Okay. I know I'm super duper late. It was an overdue post. HAHA!
I wanted to blog about this; but my laptop that follows me for almost 4 years crashed :(
All the photos are gone and I am unable to backup.
Sigh. Stop all the unhappiness.

Anyway, I was lucky. I did not delete the christmas pictures from my memory card. HAHA!
But the video that I edited has gone; luckily I have already posted in Facebook.
If not I don't think I will have the energy to reedit the video again. :X

Finally this year, I am able to spend my christmas in Singapore; I spent my Christmas in Taiwan last year because of work.
As usual, the clique managed to gather together in baby's place; It was quite a last minute gathering. Unfortunately, Yee Liang was not able to join us due to some army duty.
But nevermind, we got a new member with us, Sze Han! :)

Our Christmas FEAST! Sarpinos Pizzeria!Check them out here! We managed to get Christmas Logcake! I had never ate logcake before and I'm darn happy. LOL! Oh, at the same time, we also celebrate shumin's advanced birthday; her birthday falls on boxing day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUMIN!! ^.^ The presents...
Pick a number to exchange the present! EXCITED!
Everyone was so afraid that we might picked up number 9. Because it was the most "sincere" present! LOL! In the end, it was shumin who got it.

Yay! Exchanged of presents!!

We were damn cute. We waited for the clock to strike at 12am then we sat in a circle and unwrapped our present one by one.

Start to unwrap the presents

Our lovely presents! :D
I shall not reveal who is this from; but definitely we have fun laughing at him/her!
Super embarrassing! :P

Watch the video here! 呂谦doing MAGIC on x'mas eve! Till now I have no idea how he did it. Reason: Im the video girl. I kept looking at the screen! LOL


It has been such a long time since we have such a gathering.
Have fun chatting and HTHT during night time with NO alcohol! LOL!
It was a late post; I hope you guys have also enjoyed your christmas as well as your new year ^.^

A great 2011 is ahead waiting for us! 2010 was a darn bad year, full of sickness and rubbish! I hope 2011 will be happier and definitely better than 2010!

With love

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