Awesome meetup dinner with secondary mates. Then headed to see giselle.
She is growing each day; changes so much whenever I see her. Still so cute.
Managed to catch her LOL the other day.
Can't help but to feel like laughing whenever I see this picture.

"Giselle, got so happy or not?"

Feel that we all have really grown up.
Now the topic has become "Tips to take care of kids" "Marriage" "Wedding" "HDB" "Work"
Feel so old when I see myself started to plan for all these.
Hello Hello, I think I just had my 21st not long and why I need to start planning all these >.< Time flies. All of us have already grown up. Whenever we talked about the days during secondary school, everything seems to be like yesterday! Still so clear and memorable! When I am being asked, which stages left me the best memories. I would definitely choose "Secondary School Days"! =)

With love

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