Shanghai Dolly with Relative

I think it is really cool that we are having relative/family gathering at Shanghai Dolly!
hahahahhah! All thanks to my cousin, Candy, who took effort to gather everyone for this gathering!

Cool huh?
There are almost 20 of us turned up for this gathering. Cousins/Uncles/Boyfriends and etc!

Shanghai Dolly is more on mature people. There are 1 hour interval of concert singing which the young generation really dislike! LOL. So it was a break for us when they started to sing some chinese songs. :P

We had around 6 bottles of hennessy! Towards the end when almost half of them went home, my cousin who came late went to order another 2 bottles! Then all of us went crazy! My cousin was challenging 5-10 with my another 2 cousins, Wally and Lina. Then they asked me over to challenging my cousin, patson. okok. He is more on angmo side and wanted to play in angmo version, but i insisted on chinese version. HA! In the end, I won! He was dead on that day :x

As for the rest, it was really a big hu-ha. My boyfriend managed to send me home and while reaching his place, he vomitted like shit. Gosh! And so are my another cousin's boyfriend. Tsk Tsk! And me? Seriously I got damn hangover the very next day. I never been so hangover before! My brother kept thinking me about hennessy always causes headache the next day, and yah, I really had a suffering after that >.< style="TEXT-ALIGN: center">With love

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