the SIXTH ♥

Our 6th anniversary falls on 01 December. But because I was away in Japan and we had to postpone our celebration! We had a belated celebration on that saturday then.

We had our celebration at Quincy. It is a really nice boutique hotel! We were super pleased with this hotel thus we enjoyed and have so much fun there!

Let's blog about this hotel first. Since we are so happy with it! :D

Basically, what you see is what you get. I'm serious! Both of us rated this hotel as 9/10!
Best of all the hotels we have stayed in Singapore :D

We got the Qool Weekend Package. Sadly it is ending soon! Till 31 December 2010. Hopefully they will do an extension on this package.

Bascially it is $315.45nett!
This package includes:
- Daily Buffet Breakfast, Set Lunch and Dinner (Their breakfast, Set Lunch and Dinner are hotel standard!)
- Unlimited broadband Internet Access (We brought our laptop along ^^)
- Local Telephone Calls
- Complimentary cocktails from 6pm to 8pm nightly (We had our cocktails right after our dinner. Cocktails include wine, beer or their housepour. It is refillable!)
- Complimentary minibar, replenished daily (Minibar from our room! Drink as much as you can. Lol. They have soft drinks and even beer!)
- Complimentary bottle of red wine (We had our bottle of red wine right after we've checked in. But we did not open it as we already had it during the cocktail time :P)
- All day coffee and tea (Lol! We did not have any as we don't drink.)
- Late check-out till 3pm (We occupied the room till 3pm the next day ^^)
- Complimentary carpark (for those who drive)

It is attractive, isn't it! Log on to their website for more :
I'm sure it won't disappoint you! =D


I have to work on that Saturday and in the end, he has been so nice to settle everything and went ahead to check in first. ♥

I got a big shock with all the decorations that he had prepared!
He spent a lot of effort; I can see.
He never been so romantic before. HAHA!
Probably once in a very blue blue moon!

He was so mysterious about the gift that he had bought.
I really have no idea what he gave me until that day.
Normally I can read his mind, but this time, I don't! So it was really a surprised!
I really never expected a ring from him.
I mean, I do expect a ring, probably a couple ring?
cause i "lost" the couple ring that I used to wear... :(

Sorry about the unclear and clear pictures. Lol
Unclear pictures are taken using Blackberry and Clear picture are taken by Digital Camera.

Thanks baby for everything ^.^
As we grow old together, as we continue to change with age.
There is one thing that will never change...
I will always keep falling in love with you! :D
Happy 6th Years!
♥ Hugs and Kisses!
Actually they have fruit Salad Buffet/Salad and lots of fruit juice to choose as well as tea/coffee!
Oh yah! And the Ice cream machine that I can't stop staring at it! Lol!
So tempted to make my own ice cream! HAHA!

Because of the dinner, it made me look forward for their breakfast too. heh heh!
Not much variety, but it is the quality that counts :D

After breakfast, we went for gym followed by swimming then to their sauna. It was such a pity that we did not have the chance to use their steam bath as it was occupied :(

We spent quite some time in the gym!
The last time I exercise was like... donkey years ago! LOL!
But it is good!
I even told him that we should go to the gym like, 2 weeks once!
He gave me damn sarcastic look! Cause he feels that I am just saying. =.=
Okok. He knows me well. LOL!
They provide towels/drinks too!
Free-flow of drinks somemore! Lol
If you want, you can choose to bathe at there too!

Lasly, we ended the day after having their set lunch meal!
Seriously, the fruit salad and the ice cream were really tempting! Lol
I think I really had a lot of it! ^^

We are really so satisfied with this hotel and their service!
No doubt, if you ask me to go back again, for sure we will!
And that's why I'm introducing it here! If not, I won't even bothered! Lol

Anyway, it was a splendid celebration that we have.
Not forgetting the laughters we have not have for ages! Lol
Oh yah, I have not revealed what I have gave him as anniversary present. =\
It was with him and I did not have the chance to take down the pictures.
Will share when I come back from Korea next week!

With love

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