Japan v.FANTASY!

Hello all!
Finally I'm back from my 5 Days Japan v.FANTASY! :D
Sad to say, it wasn't a smooth trip for me, after all, I am there to work not to enjoy/play.
But I'm glad I'm able to make it through.
Lots of things happen; as a result I also learnt a lot. Indeed an experience =)
I'm proud of myself. haha.

This trip wasn't a shopping trip for me. Lol. I didn't get as much things as I thought I will get.
Mainly because the things there are so expensive!
But I do enjoy their sight seeing as well as the weather!
I spent a lot on amulets. (Don't laugh at me uh!)
I heard that Japan's temples are very spiritual.
I got a lots of amulets from 3 different temples that I have went. haha.

Asakusa Temple

(100yenn for their incense stick)
I went to try their 求签. (100yenn to 求签)
They said that you have to pray to the god first, pray sincerely first then proceed to 求.
And of course, I pray sincerely.
I got a 大吉签! I am thrilled! Lol.
Content of what I've pray?
For sure, I won't say it here. But I'm happy lah! :D
And if happen you got a not very good 签, all you have to do is to tie it here! There will be a time where they will chant it and help you to burn it. So call to help you to 化 it away.

After that, I decide to buy some amulets home for my family and love one.

Behind the Asakusa Temple, there is street call Nakamise Shopping Arcade - A place to buy Traditional Japanese Souvenir. It is a busy street!
Don't miss the big lantern right at the end of the Shopping street!
It is damn huge! Everyone will be start to gather there to take picture.
人形烧 (1ooyenn each!)

Imperial Palace
It is about 10 mins from Tokyo Station.

Did you see the line that they place on the floor?
Actually my guide and I were quite curious. She went forward to ask what's that for.
They said that the king will be out at a certain time so people who wish to have a glance at the king have to stand behind the line for some security reason.
However, we didn't manage to wait for him to come out.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Take the lift to level 45 to enjoy the scenery!
You can also see Mount Fuji from here too!
You can do some shopping here too! :)
Too much cute stuff!!

Shopping at Shinjuku (Shopping Mall!)
I bought two Agnes b bag from here! :)
Agnes B, Burberry, Fancel, Coach and etc, branded stuff can be found in Odakyu!!
Remember to have your tax refund if you spent 10501 yenn and above!
It is located at Odakyu Level Two!

Tokyo Odaiba
My Dinner :D

Tokyo Disneyland

If you went to Hong Kong Disneyland before...Tokyo Disneyland is about 2 times bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland.
It consists of 4 Classic Disneyland, Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and two other mini land such as Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown

It is Christmas Season!! Christmas Decoration are everywhere! :)

Big Thunder Mountain is the only game that I have played.
Queuing alone is a killer!
I rather walk around than queuing alone. Feel so lonely when I'm there. Lol.
Anyway, it is fun but not as scary as I thought it will be.

After that, I continued my journey around Disneyland...

Just happened to catch the parade at around 1045am...
If you saw the arrow that I have indicate, actually I am quite amazed by the Japanese.
They seems to bring mat around. hahaha.

After that, I continued my journey around Disneyland...

I almost got the temptation to bring them home :(
They are so cute!!

After my lunch, I managed to catch another parade at 1 plus! Super lucky!

Mount Fuji
Early in the morning when I'm awake. Miss Mount Fuji greets me!
She is just right outside my window!
The weather is incredible great that day!

I can't help but to set timer for my camera and started to run up and down! LOL!
She looks like a paint I know, but it is not! SHE IS FOR REAL! :D

Oshino Hakkai Village

Mount Fuji Fifth Station
Like I said, we were really lucky. Extremely good weather and therefore we are able to travel up to Fifth Station! :D

On the way down from Fifth Station, there is this famous "musical" road that produce melody! :)

Peace Garden

Owakudani Boiling Valley
Advisable: People who have asthma, please do not walk up as it is really smelly.
The smell of sulphur is really strong. It is like fart cum rotten egg those kind of smell! =.=

Bullet Train
I am always very stress about taking Bullet Train.
First of all, it is always crowded. Then if you missed the train, that's it man!
And also, afraid of getting lost there.

Last day back to Narita! :)
On the way to 成田庙 (paiseh, I forgot about the english name! Lol)

Seriously I love this picture. Lol.
Not because of my cocked face. But the leaves behind!
How nice is it if there is no building. Lol
I just randomly shoot while waiting... HAHA! I just love the tree behind! :P

It is quite a petty that we didn't have chance to take group photo. :(
I still have the past group photo.
But this time round, because of uncertain things happen, everything seems to be so rush.

My so called as "God daughter/sister" for that 5 days!
She has been sticking me throughout the 5 days. haha.

Things that I have bought...
Not only these, still have lah. But didn't take down only. ^^
The amulets that I have bought. Still got some that I did not take down :P
A lot right?

I really loved their vending machines. Vending Machines are so common over there!

And also their Toilet! Somehow I love their toilet too! :D
Their toilets are super clean and their toilet bowls are really interesting!!
It is weird; I don't know what is the japanese is thinking.
They are really innovative.

With love

Unknown  – (March 23, 2016 at 4:43 PM)  

It made me feel like I'm with you on the trip (the photos are inviting!)
and I wish I was! Especially at the "After you" :D


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