Update!! ♥

I am here to blog again! =D I was down with flu last week actually! I think I am kinda weak this year. :(

It was a random meetup with weiyoung. Random chilling session and random HTHT session. HAHA! It was super random of us going in one of the KTV Pub and sing like no body business! It wasn't crowded and I think we went to the wrong pub.

It was Felicia's advanced birthday celebration.
We went to Marina Square Pizza Hut, followed by Kbox session! =D
And a little surprise for her =)

Random Pictures!

The preggy! Her stomach is huge! Can't wait for baby Giselle to be out!!! =D ♥



You couldn't believe it right! Same for me!! Well, according to my sister anyway!
This little brat told my sister that he likes a girl girl in his class! *WTF! LIKES!!* Anyway, he is not even 3 years old, 3 years old going to be. Kids nowadays!!! =\

He asked my sister if he could kiss her! HAHA! Okay, it sound so ridiculous, but indeed he asked my sister! My sister said can't if not the girlgirl's mum will call police and catch him. HAHA!

Then, my sister asked him for her name. He don't know! He asked my sister to go and ask her name instead. HAHA! Damn cute!!

In the end, he wanted my sister to bring her home. My sister don't even know who is she! Shall find who is the "lucky" girl then. HAHA! That's really cute when I asked him about it and he actually blush! HAHA! SO CUTE :X

Had a shoot last sunday :) It has been a long time since I had my last shoot. I think quite long bah. Anyway, condition wasn't good plus it was raining quite heavily that morning! Anyway, I enjoyed the shoots. All of them are friendly! :D

Credit to Jack Chen

Credit to Weikang

Credit to Jiahao


Just a random shoutout! I need to do something with my hair! I will want to cut it and rebond it sooner or later! Yup! SOON!!

Recently I am so tied up with my work! This is my first time feeling so stressed up on work. Workload hasn't been decreased at all! Moreover Natas Fair is coming! More stress! I just hope that I am able to finish my work in time! I am rushing up already! That's why I need to de-stress! :(

烦人的事情一样也没有减少! 有增无减! 都是一起来得! 我不是超人!!!

With love

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