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Did I mention that my bro, cek, lend me a book - Happiness Now.

It is a rare occasion that he actually read up a book. I have not finished this book actually. Half way through. Anyway, I love people to introduce book to me. I am those kind of people that only read book when people introduced to me; And I am not that kind of people who will spend money on books too. HAHA! Even going to library, I have no idea what books are worth to read. So, yah. I need people to intro to me. ;)


"Happiness Now" makes me realise lots of thing. We, human often take things for granted. We never know what happiness is really about and often we are the one who find things to trouble rather than things come to us and trouble us.
Like: People always ask WHY when things had happened. Often asking "WHY?" question can really made us go crazy. Cause there is no answer to WHY or even if there is, it just doesn't matter why! But instead of asking WHY, why not we ask WHAT instead.
What am I going to going about it, instead of Why does this happen to me.
Eg: You are stuck in the lift when you are in a hurry. All you do is to ask yourself "WHY AM I SO BLOODY HELL SWAY!". Do asking WHY help to solve the problem? It only makes you more desperate. Why not you ask youself "What can I do now to get myself out of here?" Isn't it more effective?
- The happiest happy don't bother about whether life is fair. They just make the most of what they have.
Often we will get pissed out when things do not turn out to be the way you expected. Let's say, you expect friends SHOULD always stand by your side when things have happened.;
you expect people SHOULD appreciate you;
you expect your bus SHOULD be punctual everyday
you expect your friends SHOULD remember your birthday
you expect your bf/gf SHOULD remember your anniversary date.

These expectuation may sound quite reasonsable. But often, when these things don't happen. you end up frustrated and disappointed. Instead of feeling miserable, why not we think another way.
"If A did not happen, B happen, it is okay." The hokkien way of saying "Bo hee, hey ma ho" (No Fish, Prawn also good) =D In other words, we should be flexible; if not end up, the one who is suffering will always be you...
Isn't funny people always complain about something that they don't have. In other words, we don't know what is the meaning of GRATITUDE. Actually we should be thankful of what we have - for the friends you have and for the things you've got and generally, you will attract more good people and of cause, good thing. While complainers attract more things to complain about.

LOL! That's what we always think! Complain what we don't have! =\

In relationship...
The things that we think that it SHOULD work, it will never work.
Often, people will do things to impress others, by proving that we are smart/cool/rich, but you never know that people can actually see through us. And... we will be the clown to others.

Just like: We chase gf/bf they run away OR let's say we chase dog. they run away too! WHY? Cause we are chasing them!
When we try to trap people in relationship, they can't wait to escape. But when we LET GO, surprisingly, they will often come back ;)

We often wish to change people. Trying people is not a bad idea but when it doesn't work. It makes you get frustrated and often they will hate you. Even though the thing you wish them to change is their bad habit, like...smoking, take drug and etc. They will hate you for trying to change them. So... Most of the times, it is best to let others make their own mistake and then learn the mistake
I always talk about the difference between male and female. Yes, their thinking are always difference and often, guys do not know what is the girls are thinking.
Talking about Present. In relationship, I think it is quite common to buy each other present. But do you realise, when come to buying present, guys will always buy something that is USEFUL? And often, they always get into trouble by buying the wrong present. Refer to Married Couples.

Here is the example.

Tony's wife wanted him to buy her a new iron. It was early February. So he waited a week and gave it to her on Valenties Day. How do you feel if you are his wife then?
But if you were Tony. You received a birthday present - A Hammer Drill. You might be thinking "Wah. This is really practical. Just nice that I need it for some hammering" And because of that, you always go for the USEFUL present for your wife/girlfriend.

Overall, Guys like present that are USEFUL and girls like presents that are.. more personal or maybe personal and useful, not just useful only.

In those romantic movies, when the couple kiss on the beach and he will says "oh darling, you know how much I love you.. blah blah" then USUALLY he will pull out something like.. ring? jewellery, roses.. RIGHT? You don't see them pulling out.... frying pan? Iron?

When is the time to give present? Guy usually doesn't matter when you give him a present. For example, he needs a polisher. It is perfectly fine if you give it to him... on his birthday? Any day? Anniversary day. As long as at the end of the day, he gets his polisher as his present, he will be overjoy. But for women, time usually matters... You don't have to give her the frying pan that she wants on her birthday day.. or anniversary day. She will be happy to receive but definitely. not on the IMPORTANT dates :D

With love

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