Have you heard of...theohdopey

Im getting lazy to blog! Nope, in fact I've so much things to do that I've no time to blog!
Oh well. I just came back from KL about 2 weeks ago. I START TO MISS THERE ALREADY!! We really had a fabulous shopping trip! Shall blog about it soon!
Can't wait to intro you the shopping paradise - KL


Just had a shoot with theohdopey previously known as pixieparade. Really had a wonderful shoot with them! If you are looking for more casual collection, check out their first collection, theohdopey Casual Chic Collection

Here is the little preview ^.^

Check out their main highlight -Topshop inspired High Waist Short!!
I LOVE IT! Heehee!
If you are not sure of what size to get. The one I'm wearing is M. It fits perfectly!

For the rest of their collection, Visit theohdopey! START TO SHOP NOW :P


Just in case you are wondering about my "new" haircut.
Yes. I just got my fringe chopped for no reason! :(
Will explain soon! :(

With love

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