Hello Hello! Finally free to blog about my KL trip!
As what my title said "IRRESISTIBLE KL"
We really had lots of fun!
I have never really been to KL; the last time we went there, was like only 3 to 4 hours?
Not really have enough time to "see" KL

Anyway, We stayed at Hotel Maya!
Managed to get the deal from DEAL (Anyone heard of that?)
Yup! It was a fabulous offer that they have came up.
3 Days 2 Nights stay at Hotel Maya for just $330!
It is quite a new 5* Boutique Hotel.

We took early morning Tiger Airways. It was about less than 1 hour flight!
That day, we were damn tired!
Imagine I have to work in the morning, and went for my school till 10pm!
Sleep barely 2 hours :(

Like I said, it was just less than 1 hour flight.
Dozed off... woke up to write embarkation card... dozed off again...
Then they started to announce that they are preparing to land. LOL!
I think the air stewardess are hard working; They quickly pushed out their beverage trolley then quickly pushed back. LOL! For showcase only :P

Finally landed!!
We took taxi from the LCCT Airport to KL City.
It wasn't cheap. It cost about RM80.
Taxi Tickets are available at the counter before you walk out of the immigration custom.
It is very noticeable as they will just wave and ask you if you want to purchase one. haha.

And again, From LCCT Airport to KL City, it took nearly one hour.
Again, dozed off... woke up... dozed off... woke up... nagged a bit why it took so long... dozed off. Finally... REACHED!! :D

Done with all the check procedure, got the room key...
The best part of this hotel, they allow early check in. As early as 7am!!
Therefore, we don't have to wait like an idiot for the room till afternoon. heehee!
Here is our room! SUPER MAD CHIO!
We were upgraded to suite room for free!!! :D

After that, we took hotel shuttle bus to Bukit Bintang. (THEY HAVE FREE SHUTTLE BUS TO VARIOUS AREAS TOO!!)
We start to shop all the shopping centre.
From Lot 10 - Pavillion - Starhill Gallery - Fahrenheit 88 (new shopping centre) - Sungai Wang & BB Plaza (which we were broke there!) - Berjaya Time Square!
We really had fun shopping at Sungai Wang!
Seriously, we were broke there!
We left barely less than $30 for both of us! We spent hundreds over there!
Shopped until we realised we have no money!
Then we started to drag each other out of the shop. HAHA!!
Sometimes we very mean, knowing that we dont have enough money, we will still say "Wah, this piece very nice, totally suit you man, see the price! Wah! can buy can buy"
Lol. Mean right? Super irritating. He did that to me more than I did to him >.<

On the way back to our hotel....
Twin Town! It is mad beautiful at night! I can't help but to keep staring it! hehe!

yay! Finally reached hotel!
we really...SHOP TILL WE DROP
The amount of things that we have bought ;)

And we end off the day by doing some modelling of our buys.
Really damn stupid and hilarious!
Forget about mine; Lets look at him instead! HAHA!

Second day in KL
Breakfast-ing in their grand restaurant!
We realised that there are lots of angmo staying in this hotel.
I won't say their service are excellent, but still need LOTS of improvement. LOL. get it?
Their breakfast are quite okay too =)

Start of our journey!
It started to rain when we began to set off.
Luckily, there is an umbrella in our hotel! :P Both of us forget to bring our umbrella!
And we didn't take their shuttle service as we want to explore ourselves.
So the first destination we went is Twin Tower.

Followed by KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre).
There are lots of thing to shop there; but time is precious!
We just browsed those shops that we want and went off to the next one.
After we left KLCC, it was so hard for us to find monorail.
As we wanted to go back to Berjaya Time Square!
We thought that the LRT can be able to link to monorail easily, but we were wrong.
We spent quite sometime to walk back to Bukit Nanas station!
It wasn't far; but because we were not familiar, it took us about 30-40 minutes to reach!
The worst part is, my sandals broke off! :(
I was half limping the whole journey while my this ahheng trying to navigate the way.
The whole journey, i was totally concentrate to walk (really have difficulties in walking!) and he was totally engrossed in navigating.
And it was drizzling quite heavily that time.

Finally we reached our station! So thirsty, hungry and tired!!
As i was queuing to buy the tickets for monorail.
I did the most embarrassing thing!
Berjaya Time Square is located at Imbi station!

I went up to the counter...
Me: "I want two imbiah station tickets"
Auntie: "Where?"
Me: "Imbiah"
Auntie looks at me... "Imbi?"
Me: "Yes (quite frustrated, thinking that how many time she wants me to repeat)

After I bought the ticket, ahheng who is at the chuckling.. "Imbiah Tickets ah?"
I looked at him... "Then?"
He replied "You going to sentosa? (Start to burst out laughing. Imbi Imbi!! Make yourself paiseh only"

-_- Now i understand why the auntie gave me that kind of look


Next Chinatown!
Finally got our money changed!
Again, START TO SHOP!!! :D
We spent almost 4 hours in Chinatown - Petaling Street!

Finally back to hotel!
At first we still want to go to KL zouk since it is just beside our hotel!
But by the time we reach hotel, it is already damn late and we have left nothing much!
So we decided to call it off; though it is quite wasted =\

Last day in KL!


Ended our fabulous Irresistible Kuala Lumpur! For sure we will go there again to shop for more clothing! It is almost like bangkok but of cause bangkok is cheaper! heh! Can't wait to go there again for shopping! But definitely not so soon!! :P

I will come up with a post on clothes and etc that I will be selling. Some are brand new from overseas some are prelove. So.. do watch out for some update on the Preloves and I will come up with another new link for brand new clothing. Look out for it soon! :D

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