! Definitely worth it! Good experience too! :D

Here are the things that we have bought :D
Still got other stuff as well.

Just a short trip. Definitely will bring my mum there again!
She said she still want to do lots of stuff! LOL!
Let's plan next time! Goana save for it all over again :(

With love

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