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20 August 2010 Friday

This date is one of the date that I won't forget. This is the date that my dad left us... 6 years ago. How time flies? I can remember exactly what happen on that time. Every single scene...

Anyway, Just something to share. Something that I have found it online. The title caught me "Daddy's Little Girl"

Blonde haired, blue-eyed angel
That’s Daddy’s little girl
He quickly held her close to him
When she came into this world

With loving hands and a gentle heart
He taught her right from wrong
However, before she knew it
Her Daddy would be gone

For her Daddy was very sick
Even though it was hard to understand
Until that dreadful day in May
When God took him by the hand

Now her Daddy’s gone from Earth
And when she calls his name
He doesn’t come running to her anymore
Yet she loves him just the same

Daddy’s little girl, thankful for her Dad
Has peace in knowing, he’s in a good place
Even though she’ll miss hearing his voice
And seeing his smiling face

For Daddy’s little girl, now out on her own
Has to settle for the memories of the man
And raise his grandsons to know him
The best way that she can

How desperately she’d love to have
Her Daddy here with her
She didn’t know how dark the demons
That her Daddy carried were

Daddy’s little girl is so lost without him being near
Even though it's hard for her, she comprehends
No matter how much you love someone
One day their time here ends

I’ll always be your little girl Daddy
My love for you will never part
For you reside with Jesus now
And forever in my heart


That day after working, I met up with poly clique :) It was JJ's last gathering with us before he flies to Thailand for training. It seems that my army friends are going Thailand one after another... Zzzzzz! Anyway, we had Waraku at Clarke Quay then followed by chilling session at Players. Then... Sorry, I am so utterly guilty for pangseh-ing them and ahead for powerhouse. I bet you, I am really damn guilty lah! I am going to make up with them soon! Maybe right after JJ returns then :)

After that, I went all the way to Harbourfront. Not trying to be noob and seriously I have no idea how to go there. Luckily I met up with the guys and went with them instead! My first time to powerhouse btw. That will be my third time clubbing! Just 3rd time! Heh Heh!!

Not really sure if I did enjoy myself. Half Half I guess! But I am happy to club with them! After so long, and that was our first time club together! Lol! Really look like a noob shit there. Hope there is chance to club with them again. ♥

Awesome guys! :D

Group Photo!

Individual... :D

You know what is the most sian-est thing! Is after a wuha night, I still have to get back to office on Saturday! Zzzz! Definitely not for the morning shift! I couldn't even wake up. I went for the afternoon shift instead! :D

21 August 2010 Saturday

Sometimes it is good to listen to others with the stubborn character of mine. Things that I always think is right. Might not always be. And when others told you about it, it is just like a thunder, it strike into you but it is too late to react anything. It is also good to listen to others opinions. Pinpoint the mistake and point to me it is wrong to do that. I will listen.

I have a bunch of friends that are so concern about me. haha. I feel so loved by them! People like Shaoling.
We officially named ourselves "Cb kias" haha! She said both of us are like... Not able to meet for 3249230 years, but after 3049230 years, we are still able to HTHT together. This is damn cool!! And okay. still got lots of friends. You know it is damn touching when your friends said "Remember, you still have us/me" or "I will be here for you". This is when I know it is a bless to have them! We don't have to say much to each other, but I knew they will be there for me always. ♥ And all the gentlemen brothers that I know. I don't have to list out.. :)

are the sailors who guide your rickety boat safely across the dangerous waters of life

When it is time for party, just go for the party. When it is time to work, just give the best and work hard for it. Face it with whatever thing happened; Cause they happened for a reason.

Disappointed with myself and I know I will never let it happen again. But still, no promise :P Get a life and find back the SMILE!

With love

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