Im coming!

I'm heading for a 3 Days 2 Nights Sentosa Holiday!
Seriously I need a getaway! Supposingly I am heading to Phuket! But due to some army issue, he is not allow to go overseas during his off days.
So yup, I will treat the beach in sentosa as phuket beach!
Gosh! It is just one heaven and one earth! Nevermind, at least he made an effort to change it to sentosa! Should be glad enough! :)

It is not easy to plan this trip. This trip has been causing me so many trouble due to the change of date. A lot of hiccups. Sigh! But luckily, everything are going smooth as it is! LIKE FINALLY! WOOHOOO!


Here are some pictures by Candy. She is a very professional photographers, I would say. I am so afraid that I am not up to her standard! Anyway, her photograph skills as well as her editing skills are really power!

**I love this picture! Specially the background**

Will be back on Sunday!!
The weather is really getting crazy! Lots of people are falling sick!
People out there! Please take care of yourself!
Drink more water!! =)
With love

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