Night Safari + Giselle is born!

09 October 2010

Had a photoshoot on Pyjamas/Boyfriend shirt theme with Melvin, the photographer and Cassey. Actually I am quite interested with these themes. I am quite happy with the outcome.

Here are some of the photos from Melvin... I think the rest he is still editing =D
Oh ya, the plushy that I am holding is Pochacco! MY FAVOURITE!! I bought him in Hong Kong actually. It is so HARD to find his stuff in singapore =(

I love this series of Pyjamas theme! =)


After photoshoot, I rushed home and prepared then rushed out to meet weiyoung and shaoling at upper thomson road for Prata House, followed by Night Safari Halloween! woooo wooooo!!

Actually that was my first time to Night Safari and also to Halloween! Kinda noob! I really never been to Night Safari at all! HAHA!

Seriously we didn't really take a lot of picture with the "ghost" Once I stepped into there, I was welcomed by a geisha ghost! GOSH~ I don't know why I have phobia with geisha. I just afraid of them! I know there is nothing to be afraid of, it is just japan culture. BUT! Please stay mile away from me!!

This fellow is quite scary! We were waiting to take picture with him while he was with a group of teenagers. Then after taking, he suddenly screamed and stared at them! After that, Shaoling and I walked off! LOL! This picture was taken when we were about to leave. I have no idea why he love to stare! I just ran away right after taking cause I really afraid he might screamed at me.

This fugging indian ghost totally freaked me out! He was walking towards weiyoung then shunpian take picture of him. After helping them to take, I have no fugging idea why he started to walk towards me with that fierce look and that fugging snake on his hand. He kept coming nearer and nearer until I ran off. AND GUESS WHAT!?!?! HE FUCKING CHASED AFTER ME!! !! WTF!?!?! I screamed like hell!!! That moment I almost cried out! :(

While waiting for the 50mins tram...

The tram seat actually can sit up to 6 people! It is best not to leave alot of space beside you! Damn! Shaoling sat in the middle, she just refused to change with me! During the 50min ride, we seen lots of animals followed by the ghost! Photographs are not allow, so sad to say there is no picture!! I mean, even if allow, I guess I won't have the courage to take!

Towards the last part, actually I really got a shocked from this bride ghost that she suddenly climbed up out tram and sat or stand beside me! WAH! I got no warning from shaoling! I totally screamed like insane! :(
Then we visited the haunted village! We queued for like more than an hour for just a 3 minutes walk! But i can say that it is totally worth it!! I hope next time there will like extend the road or something? More ghost too! LOL

Actually we walked in as a group! There are alot of fugging ghost inside! So all the way we are like screaming our lungs out! HAHA! It was damn fun to release stress!

Night Safari Halloween is fun!

After that, we went to have supper at Kallang KFC. We stayed all the way till midnight! LOL! HTHT and also some refresh from secondary school! heh heh! They are ♥

13 October 2010


My bestie just delivered her princess giselle on that day! I was so proud of her! Brave mama!! I was sick on that day and apparently got 3 days of MC and was unable to visit her! But I have messaged her to talk to her. She was really brave and I feel super duper happy for her! =)

But then, I went to visit her the next day with weiyoung =)

You know what is the hardest? Not to give birth! But during the confinement period! This is the killing period! Can't be more agree to it! I will never able to tahan without bathing for days! Specially when the weather now is freaking humid! Poor yenyee! But everything will be all worth =) Giselle is a damn smart child! =)

Can't wait for visit them again~~ =)

More to update! ^^
With love

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