doubleTWO celebration

I wanna thank all the wishes and celebrations that you guys have gave me!
Seriously enjoyed all my celebrations!!


18 February 2011
Specially thanks to my brother, cek for organising this gathering to celebrate my birthday.
Thanks bro! He has a hard time organising. haha!
But well, I truly appreciated ;)

Meet up with the guys at Shodoku in Raffles City for dinner then we proceed to our second round; as usual, ktv pub in boat quey.
I am always the evil one making the birthday boy drunk and now, it is my birthday, i see the revenge coming. :P
But thanks man! They really 手下留情 as I still have work the next day.
Too much things for me to rush, cannot afford for me to skip though it is just half day.

Lastly, a cake from them :)
I wonder where they got the 22 candles from...

After that, it was a series of crazy drinking games.
No manner how good is my card, I am always the one drinking. You see the trick in them?
I haven't drink for quite some times, and I cannot really digest that fast anymore.
I feel like puking when it is only my first cup? Maybe not used to it.
But luckily, I still made it home crazily! haha!


19-20 February 2011

Baby gave me a surprise by booking Quincy.
Anyway, it was our second time there! It is really a lovely place! ;)
Specially thanks to his surprises and everything ^^

You know it is not easy for him to make all these preparation while he has to juggling with his army and the time that he has outside is so little!
I sincerely appreciate it! Love you! ^^

Dinner in Quincy


Celebration... just the two of us :)

Lol. Trying his very best to light up all the candles!
It is tough! Lol

From him :)

And again, Thank you for his effort and thank you Quincy for the second stay! :)
Click here to view our first time stay in Quincy


21 February 2011 (Monday)


As usual, I still went to work. haha.
Workload is getting heavier as NATAS is nearing.
Too much things uncleared and therefore I did not take leave on my birthday.
But nevertheless, I wanna thank my colleagues (Cat, Weiyoung(Now became my colleague already. haha!)) for taking up their busy time to buy a cake for me as a form of mini celebration. heehee!!

I wanna say a big THANK YOU! :D


It was supposed to be a schooling day!
But... hehe! I skipped it for once. :P
Met up with family at Bugis Wongkong Char Chan Teng for dinner.
I remembered we went there like 3 years ago during my birthday too!
GOSH! Time flies! I FEEL OLD!!

And i gotten an Angbao from my family ^.^
In fact, I was given a choice to choose between Angbao or Tattoo! HAHA!
Cause my jiefu and brother are going to tattoo again.
I was quite tempted actually. But in the end, I choose Angbao! :)
I afraid that I might regret.
Another mini celebration at home!
The cake is from Aden and Celest. They used their pocket money for it :)
Sweet!! :D

And lastly, a birthday kiss from them ;)

I'm contented with everything I have.
Thank you all of you! :)

With love

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